I have a lot to say about these awesome strips... but the fact is - I covered all of it in my video.
Here are a few points of interest:
  • Though the price point may be a little high (averaging about $8-$15) - they are well worth the cost. It is now more than 3 weeks since I applied the nail appliques in Paparazzi and they are still holding strong.
  • The come in an array of different designs, colors and styles. What I absolutely love about them is that they are so unique and can definitely fit into any wardrobe.
  • These are perfect for on the go nail polish applications.  What I truly love is that it takes minutes to apply - there is no drying time and each strip is a 3 layered strip - which means that they have the base coat, the design or polish coat/lacquer and then a top coat. Though they look 3D - they are smooth and very shiny.
  • Shipping for this company was incredibly fast.
  • My only big negative about the product is that not all of the strips come with a file and orange wood stick. I believe they may have changed things up a little since I received the products for review.  Either way, it would be great to include that so that anyone who just wants to buy one - will have all the tools they need to get it done. ;)
  • I did have some difficulty with regard to placing the nail strips on my thumbs... though it went on effortlessly pretty much for the other nails. I think it is just because my nails may have uneven wear on my thumbs.  Either way - I really did enjoy how easy it was to apply.
  • Another note I want to add - I wish that each of the nail applique packages stated the name of the design. I did have difficulty finding it and had to look up the design on the site.
Because Incoco was so kind to send me a bunch of these goodies - I figured I would share with my readers, viewers and likers. So - because of this, I am offering up the nail polish french tip strips as a giveaway item.  It is really easy to enter - simply comment on the video I have posted below and tell me what you like about my channel. That's it!   GIVEAWAY ENDS APRIL 8TH, 2012 - 11:59PM HAWAII TIME.

To see a tutorial and in depth review of Incoco Nail Appliques - please watch the video below. And, don't forget to watch for further details on the Giveaway.

Hey Lovers... I know I kind of failed with posting this week - but so much has been going on. For about 2 weeks I have been sitting on an email, trying to decide if I was going to enter the NYX Face Awards that I was invited to.  I just wasn't sure that I wanted to do it - but at the same time, I knew in my heart I wanted to try. I just couldn't decided and contemplated over it for over a week.

After chit chatting with a friend - I decided to take the leap.  Now the NYX Face Awards says that you can enter a video that you have already uploaded. I contemplated doing so - but changed my mind and decided to do a whole new one.  Now - this contest ends on April 3rd. Needless to say - that gives me just a couple of days to get votes on my video. I am excited to see how far I go in the Contest and even if I don't pass the first round, at least I know that I gave it a whirl and have no regrets.

Here is the look I decided to go for.  It is actually a take on my Every Day Go-To look.  Usually I do not have my crease as dark - but decided I would do something a little more for this entry. In this look I am using pretty much all drug store products.
Products used:
I-Candy Fix Eye Primer
NYX Eye Shadow Base in White
NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette
Milani Eye Tech Eyeliner Pen in Blackest Black
Milani Liqui fye Eyeliner pencil in Aqua
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Revlon Lip Butters in: Sweet Tart and Gum Drop
Loreal True Match Liquid and Powder Foundations
NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink
Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural

Earrings in the Photos are from I-Candy Couture.
I can't believe how fast this past week has gone by. I'm seriously at a lost and can't believe it is Thursday already. yikes!

Well - it's Thursday... Throwback time! I decided I was going to share my High School Senior Portrait with all of you.  Now - those of you that have actually graduated with me, know that this photo is not the one that represented me in our Yearbook. For some reason, the Photographer decided he wanted to choose the photo for the yearbook and chose a pretty funky one. Oh well... I digress.  Those of you whose yearbooks I actually had the opportunity to grace... I pasted this photo in there to replace the funky one. lol 

I was pretty much an all around girl in high school... I had friends from many different cliques and groups and sometimes I chose to just hang out by myself. If you were a friend or knew me in High School - write a comment and tell me what your impression of me was. It would be interesting to read :)

