Let me start off by saying... I have been doing this for 5 years - reviewing products and getting Sponsored to review products.  I will say that my first Sponsored review happened by pure luck really... because I didn't intend for all of that to happen.  Prior to my first sponsorship review I had been reviewing products that I purchased with my own money.  One of the products I reviewed was called Beautylash MD - a lash growing serum that I paid $125.00 for out of pocket to increase the length of my lashes.  I documented it in a Series I called:  Lash Chronicles.  And documented the progress with photos and videos from Day One for the length of the treatment, about 3 months long.  I completed that series for that product after a year - as I had purchased several months worth of product. 

I was contacted by a PR company that had been doing research on Beautylash MD and they loved my reviews.  That was the beginning of my Sponsorship Career.  Since that PR company represented other companies, they asked me to review other products and that's how my name got out and other PR companies started contacting me as well.  Five years later and many many products reviewed under my belt and I am now contacted by companies that include endorsements from Celebrities and so much more.
So what are my Tips to becoming a great reviewer and being contacted for sponsorship?  Well, first of all... there really aren't any rules to live by, except to be Respectful and Honest.  I never knew what contacting a company for sponsorship was until the latter of 2011 when I was told by someone that they would contact companies to ask for reviews.  Her mentality was that:  "As long as I am the first person to review the product, I don't care who else does.  And, if I give them a positive review regardless, other companies will want to work with me."  Well - needless to say, I am not friends with that person any longer... because that goes against my entire belief, not only as a person, but as a consumer and as a business owner.  When reviewing products, I am completely honest with any product I review... whether positive or negative.  You need to think as a consumer.  The whole thought behind reviewers is so that the companies can get feedback to help improve their products. While it may not be great to have negative feedback, if they are a good company - it will help them to fix the problem for future consumers.  Another thing is to be respectful.  As a business owner, I will not tell you the number of emails I receive on a daily basis telling me that: "You should allow me to review your products because I will send a huge volume of customers your way.  What I do is the best."  Umm... okay, NO - next person please.  

I'll touch base on more about Sponsorship and Reviewing Tips in future posts... so stay tuned.  For now, I will close.

Beauty blenders are all the craze now a days. Many companies have come out with their own versions... in fact... you can find some at your local drug store from some brands that have evolved.  My first thought of these was... "um, oh hell no" because the original beauty blender costs quite a bit.  In my opinion... I would rather buy a full sized MAC brush and build my brush kit even further instead of using a Sponge.  After waiting and waiting before jumping on the bandwagon... I decided I would take a look and see the different ones they had available.  

I found these 2 beauties on ebay at under $5.00 total.  I was pretty stoked and figured I would buy 2 different shapes to test each one.  This is not a review... just a little haul and my first impression, so to say. :)
As you can see in the photos above... They do increase after you wash/wet them as do the original beauty blender.  I have not used them yet... but am planning to do so and will definitely do a formal review.  But so far... they are soft, they feel like they would be easy to blend in my foundation and they are so inexpensive that I could stock up on several of these for my kit and personal use.  I will see how fast they wear down and if they are truly going to last up to high volume or if they can only be used for a little while before shredding or deteriorating like a normal white cosmetic sponge.  I'll be sure to reveal my results here on my blog or in a video when I have come to any conclusions.

If you have tried the beauty blender or any of the generic or cheaper versions of them, I want to know how you liked it.  Leave it in the comments below and tell me your thoughts.

Have you heard of Miche Bags before?  (pronounced: Me - Chee).  This bag was created by a woman who managed to ruin a beautiful bag and had wished that she could have a bag that she could easily switch out.  She used her original bag as a prototype and thus became the original Miche bag.  These bags are beautiful and gorgeous and come in 4 different sizes.  Watch most recent video review and Giveaway... 
and enter to win a Classic Base Bag and 2 Shells. 

