It was an awesome privilege to be able to do another review for  It is my favorite and go-to website to purchase all of my colored and theatrical lenses.  Their customer service is #1 in my book and I truly do enjoy the contacts I receive.  Not to mention - their shipping is fast and affordable.

Those of you that have been following me this past year have heard me rave about this company.  There is another company located overseas that also sells contacts - but they have been known to give Candy Color Lenses a bad reputation.  Needless to say - if you have heard bad things about the company, I can pretty much guarantee that it is the company that is located overseas - not the one that is in the U.S.
I have done another video showcasing these contacts and have embedded it below.  I am a huge fan of contact lenses - though the blue ones I did receive are a little brighter for my normal every day routine.  I am totally loving them however and am glad I had the opportunity to try them out.  Check out and use CODE: DESTNE146 on your order of $20 or more for a 10% discount.  I promise you - you won't be sorry :)

6/30/2012 08:29:34 pm

Seems to have a nice collection,the lens shown has also a different shade as compared to others.Liked them thanks for its sharing would try them.

7/30/2012 02:22:47 am

My eyes is dark eyes.. Can i have a natural blue color contacts. These contacts are highly faltering and have the ability to light up your complexion. Can u please suggest me...

8/20/2012 04:53:07 pm

Blue shade of contact lenses is very rare to find out. Theses sets of contact lenses make an eye sight so beautiful.

7/10/2013 02:28:31 am

Yes they are amazing and these pair color contacts are really very hard to find.

9/12/2012 08:21:28 am

I like the way you tied all the information together. You certainly touched on some key points.

2/18/2013 01:59:38 pm color lenses are unique and beautiful.Korean fashion lenses, the price is cheaper.I recommend KPOP2com


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