I have talked to many different people who say that if they could relive it all again - they would do high school over.  Honestly, I wouldn't. It was just a funky time for me in general. I enjoyed the fact that I learned many lessons from those years - but I surely would not relive them again, even if I could make different choices.  Who's to say the path chosen for me the second time - would lead me where I am today... and I am truly happy with how far I have come and where I am today. I'm proud of me! ;)

Sorry about the photo quality - I couldn't find any of these anywhere... but then realized my husband keeps all photos I have ever given him in his wallet. Seriously... what an awesome guy. I think he has like 6 of them in there from over the years and this one was still in there. ;)  That's another reason I would not relive it all again - who's to say that his path would not have taken him else where and I would be without him today. Oh - hell no - it's not gonna happen. lol

When I graduated from High  School - I was a size 7 and 125 lbs. Times surely have changed. lol Hope you all enjoyed my Throwback to my High School Senior Year ;)

This week has been beyond crazy. It is late and I am attempting to finish this blog post in 3 minutes... I hope I can complete this task.  I love that I-Candy Couture has been so busy... it is awesome and we (I-Candy Couture) has come so far.  So - here are 6 Randoms...

#1 - Can you say Breathe?  Well, I hope so - because I haven't been able to say it or literally do it.  Reviews for companies (I'm not complaining - I'm so very thankful ;D) have been pouring in... I promise you all - I will get to them :)

#2 - I rolled out lipsticks for I-Candy Couture this past week.  They are gorgeous and in bullets which make them much more convenient and of course a little easier to apply to the lips when not in a pot.  I am so happy with the color choices.  ICC Likers on our Facebook Page helped to choose the colors.
#3 - I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm slowly getting back into the routine of bloggin at least 3 times a week.  Okay - wait, I lied... maybe not quite yet - but I did write several posts this week... so I can at least pat my self on the back for those... right? lol

#4 - I did my video... "My Secrets".  It was actually requested several times over the last year for me to do it... but I never really had the courage to do so - but after one of my subscribers and a great customer of ICC suggested it again (MScreamFilms) I decided to go ahead and just make one.  The responses I received were so sweet and so heartfelt.  I truly appreciate it and am so lucky to have such awesome subscribers and supporters.... <3 you guys ROCK! <3

#5 - Considering my love for Pepsi and even if it helps calm me down - I have been doing good again. Only taking a sip here and there... woohoo!  It's probably my only addiction, besides my husband and my children... of course. lol But as much as I love water and it is the only thing that quenches my thirst... Pepsi is my drug sometimes. lol

#6 - Time for a new week.  Monday (today) has been very very busy so far so I can only imagine that it is an insight to what the rest of the week will hold.  It's Spring Break for my eldest... but he even chose to go to school for his Friendship Program - where he spends time with children with special needs.  His best buddy is Autistic - so he goes and hangs out with him for a few hours a day during his breaks. Hopefully it will be a week where I accomplish many many things. :D

Wishing you all an awesome day and a very awesome week.  Chit chat with you in a day or so!

I'm behind on doing a video of my March Julep Box. If I have the time - I'll film a quick video... but for now - I'll just post videos. I'm really excited about this box - it has some really pretty colors.  I haven't used any of them yet because I've been using the Incoco Nail Appliques - but once I do, I'll post a photo or two.

Included with my box was a really cool Emery Board to file your nails. I really like that they take the time to add in little additions that help with your nail fun. :)

The colors I received (left to right):
Jodie (beautiful red with gold metallic)
Melissa (a gorgeous iridescent color with hues of green, gold, pearl and lavender)
Charlotte (a matte purple - not quite a plum, but not lavender either)

Julep maven is $19.99 a month - but definitely worth the buy since each Julep nail polish is $14.99 and you get anywhere from 2-3 and sometimes extra goodies. I am definitely building my Julep Collection.  I am considering stopping my Julep Membership and then maybe signing up again - I just always enjoy my month surprise goodies. :)

You've probably seen my photos sporting this look around several places.  The fact is - I don't usually do so smokey and dramatic like I used to - so this one really did stand out.  I wanted to really have an awesome Green look - but with the Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX - it brought out a beautiful teal color from Silk Sheets.  Either way - I was really happy with how the look came out. ;)