I'm so lucky to be reviewing for Miche again this year and to be providing yet another giveaway.  I asked for Black shells so that I wouldn't be receiving the same shells I have received or purchased before.  I am positive that you will enjoy these as much as I love them. :)
If you are interested in learning more about Miche or to join their team - please go to this link and check out all the things they have to offer: http://www.michebag.com.  Be sure to keep up to date with all things Miche by liking their fan page: Become a “fan” of Miche® at http://www.facebook.com/OfficialMiche and following them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/michedotcom.  This is my favorite way to keep up with new releases and to see the monthly shells they roll out.  Let Miche know that Honey sent you :)  For information on Miche's wonderful Work From home opportunity - especially for stay at home moms, visit: For information on Miche’s amazing http://www.michebag.com/join-us

FTC:  These bags were sent to me for review and consideration for my honest and unbiased review.  My review is honest, unbiased and truthful and I have not been paid to provide this review for you.
I LOVE Watches.  I'm a huge watch collector and cannot live without a watch on my wrist.  This is a great watch to have a part of any collection.  Check out my video below for the complete review and stay tuned till the end for the Giveaway. :)
I am seriously behind in this series that I promised my friend Krystal I would do. lol Last week was seriously crazy... several Bridal Trials and ICC Madness. lol  But I did get it done.  I will be doing this as tips and tricks come along and will be posting them.  I have gotten awesome feedback on them and will continue to do them as I find time to Vlog... so stay tuned for more.  I will also be posting some tips on my Blog here if I have some time. :)

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions on anything in particular. VIDEO IS BELOW.
I have done several reviews for Candycolorlenses.com.  I am also someone who purchases from them consistently with my own money.  I love their customer service, their website's ease of use and of course... their affordability.  They offer a wide range of lenses for anyone's taste and with Halloween just around the corner... now is the perfect time to get you some awesome lenses. 

Check out the video embedded above... and enter to win a $30 Credit to use on Candycolorlenses.com.  I've included past reviews I have done on Candycolorlenses.com and have several more available on my channel from last year. :) 
You have just under 24 hours to take advantage of this awesome deal. I was so excited to see this and I jumped to the opportunity to purchase a set for me.  One, I love my brushes... and two... I've been wanting to replace my blush palette that I broke last year.  Yay - score.

Head on over to: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/steal-of-the-day and pick up your awesome deal.  I will be filming a Haul video when it arrives. :)

*I was not paid nor am I an affiliate of BH Cosmetics.  I am sharing this post as a way to inform others of this great deal.
Let me start off by saying that I failed vlogging the last 3 days... and I didn't do it on purpose.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were so crazy... I tried - but just couldn't swing it.  So - I figured I would sum up a few things in a blog post... while I think a video might be a little easier to understand - this will have to do at the moment.  I'll do a few more videos through the weekend. :)

Let's talk about how I manage 3 different jobs, besides being a Full Time Mommy.  I have 3 Home based businesses.  I am a Professional Wedding & Portrait Photographer, a Freelance Make-up Artist and of course, I am the owner of I-Candy Couture.  

Let's start with the Photography portion... Ho'onani Photography (ho'onani in Hawaiian means... "to beautify")
copyright Ho'onani Photography
Photography is a Full Time Job... as any photographer will tell you, especially those that edit their own photos... it is one of those jobs that doesn't end when you leave the shoot.  Organizing a photoshoot is important to insure that you get all of the work done properly and on time.  I love being a Wedding Photographer... it allows me to be creative and capture my favorite things... "Love!"  After a photoshoot - I do 2 important things... I first and foremost import all images from the shoot (some where along the lines of 200 - 4000 images at one time) onto my External Hard-drive.  I have 2 - 2 TB hard drives for holding my  images.  As a photographer, I also have an online storage site that hosts my images in the case they get lost as well as keeping them on DVD for safe keeping.  This may seem tedious - but it's required to host and keep your clients pictures for so many years legally.  Editing pictures can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to edit them all, depending on the number of photos.  I edit all images for color balance, lighting and quality.  Some images will have extra graphic editing done to them for its added effect and coolness like vignettes or HDR, etc.  If I have a huge Photography shoot, like a wedding - I usually work on it about 10 minutes a day - otherwise, I will be so tired of it, it can really bog me down and I'll not want to look at it any longer.  I'll continue this until all my shoots have been edited and processed.  I'll then post on my blog, produce a DVD for the client or prepare a custom hard cover book for them.  Simple but tedious... and definitely time consuming.  But it's a form of art - like all my businesses, it is fun and exciting :)  When ever I am doing advertisements, etc - I focus on those the same time I do for all my other jobs... this way - I am in Photoshop or whatever the program and already editing to have it done.  Killing several birds with just one stone.

