This swap includes a combination of goodies from the Drug Store and from  I totally scored when I went my local CVS the other day - found some goodies for under a dollar for some and less than $1.50 for others.  And then, Hautelook had Urban Decay on discount last week - so I jumped on the opportunity to pick up the Book of Shadows IV at a discounted rate.  My lil sister also bought me 2 rings that are super duper cute. ;)Check out my video for the haul in detail and if you want reviews on any of the items I bought for myself - please let me know. ;)
This was my first Canadian Swap and I was so excited to get all the awesome goodies that my friend Avril sent me.  Take a look at the photos and the video where I go over each one. ;) Thanks so much Avril - you are awesome and I love everything.  My goodies are already gone. lol
This little person in this photo (above) is my eldest son Ka'eo.  He was 2 years old in this photo which was taken 6 years ago.  It was so difficult to cut his hair - it was curly and very long... but we had no choice, because his eye lashes are so long (just like his daddy's) - he was mistaken for a girl on more than one occasion.

It amazes me how fast time flies.  His little twin brothers are now the age that he was in this photo.  Time has flown by so quickly (*tear), it seems like just yesterday I was loading him up in the back of my truck that day.  Cherish those moments... because they go by so fast and in the blink of an eye - they are gone.
This month's Julep Maven box was such a cute little package to open.  Though I didn't take any photos of it when I first opened it - I was very impressed and loved how they had Easter grass in it and chocolate Easter eggs to celebrate this month's Holiday.  The colors that they sent me this month were also very cute in that they were very Spring colored lacquers.  The colors I received this month are Penelope (which is a baby pink, it looks sheer but also has a dusty rose kind of finish look to them), Niecy, (which is a hot pink type of color) and Jessica (which is a soft baby blue with gray undertones).  Also in my box as mentioned earlier were a handful of chocolate eggs with metallic wrapping (so festive) and Toe separators.  All in all - considering that each Julep polish ranges from about $12 - $16... and my Julep Maven box being only $19.99 each month - I really do consider it to be a steal.  I have done several videos of past Julep Maven Boxes... so if you want to check those out - they can be found on my YouTube channel. ;) I really think it is an awesome steal to try out - at least for a month.  Please let me now if you have any questions.
I filmed this tutorial as a recreation of a look I did a few months back.  It was a highly requested tutorial, but I just had so much going on - I didn't have the chance to do it till recently.  One of our ICC Candy Lovers approached me and asked about different looks. Her daughter has an upcoming Banquet. She really liked the original look so I worked on getting the tutorial up.
The Original Look
The re-created one
Since the look was requested for a High School Banquet look - I really wanted to make sure that it was dramatic enough to make a bold statement, but still girlie, flirty and age appropriate.  I re-created the look to make it softer - by decreasing the size of my transition and crease color so that it did not go so high towards my brow.

Products used:

Primer - ICC's I-Candy Fix Primer (skin toned color)
Black Base - NYX JESP in Black Bean
Shadows -  ICC's Mineral Eye Shadows in:  Gingerbread (crease & transition color), Breaking Dawn (inner 2/3 of the lid color), New Moon (Outer V and partial crease color) and Peaches & Creme (brow highlight color).
Eyeliner: Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero (use any type of soft pencil liner or kohl pencil) - applied to the waterline/tightline.
Liquid Eyeliner -  Milani's Eye Tech Liquid Liner in Black - applied to the upper lash line - apply a thick line.
Mascara:  Lashem's Lengthening Mascara
Lashes -  E-bay lashes in #H-2 (use any lashes that are bold / thick and flirty)

Moisturizer/lip balm - EOS's Lip Balm Sphere in Passion Fruit
Lipstick - ICC's Sweet Treats Lipstick (bullet) in Cherry Jelly Bean.  You can also use ICC's Mineral Lipstick in the pot called Marilyn.
Lipgloss - ICC's Miss Aloha Kitty Lip gloss in Hula Girl

** Hair accessory / headband can also be found on I-Candy Couture's Website.

That is all the products used for this look.  My hair is a wig which I got from
Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. :)
FTC:  All I-Candy Couture products are property of mine and have been purchased with my own money.  I am the owner of I-Candy Couture.  Anything mentioned in this post that I used was either purchased by me with my own money or was given to me for review/consideration.
Meet Blondie - she was on this mornings email from This gorgeous pair of cork wedges are the perfect addition to any Spring / Summer Wardrobe.  I absolutely love it... this is definitely a Honey Shoe.
She is $59.95 on the site - which is a great cost for a shoe made of this quality.  Cork Wedges are one of those that can be taken through the year and paired with some of your favorite outfits.  They are made of natural cork and feature raffia trim and luxe beading.  What makes these so awesome is that they sport a 5 inch heel and 1 inch platform... which give you (or me - because we all know I'm short) the extra added benefit of height.  That will definitely help to elongate my body and make me look a little slimmer. 