Products used:
I-Candy Fix Eye Primer in Skin Tone
NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Black Bean
Brown color in the ICC Chocolate Kisses Quad
White/Goldish color in the ICC Chocolate Kisses Quad
Silk Sheets - ICC Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow (from the "Behind Closed Doors Collection")
New Moon - ICC Mineral Eye Shadow Pigment
Goldish/Green color in the ICC Green Apple Quad
ICC Gel Eye liner in Black Out
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake
ICC Lip gloss in Cocoa-Nut

Hoop Earrings: Can be purchased at I-Candy Couture, handcrafted and made by Honey, the owner of ICC
The Satin hair flower accessory was provided by Whitney's Designs
The tutorial is in the video below! ;)
Hope you like this look,
I was really lucky when I received an email in my YouTube inbox from Palm Beach Jewelry - asking if I would like to do a Haul/Review for their company.  Not only do I consider it such a privilege to be able to do such awesome reviews on even awesomer products ( I know Awesomer is not a word, lol) I also get so try out something that everyone knows I love... JEWELRY!

First, let me start off by saying that their products are absolutely divine.  I love websites that give you the option to purchase celebrity inspired products, or products that most people could not afford unless they had pocket fulls of cash.  Everything on this site is affordable and definitely a great buy.

I was sent two items:  A beautiful ring and a necklace

This gorgeous ring is not just affordable but definitely a show stopper.

This beautiful necklace/pendant is so dainty and the perfect addition to any woman's jewelry collection.  It is a timeless pieces and something that will surely be used well into the next century.
For a complete review of the website and products - please watch my video below. 

Thank you so much to Palm Beach Jewelry for sending me these beautiful items. I love them!
FTC: I was sent these products for review and consideration by Palm Beach Jewelry in exchange for my honest opinion.  I am in no way affiliated with the company and was not paid in any way to provide this review.  My opinion is 100% honest and my own, it is unbiased and truthful.

Now - because Milani sent me so many goodies - I decided that I am going to review each one separately by category.  We all know how long my reviews are... I tend to get into a lot of detail. So - this is the best possible way to get all of the products reviewed. :)

I started off with the Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner and Brow Tint Pens.
Milani sent me the Eye Tech Extreme Eye liner Felt Tip pen in Blackest Black - right now it is the only color they make. I can only imagine when they start making more colors, how awesome they truly will be.  We all know I'm inlove with the Milani Liquif'eye - the Aqua being my favorite to date. :)
I go over the pen in my video below.

They also sent me the Brow Tint Pens in Natural Taupe and Dark Brown. I completely forgot to show the Dark Brown in my video - because it was just too dark for my hair color... but I am really liking these pens. Considering that they are smudge proof... if I work fast - I can fix a quick mistake and be on my way.  I go over the pens and what they do in my video below.

All in all - I am very impressed with these items. I especially like the Eye Tech Extreme Liner. Easy to control, maneuver and effortlessly goes on.  I love to grab a quick liner when in a hurry and this one works well. I did have a little run off on the edge of my eyes - but I have yet to have a liner not really do that on me...
because my eyes tear up tremendously.  It lasted 10+ hours on several occasions and I am very impressed and happy with this product.  The brow pens will take a little getting used to because I have been using brow powder and wax for a while now.  But I love that it is quick to use. Definitely enjoying these products thus far.

Thank you Milani for sending me these awesome goodies. I cannot wait to review the other goodies that were sent... I am really loving them. :) Stay tuned for more.