Next - let's talk Make-Up Artistry...
copyright: Ho'onani Photography & Beauty by Honey
Unlike Photography - freelancing does not really consist of doing a massive amount of editing... however, both of my businesses work hand in hand because many of my Photography clients are also those that I do makeup on.  Probably the most time consuming part of this business is packing my kit.  I am a whole-hearted believer that if you can do a Makeup Trial on someone... schedule it.  I practically include this in all of my Bridal bookings because it allows me to test out several different shades of makeup and then knowing exactly what I need to bring to the gig without packing a 25 lb or more kit.  If I don't have to bring all of my foundation colors and already have their set tones for a gig... I'm a happy camper.  For me... preparation is key when it comes to Makeup.  The less I have to bring on a gig and the more prepared I am... the easier and smoother a Makeup gig will go.  I try my best to schedule my Trials during the time their event is going to take place or earlier in the day to allow for the lighting to be optimum so that I know exactly what I'm dealing with. 

Last but not least... is I-Candy Couture.  I would blog about blogging and YouTube vlogging but I figured I'd concentrate on the other businesses that keep me pretty busy as well. ;)
copyrighted by: I-Candy Couture, Ho'onani Photography
This particular job is probably the most time consuming.  ICC consists of the sale of both cosmetics and jewelry items and we have just made the transition to going all "handmade/handcrafted" so it does take up a little more of my time.  Which is one of the reasons why I joined my ICC Page and Honeygirlsworld Page on Facebook together, so I wouldn't be going back & forth and updating both.  My day for I-Candy Couture consists of starting it off checking my emails... do I have any orders, email correspondence or other pertaining to ICC and if so - I answer them.  All orders are then printed and placed in my "incoming orders" folder where I go through every day and pull orders to process.  The thing about ICC is that all orders are made when you place that order and select to buy from us... so nothing is premixed or premade.  That means that when your order comes in, it will get processed in the order received.  After I do this in the morning... I will then go ahead and start working on the orders as they arrive.  Mixing of pigments, lippies, etc. are all made during the day to insure that I can 1) see what I'm doing and 2) this allows me to spend time with my family in the later part of the day.  No orders are processed after 1pm daily unless we are super crazy... but I do my best not to work into the night.  I think that it is not only difficult for me to see - but also unsanitary because you never can truly see what you are working with.  

After each order is made... they are packaged and prepped for mail out.  I do not like to work on weekends unless I really have to - so I try to get all of this done through out the week.  I do my best to do packaging of cosmetics during the day and make jewelry during the night if time permits.  I tend to find that I'm a bit more relaxed and my creative juices are working well enough for me to come up with new designs.

In the afternoon is when I do my best to update Facebook, Twitter, etc. with new products, details and fun stuff.  Now that my blog and honeygirlsworld is in sync with ICC's FB page - it allows me to be able to spend time on one page and tackle all of my tasks from that day. If there is one advice I could give anyone with regard to balancing 2 or more different FB pages and still have blog, youtube, and all the rest... join them together if you can.  It has made my life so much simpler and I am truly enjoying it. 
While I'm sure this was not as helpful as I thought it would be... it still will give anyone an insight into some organization... while I do lack in that department tremendously. lol  I hope to touch base in the next few days how I organize my product reviews, etc.  And, maybe how I organize my timeline during the day so you can see how I try to balance it out.  While I don't go full throttle on my schedule like I should... this is a great guide to kind of keep me in check. :)