You can pick up these gorgeous dolls at
 I vlogged about it a little bit and will be uploading that post to youtube as soon as I have a chance to convert it to a smaller file.  Let's just say - I am not moving at the pace that I had wanted - but I'm not  gaining... so that is the positive incentive for me.  I started at 250.9 and am at 250.0 which is not much loss, but again - no gain. So - though I don't think I am ready to jump up and down for joy and head out to buy me a treat - I am still pretty proud of myself.

Weaknesses this week:  Ugh - Wild Cherry Pepsi was on Sale at Safeway and anyone who's anyone that knows me knows that's my all time favorite Soda.  I couldn't resist - so I have been guzzling down those babies all week.  A soda a day is not a good thing.  Because I have had soda and that extra intake of sugar - I wasn't as thirsty and therefore decreased my water intake and my green tea intake through the week.  Ugh.

Goals for this week:  Soda is okay periodically - why keep yourself from something you enjoy eating/drinking... it's just going to make eating healthier harder... so no more soda EVERY DAY. Once in a great while as a treat.  Keep up with my water intake (I love my water but got sloppy this week) and Green tea once a day at least.  I gotta get going with my Zumba - been so busy with ICC that I really put it on the back burner... GET WITH IT WOMAN!

Alrighty then - I'm out... catch you on the rebound.
I had the opportunity of receiving this awesome necklace in the mail about a month ago. I was so excited because I have always wanted something really dainty and girlie and this really did have that look and feel. This gorgeous necklace came all the way from Israel - in a matter of 2 weeks. I was seriously stoked when I got it and even more stoked that from start to finish - it took just 2 weeks to get to me... even if it had to be customized and was coming from over seas.
The necklace itself is made of Sterling Silver and ranges on the site, depending on your design - for under $40.  Considering you are getting something that you should be able to wear on a daily basis without tarnishing or turning your skin green (if you don't have reactions to Sterling Silver Jewelry, of course) - that is a steal.  I go into detail more about the company in my video review - but I am truly impressed in what I received.  Affordability is a big deal to me and the fact that they were able to customize this necklace and get it to me so quickly is awesome.

A few key notes - I am not allergic or have reactions with sterling silver so I did not have a problem with this necklace.  I have been using it consistently over the last month, pretty much every day and love the fact that it is comfortable on my neck and hasn't tarnished.  I do keep all of my jewelry (real or fake) secure in a small ziplock bag or in a well sealed jewelry box.  I always clean my jewelry after each use and prior to putting it away for storage as well.  Though not mentioned in the video - the one downside is that I have stubby fingers and it can be a challenge to put the necklace on from behind my neck - though I am able to put it on easily if I bring the clasp to my front of my neck and put it on.  Though - I don't necessarily contribute it to the product as most of my necklaces have small clasps like this and I have stubby fingers and long nails. lol

All in all - I am very pleased with this product and love the fact that it doesn't cost $60 - $120 for the necklace like other retailers that I have purchased from in the past... SCORE - Money saving with quality product.

Watch the video below for details on the products and a little bit of info ;)
Yay... I'm so excited to be starting up on my Simple Tips Saturday again.  My last STS Video was posted last year (almost to the day) on removing deodorant stains from your clothing using a dryer sheet.  I have always received awesome feedback and reviews and I have so many awesome tips to share with all of you.  Now granted... some of these tips you may have heard of before - whether it be a tip that was passed down generations in your family or something you read online.  Each tip I discuss will be something that either I was told from a family member... probably my Grandmother, or I have read and used myself.