This past week was quite interesting... lots of stuff going on and a lot of interesting ones at that.  I've been working on some new pieces for I-Candy Couture's handcrafted jewelry and hair accessories and I am loving the outcome of them.  Also ICC will be releasing some new goodies really soon... sshh... secret!  This post might be a little more picture heavy then most of my 6 RFM Posts - so you are warned! ;)

#1 - Received a bunch of goodies from Incoco last week and am so stoked to be able to share it with you.  I put them on yesterday and it's been 24 hours since I have had them on.  Needless to say - they are actually doing really well and so far are meeting my expectations.  I am doing a full review as well as a mini tutorial and first impressions video that will give you some of my thoughts :)
#2 - I'm officially addicted to Pinterest.  I will be placing my link here on my website so you can check out all the goodies I'm currently in love with and trust me - there are a lot.  I have everything categorized and separated into boards that will allow me to go back and check them out.  I love finding new goodies - it is so addicting.  The foodie ones are probably my favorites - but I'm not discriminating against any other board. lol  http://pinterest.com/honeygirlk/  Come and hang out with me and see what I am crushing on right now!

#3 - I actually filmed 2 tutorials this week.  One for an inspired St. Patrick's Day look and another using the Milani Cosmetics goodies that they sent to me.  I will admit however, I haven't even attempted to edit them yet... lol - I have to find the time to do it this week - but things are seriously crazy.
In the images pictured above - I am using cosmetics from Milani.  I will post the complete list of products when I upload the tutorial.  The cool earrings can be found at I-Candy Couture. :)
#4 - After tons of requests - I have finally been able to gather my entire Julep collection (thanks to my Julep Maven membership) and snap a photo of it.  It's a great selection of colors so far... and I really enjoy my Julep goodies.
#5 - I've received a lot of emails this week - mainly on topics with regard to cyber bullying.  I think that most of it stemmed from my most recent video vlog that touched base on it very lightly.  It didn't have many views so I didn't think that it had been the contributing factor.  But my posts on Facebook about the subject has also made a few people come forward.  I will be touching base on this subject in another video really soon.  Remember:  CYBER BULLYING IS WRONG! 

#6 - I am in need of a detox this week.  Salads, Green tea, the whole nine yards. My body always has that feeling about once a month - so tomorrow... watch out - because IT - IS - ON!

Have a wonderful week everyone - wishing you all the best.

I'm going to be vloggin' about this on my YouTube channel - but wanted to touch base on it a little.  I am not going to get into detail on it... and will also be re-posting what I had posted on my Facebook Page as well.

Today I received such a heartbreaking message in my YT inbox.  A subscriber of mine says that she discontinued doing YouTube videos because she received "thumbs down" ratings and very mean comments on her videos.  She didn't think she would even be noticed on YouTube, but apparently - her videos were being noticed by people who specifically look for videos of these young ladies to bash on them. 

She received hurtful comments saying:  "Are you kidding me? Why are you making videos your ugly" or "do you think you can do makeup because you suck".  The internet is filled with trolls, bashers and terrible people and unfortunately no one realizes all of it until it is too late and they are caught up in it all.  The fact is, the very people that are saying these terrible things are those who are insecure and feel terrible about themselves.  Their whole reasoning behind what they do is to keep everyone down. 

I think that we should all take a stand with regard to our YouTube Videos by disabling our video ratings and requiring that our videos have receive comments by approval only.  I see so many Gurus do this very thing to keep them from being publicly released.  Though the more ideal thing to do is to just let it go and don't let it bother you - the fact of the matter is, it really does.  I have had friends put themselves in serious depression because someone had said they were ugly or not pretty enough. 

Moving forward - we should all remember that beauty is in every single thing we see... and that no one should be allowed to make us feel inferior.  I must admit that I do have moments where I feel like I just am not good enough, but I am lucky to have a supportive husband who always lifts my spirits up and reminds me that I am beautiful!  Know that you are beautiful and that you are special in your own way and be happy with that... be happy with yourself. Society tells us that we have to conform to what surrounds us... well, I tell Society - "Forget about you... I am my own person and I don't need an approval from you to know that I am a beautiful person."

And - I think you are Beautiful... no matter what anyone says!  Stand up against Cyber Bulling, Ridicule, Hate... and spread Beautiful feelings and thoughts!  "I am Beautiful...  Don't you Bring me Down Today!"

I have a lot to do with my website to get it up to par with what my blog was... but I have to start posting here.  The cool thing is - everything is pretty much drop and drag... so it will be easy.  I hope you all follow me here from my old blog and stay caught up and up to date.  Welcome to my blog's new home.