I'll chat with you all later. :)

Please note that I am an affiliate with Eyeslipsface.com
This was a pretty unusual Monday for me... because my Monday's are usually pretty crazy.  But, this one was a little more lax... more or less because of our loss of internet in the morning due to a power outage.  But - needless to say... I'm catching up on it all today. lol
Check out BH Cosmetics - Back to School Sale.  Click the image for details and to go to the site. :)
Man of Iron is a part of I-Candy Couture's Marvelous Avengers Series.  It is a beautiful True Gold color and metallic in sheen.  When I created this color, I was inspired by Iron Man and his beautiful Gold that he had on his Suit (or metal of honor).

After a couple of months of not having our Pigment/Jewelry of the Week and Month, I have brought it back again now that things have been a little more on a routine.  Because of this - each week a new color will be the "Color of the Week".  During this time frame, you can get the Pigment of the Week in Full Size (5 gram Jar) for just $2.50 (retail for $5.00).  This is a perfect time to stock up on your favorite colors in Full Size Jars.

To purchase your Pigment of the Week - Visit: www.i-candycouture.com and check out our Mineral  Eye Shadows.  If a color is our "Pigment of the Week" it will be listed in the options section so that you can get it on discount. :) Select "Pigment of the Week" and you will automatically be adding the discounted price to your shopping cart.
Yesterday I was approached by one of my Favorite Beauty Bloggers, Krystal - from Beauty by Krystal with regard to her new Mommy Blogger Vlogs that she has coming up this week.  I was so ecstatic that she thought to include me (thanks love) because she is not only one of my Favorite Bloggers, but also someone who I look up to as an "ideal model" for a mommy.  While I am older than her... I am in awe at how she handles all that she has on her plate, even after just having a new born a few months ago and a toddler at home.  Super Woman!
I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share with all of you the busy and active part of my life (though I'm sure most of you see it in my videos - lol.)  Starting Monday 8/13/12, in collaboration with Krystal, I will be trying my best to vlog each and every day for that week (ends on Sunday 8/19/12.) This will allow me to share with you how I manage my daily duties like my websites, my social networking, product reviews and so much more... while still making my children and husband my number one priority.  As a Full Time S.A.H.M. of 3 boys (an 8 year old and Twin toddlers) and a happily married woman - balancing all of this and 3 Home businesses can be a challenge... but while difficult at times, I make it work. lol ;)

This opportunity will provide information and answer questions that I get on a frequent basis.  While I will omit some of the things I do daily (like packaging orders for I-Candy Couture, due to sterile purposes) I will take you through most of my day (or hope to do so).  I must warn you - while it can be a bit of a Go-Go-Go, it may be very uneventful for some. :)

I will try my best to vlog every day (if you watch me on YT, you know that I kind of fail in that department. lol) But my goal is to show you a little bit of my daily life and balancing work and family.  Ultimately - along with Krystal, I hope to give some insight to those mothers out there who may feel a little overwhelmed or like they just cannot do it... because Hunny, keep your head up high - you certainly can!

I'll be starting on Monday and hope to have the videos edited and uploaded each evening. If that is not possible, definitely by the morning after.  So stay tuned for them and be sure to check out Beauty by Krystal so you can track her daily vlogs as well. :)

Stay tuned.
xoxo Honey
Hawaiian Style Kalua Pork is actually easier to make than most people realize. The hard part is smelling all that yummy goodness while it's cooking and having to wait up to 5 hours (and sometimes more) till you can actually get a taste. :)

This is my Oven Style Kalua Pork.  Traditionally it is done in an imu (pronounced: ee-mu) otherwise known as a pit in the ground.  Hawaiians have cooked this for many years and it is traditionally served as one of the main dishes for any Hawaiian Party or Lu'au (prounounced: Lou-au).  When it it cooked underground, the entire pig is usually seasoned and placed under ground and covered with ti-leaves and banana leaves.  On top of that they place burlap bags to keep the dirt from touching the pig and then cover with hot lava rocks and dirt to keep in the heat.  It can cook for up to 24 hours this way.  My way is fast and easy and requires a lot less effort. lol