This week's tip was inspired because I went shopping at a local drug store last week for shampoo and was completely floored by how much dry shampoo costs now a days.  I haven't had to buy dry shampoo in about 2 years because I remembered some of the tips that my grandmother taught me and decided to put them into place.  So - I figured I would share them with you.  Check out my video in the post below as I describe what to do with these two household items.  They are not only affordable - which is great on the pocket book, most households have them already and it is easy to find.  No need to run into a drug store when you truly don't need it. 

**HONEY'S TIP:  I haven't mentioned this in the video... but if Dry Shampoo is something you carry around with you in your handbag and the containers that Cornstarch / Baking soda are not really a great fashion statement... get a little bottle that has a shaker lid on it.  That way you can place the product into the lid, shake as you need to get the product into your hair and be done.  Tuck it into your purse or makeup bag and you are good to go. Easy for travel and easy on the eyes. lol  Oh - and don't forget your favorite perfume.  Just in case you don't like the smell - spritz a little perfume in your hair and you're good to go.
This weeks Throwback Thursday takes us back to 2003 - before I had children. My hair was pretty long - past my butt and I was about 100 lbs. lighter then.  I was 23 years old and when I did this shoot - and I was sick like crazy. I found out a few days later that I was pregnant with my eldest son.   A bunch of pounds added on later and 2 pregnancies... and I think I still look the same - I'm just a little bigger. ;)
Thanks for hanging out with me and taking it back... ;)
"In life... sometimes we need to stop and look at the things that make us smile." ~Honey
"In life... sometimes we need to stop and look at the things that make us smile." ~Honey
My sons are 3 very active little boys. I would be lying if I said that they didn't absolutely exhaust me.  From taking my eldest to school and picking him up and then taking him to and from Basketball practice and his games... life in that department is pretty active.  But - my 2 1/2 year old twin boys also give me a run for my money. lol But, at the end of the day - I wouldn't trade them or anything I do for them, for the World.

I was sitting at my desk just this minute, updating my website with my latest things and I realized that I was so extremely exhausted... but then I stopped, took a deep breathe and my mind took me to the photo pictured above.  With my husband's busy schedule - it is rare moments that we are all together as a family now a days it seems... and this was a day that we were all spending together.  This was way back in Oct. 2011 - but a great day to remember nonetheless.  After this memory popped into my mind, I stopped and remembered how much my boys and my husband make me smile.  Though - you never completely forget... sometimes, the hustle and bustle of every day life can bog you down and you can lose site of it all.

So - stop and kiss your babies, squeeze them tight. Love, hug and kiss your husband or better half so passionately and be reminded that... "In life... sometimes we need to stop and look at the things that make us smile." ~Honey

Kiss your loved ones... they are the most important things in your life.
Okay - first let me explain why these are technically 2 different collections - but still different.  We all know I love Hello Kitty - in fact, let's face it - if you don't know that... you haven't been paying much attention. lol j/k.  But I wanted to do a Hello Kitty inspired collection - but wanted it to really relate to me as a person and my love for Hawaii (the islands where I live) and my love for Urban and city life.  My entire life, I have wanted to live on the Mainland (the Continental U.S.) and have traveled there a few times and absolutely loved it... but Hawaii at this time, is my home. These collections - though both inspired by Hello Kitty - are completely different:  One is bold and bright and the other is more Neutral and soft. Just like Hawaii and the States being so different, these collections are completely different as well.  I'm going to talk about each collection separately.

The Urban Kitty Collection:

This collection was of course - inspired by Urban and City life. I wanted it to be reminiscent of the Graffiti you would find on the streets. I think that most graffiti pieces are works of art and a representation of who we are. If done tastefully - it really is unique and very artistic.

