This past week was quite interesting... lots of stuff going on and a lot of interesting ones at that.  I've been working on some new pieces for I-Candy Couture's handcrafted jewelry and hair accessories and I am loving the outcome of them.  Also ICC will be releasing some new goodies really soon... sshh... secret!  This post might be a little more picture heavy then most of my 6 RFM Posts - so you are warned! ;)

#1 - Received a bunch of goodies from Incoco last week and am so stoked to be able to share it with you.  I put them on yesterday and it's been 24 hours since I have had them on.  Needless to say - they are actually doing really well and so far are meeting my expectations.  I am doing a full review as well as a mini tutorial and first impressions video that will give you some of my thoughts :)
#2 - I'm officially addicted to Pinterest.  I will be placing my link here on my website so you can check out all the goodies I'm currently in love with and trust me - there are a lot.  I have everything categorized and separated into boards that will allow me to go back and check them out.  I love finding new goodies - it is so addicting.  The foodie ones are probably my favorites - but I'm not discriminating against any other board. lol  Come and hang out with me and see what I am crushing on right now!

#3 - I actually filmed 2 tutorials this week.  One for an inspired St. Patrick's Day look and another using the Milani Cosmetics goodies that they sent to me.  I will admit however, I haven't even attempted to edit them yet... lol - I have to find the time to do it this week - but things are seriously crazy.
In the images pictured above - I am using cosmetics from Milani.  I will post the complete list of products when I upload the tutorial.  The cool earrings can be found at I-Candy Couture. :)
#4 - After tons of requests - I have finally been able to gather my entire Julep collection (thanks to my Julep Maven membership) and snap a photo of it.  It's a great selection of colors so far... and I really enjoy my Julep goodies.
#5 - I've received a lot of emails this week - mainly on topics with regard to cyber bullying.  I think that most of it stemmed from my most recent video vlog that touched base on it very lightly.  It didn't have many views so I didn't think that it had been the contributing factor.  But my posts on Facebook about the subject has also made a few people come forward.  I will be touching base on this subject in another video really soon.  Remember:  CYBER BULLYING IS WRONG! 

#6 - I am in need of a detox this week.  Salads, Green tea, the whole nine yards. My body always has that feeling about once a month - so tomorrow... watch out - because IT - IS - ON!

Have a wonderful week everyone - wishing you all the best.

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