Watch the video to go step by step and all ingredients are listed in the beginning of the video.
Enjoy this awesome treat. It's best served with Hot white rice or Poi (commonly served and native to Hawaii, made with Taro).  Other side dishes are also served with it, included Poke (Poke-a) in a variety of flavors.  I made spicy tuna poke (or spicy ahi tuna poke) which I have also filmed and will provide that tutorial next. 

If you do recreate this - post a picture here or email me at beautybyhoney@gmail.com.  I would love to see how yours came out along with what you thought of it. :)

Many Blessings and Happy Eating!
It's obvious that I'm biased, seeing that I am the owner of I-Candy Couture.  But nonetheless, I work hard when I create these products and know that they are made with absolute awesomeness. :)

Today's Spotlight Friday products are all from I-Candy Couture and feature a range of Jewelry and Cosmetics.  They are my go-to products from ICC and I absolutely gravitate towards them whenever I can't seem to figure out what it is I want to wear or use.
The first set of products are from the Marvelous Avengers Collection of Eye shadows.  This collection sports 6 beautiful colors that are a wide range and can be used for a really bold and bright eye or even a soft all over sweep of color.  I have been using these shadows as eyeliners for a great pop of Summer color on my eyelids.  It allows me to have a statement look without fully applying eye shadows on these warm and hot summer days.  Each color can be used as an eyeliner by apply to your lid wet (using a mixing medium, water or even eye drops) with an eye liner brush.  The collection is just $6.00 for Sample Clam jars and $30.00 for Full Sized jars. Definitely a set to add to any eye shadow lovers collection. :)
The next piece is one of my favorites this summer.  I absolutely do not like using anything heavy or anything that will make me or keep me hot.  So instead of sporting my normal hoops that I love so much, I have been using my ICC Rose Stud back earrings in black every day when I go out.  It's classy, but still allows you to not have anything hanging and dangling on your neck or around your face.  It is a perfect accessory for anyone - even the most stylish and trendy fashionista.  ICC has them available in Black, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Neon Green and White and they only cost $4.00.  While they may seem like they are just a little piece and not worth the time or money, let me just say that I stop traffic with these little guys... everywhere I go - someone wants to know where I got my studs from. :)

You can get all of these products that I wrote about at www.i-candycouture.com or by clicking the Shop Tab up above.  I-Candy Couture takes pride in 3 important things... the fact that everything is handmade, it's affordable and that our customer service is important to us.  We hope that you come and Satisfy your Craving at I-Candy Couture.  

Coastal Scents is having a Super Duper Sale.  All 88 Eye Shadow Palettes will be on sale for $8.88 starting tomorrow 8am and the sale will go on for 8 hours.  So head on over there and get a great deal.  I love my palettes and if you don't have one - you need to have at least one. :)  Get it today: www.coastalscents.com

It's been about a month since my last weight loss update. I have been so busy and things have been crazy... but I'm at it again and very determined.  Hang in there with me and if you are interested in joining me - please do. :)

I thought this would be a sweet and cute giveaway.  While it may seem like a lot of steps to enter... there really is only two. Subscribe and comment answering the questions.  Below are the list of rules and ways of how you can get extra points. :)  Watch the video to see the awesome prize... I'll post photos soon.
This giveaway ends on September 5th, 2012

Rules & How to Enter:
1.) You Must be a Loyal Subscriber.  If you are not subscribed - hit that SUBSCRIBE button.
2.) Comment down below and answer this question:  "What do you like about my channel?" or "What videos would you like to see me do?"

For 20 Extra Points:
- Do a video response and state in the video (live vids only) that you are entering Honey's Love Contest and answer the questions above.