Graffix - spelled like that on purpose, represents the graphics you would see everywhere.  From Graffiti on the walls to awesome billboards, posters and displays.
Remix - represents the awesome tunes, spins and beats you can hear on the streets. I'm a huge supporter of artists who work their way to the top. Everyone is an artist in their own way and streets have a huge variety of awesome performers.
Epik - also spelled like that on purpose, represents the word EPIC - which is a slang that you can often find said on the streets, by skate boarders or now pretty much by everyone. It pretty much means Awesome, Huge or being Heroic.
Sweet Kicks - nothing says Hip Hop and the streets like a Sweet pair of kicks (shoes). I love shoes, converse, reebok, Nike - you name it and they are my favorites. I really wanted to represent the shoes because... let's face it - the shoes are what many people notice. And - it's what helps break dancers and crews with that little extra flavor.
Trax - also spelled like this on purpose. I used this name because when I think of Urban and City life - I think of Train Tracks and the metro. I also imagine that there is some really awesome and bright art work gracing the side walls of trains and metro stations.
Hypnotik - again, another spelling on purpose.  This color was named this because when you step into the city - the lights are hypnotizing and blinding to someone who is not used to seeing it or is seeing it for the first time. Those are memories that will last with me forever.
Check out I-Candy Couture and purchase your collection today. These colors are bold and vibrant and sports a matte color (Sweet Kicks) that you just need to have in your collection. This is one of the boldest collections that I-Candy Couture has come out with.
I know, I know... major fail. I have been so behind on posting to my blog.  But there really is a good reason.... PROMISE!  I have been working on a new collection for I-Candy Couture.  Or... shall I say 2 collections in one. I am not going to get into detail on it in this post - but will be posting pictures and details on it soon :)

I have posted a few reviews over the last couple of days - so be sure to check out my YouTube channel for details and to see the review. I will be posting here as well as soon as I get an extra moment. I do have a giveaway going on right now - but it will only be on for another week, so be sure to jump on that ASAP. :)

My Destne146 YouTube Channel just made 4 years on April 7th. It is such an accomplishment for me because my BeautybyHoney channel was so successful and then had to be tragically taken down after it was hacked. It took me forever to rebuild my subscriber base again and though I still have a long way to go in comparison to my old BBH channel - I am definitely making my way up.  Since my channel made four years last week, I am going to be collaborating with I-Candy Couture (who will be partially sponsoring this Giveaway) to bring to you an awesome little surprise.  With the roll out of the new collection(s) at ICC - I thought it would be awesome to have a contest themed around the same inspiration.  So - in a few days, I will be rolling out a Hello Kitty Giveaway. It may not be much - but I have been compiling and purchasing Hello Kitty items over the last month to give as prizes. I hope that you will all enjoy this Giveaway as much as I will enjoy hosting it.  I can't wait to roll it out - but I have to make a video for it explaining all the details - so as soon as I have filmed it and edit the video, it will be uploaded to YouTube and the giveaway will begin. :) I'm super stoked.

Stay tuned...

I have been trying to keep up with my old series videos that I started some time back and slowly but surely will be making my way through each and continuing to do them. ;)

Upcoming YouTube Videos:
  • Continuation of my Movie Mania Series: I will finish off my "Favorite Chick Flick" Series and then move on to my "All Around Favorite Movies", "Favorite Drama Movies", "Favorite Classics", etc. So stay tuned.
  • My Bully Story - I really want to work on Awareness against Bullying - not just in school or public but online. I will be working on this one and hope to be getting started on it soon.
  • My Makeup Collection - This is one of my most highly requested videos and I have been promising to do it for months - but it will be a long video - so I'm trying to figure out how I can film it in parts. :)
  • My Freelance Makeup Artist Kit
  • Honey's Tips: (1) How to start in the Makeup Business? (2) Tips and Tools to get your name out there as a Freelance Makeup Artist (3) How to build your kit efficiently, in an affordable way - but still providing quality service and quality products.
  • Continuation of my Wet n Wild Color Icon Tutorial Series.
  • Vlogs (I know I have been trying to keep up with these - but I will work harder at getting them out regularly.)
  • Continuation of my Weightloss Vlogs and updates. Basically - it will feature my up and down roller coaster of losing weight, gaining weight and healthy eating.
  • Continuation of my "Honey's Simple Tips Saturdays".  I will be keeping up with these once I can get my list of tips together that I have learned over the years. These were some of my most popular videos.
  • Skincare D.I.Y.'s or Beauty D.I.Y.'s
  • More Makeup Tutorials - please be sure to let me know if you have any requests.
  • Food/Restaurant Reviews
  • Movie/Music Reviews (I'm on the fence about doing this one again - I used to do them before and I haven't been keeping up with the new movies and music that has come out - so if I have some time to do it - I will)
  • Cooking/Recipe Videos - I used to do these A LOT and have been requested time and time again to do them again. If I can find some where in my kitchen to set up my camera again to film while I'm cooking - I will surely start on these again. We all know I love to cook... and eat.
There are many more video ideas I have in the pipeline and many more requests I will be doing, so I will definitely keep everyone updated. Stay tuned.