For 5 extra points each task:
- Go to http://www.facebook.com/HoneysCandyWorld - Like the Page and comment on the wall saying you are entering Honey's Love Giveaway.  
- Follow me on Instagram: @honeygirlk
- Go to my blog/website: http://www.honeygirlsworld.com - scroll to the bottom of the page and follow me on "Linky Followers" or "Networked Blogs"
- Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/honeygirlk
**If you complete any of those tasks, be sure to comment on my video letting me know you have done so and what your social networking username is.  If you are uncomfortable listing below... please PM me.
My allergies have had their way with me today... making me feel absolutely miserable.  If my hubby were home from work, I would have cuddled with him and probably would have fell asleep in hopes that tomorrow would be allergy free... but he is working.  So instead of being sad and grumpy while trying to kick the allergies... and to keep my Benadryl from putting me to sleep - I pulled out my makeup and started to play with a look I had in my mind.  All the shadows used on my eyes are from I-Candy Couture.  I did not film a tutorial on this look - but have been asked to do so... so as soon as time permits, I'm on it!
Hope you enjoy the look - more photos in the post as well as the products used.
~Products Used~
On my eyes... I am using the following products:

Primer:  ELF Primer
Base:  NYX White Shadow Base
Eye shadows: 
Mineral Eye Shadows from I-Candy Couture in the following colors:  
Only in My Dreams, Hawaiian Hunny, New Moon, Roselani and Peaches & Creme
Eye liner:  ELF Liquid Liner (top liner), Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero (Pencil liner for waterline/tightline)
Mascara:  Loreal Voluminous False Lashes and Maybelline Plush Lash
Brows: Milani Brow Fix Pen

On my lips... I am using the following products:

Base Lipstick:  Circe by NYX
Lip gloss:  Hula Girl Lip gloss by I-Candy Couture
Earrings can be purchased at: www.i-candycouture.com
While I have seen and felt hotter summers (knock on wood) - I know that this summer definitely could use some cooling down.  I came across this recipe while reading my weekly subscriptions and thought it was a great thing to share.  It is perfect for those of us (hmm... me for example. lol) that are trying to shed some pounds... but not eliminate satisfying our sweet tooths or cooling our body down this summer.  I haven't tried out this recipe yet - but needless to say, I'll be heading to the market in the next couple of days to pick up supplies.  If you try it - let me know how you liked it. :)
Enjoy and Stay Cool this Summer!
Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Banana FroYoThere are 870 calories and 35 grams fat (19 g saturated fat) in a restaurant banana split. Who needs that? Make it yourself and save 711 calories.

Serves 4
  • 2 containers (6 oz each) nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt, divided among ice cube tray sections and frozen
  • 2 small ripe bananas, cut into 1/2-inch pieces and frozen
  • 4 teaspoons natural peanut butter
  • 4 teaspoons mini chocolate chips
  • Cinnamon (optional)

  1. In a blender or food processor, blend yogurt cubes and bananas on high, scraping down sides every minute, until mixture holds together, 3 minutes. Add peanut butter; blend on high until mixture is creamy, like soft-serve ice cream. Stir in chips. Serve immediately, sprinkled with cinnamon, if desired.

THE SKINNY159 calories per 1/2 cup, 4 g fat (1 g saturated), 19 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 10 g protein

Find this recipe at: http://www.self.com/fooddiet/recipes/2012/07/peanut-butter-chocolate-banana-froyo
Image and recipe belong to Self.com - I take no credit or copyright infringement and this recipe was provided for informational purposes only. 

My days are not normally this easy going... they are pretty much on the go-go-go... but I love vlogging and if I have a spare moment... I love to share. ;)
As a mother of twin toddlers and an 8 year old - I have had my fair share of money thrown down the drain on diapers and wipes that have just been terrible or not worth the money they are charging for them in the stores.  I have spent time and money on huge brand names that claim to be the best - but truly, my children have proved them wrong.  After the birth of my twins and going through 70 diapers or more a week, I started branching out and finding diapers that are more cost effective and friendlier on my already tight budget.
Just to name a few brands that I did try and actually enjoyed:  Costco's Kirkland Signature Brand Diapers.  Absolutely affordable, ranging from $45.00 - $50.00 for a large case of diapers.  This diaper brand lasted us a little while longer than the normal size boxes because as you know, when you buy from Costco, you're buying in bulk.  The price absolutely could not be beat... and the quality far exceeded what I thought would be a non-brand or generic diaper brand.  My twins could put their diapers on in the night - just before bed and when they awoke the next morning, there was no leakage... which is little to be said for some of the larger Diaper brands. (I'm not mentioning any names. lol)

Two other brands that I absolutely love is the Premium Baby Diapers from Walgreens (the Walgreens Brand) and Parent's Choice (found at Walmart).  Both brands also have awesome wipes as well, as do the Kirkland Brand.  The prices are quite affordable and again - my twins can wear them through the night and I'm not changing sheets due to the large puddle that other brands have left behind. 
Now - as with any parent... I have been one of those parents that purchased only name brand at one time.  My eldest (now 8 years old) was the child at which I could afford to purchase name brand items.  Of course, economy had taken its toll on my pocket book and I branched out when we had our twins... and boy am I glad I did.  As a family with twins, we buy double or triple the amount of baby supplies than normal households... so I had to really figure out what would work for us, as to not be wasting any much needed money.  I was amazed when I tried these brands to find that they worked just as good if not better in most cases than the average / name brand diapers and wipes.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  As mothers or even fathers... sometimes we all need options to keep a little cash in our wallet so we can treat ourselves as a family... and take advantage of that planned family day. :)

I hope this helped give any mother/father some ideas when shopping for those baby necessities. Try out these brands and if you do - be sure to let me know your thoughts. ;)

Let me introduce you to a pretty cool company called Blingcases.com.  I came across this company sometime last year - when they were originally Bling Bling Cases.  I was so intrigued at what they had to offer... seeing as even then, their prices were so darn affordable.  But - I am what you would call a huge skeptic... so I had my doubts that they were to be quality items.  However... that completely changed my mind after just a few days of using my new case.
I have a Sprint HTC Evo 4g... nothing big - it does everything I need it to do and finding some decent accessories for it hasn't seemed to be much of a problem.  I have had the opportunity to own many cases... from Lux Addiction to MeBling so when I seen how affordable BlingCases.com was... I couldn't believe it.  The case is well made, first of all.  Since my video that I posted on YouTube (below) actually detailing the case, I have had my case for an additional week and have dropped my phone more than a dozen times.  There hasn't been any jewels missing, any cracks or anything that has gone wrong with it yet.  I love that Blingcases.com also included a case key - which allows me to easily take the case off - which is a huge plus and keeps me from struggling or in some cases that I have experienced, even breaking the case.  Shipping was extremely fast, even to me here in Hawaii... that was a huge amazement to me.
As if all of those points were not great enough - they offer awesome designs for a huge variety of cellular phones at great prices.  You can even get your Ipad cases there as well.  Super cool.

I do have two negatives - which I truly do not contribute to the company itself... but just an all around issue:

  • I wish that they had cases made for Extended Battery for my phone.  While it would be so much more convenient for me... I do know that extended cases for HTC Evo 4g Phone's are in silicone only... so I know it is not necessarily the fault of the company.
  • I also hope that there could be another way to decorate the front portion of the phone case - where your ear is touching while talking on the phone.  It can be pretty uncomfortable while being held to your ear - but I know that the case itself would be a bit odd without the front decorated as well.

So lets talk about my ratings on this company and case:

Company communication:  5 out of 5
Shipping:  5 out of 5
Product Quality:  5 out of 5
Style / Functionality: 5 out of 5
Affordability:  5 out of 5

This was definitely a rave review on this awesome product.  
Be sure to check out blingcases.com and get some awesome bling for your phone.  
Video review is embedded below.