So I figured I would stop in and update my stats when I started the challenge.  I've included a photo which shows my starting length.  My hubby helped me measure... from my shoulders to the tip of my hair - it was 13 inches long. I will continue to measure each week as I'm going through the process.
My first impressions of the castor oil...
I'm using the regular ol' Pharmaceutical Castor Oil that you can find at your local drug store and/or pharmacy.  I had thought about it over the last few days and decided to use this one because that would really allow me to test if it is truly just Castor Oil that does the trick or if I would need some special miracle (expensive) product to get any results.  We will see as time progresses.  The Castor Oil I'm using is odorless which really does help with application as well as leaving it on my hair overnight.  I applied the castor oil using my fingers and applied and rubbed it into my scalp and roots of my hair.  Let me start off by saying that castor oil may be a little oily - but it also has a sticky texture... so it was a little difficult to work it into my hair.  After getting it worked in - I put my hair up into a high pony tail and left it as is.  I went to bed shortly after.

When I woke up this morning... let's just say that my hair was not what I had expected.  My neckline and hair line had slight oiliness to them - so I may not be able to do this process every day, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. For the most part - the castor oil soaked into my head pretty well.  My roots of my hair were actually pretty soft... not as oily as I had originally thought.  My major test will be to see if I break out from using this and leaving it on my hair overnight, but I'll update on that in the next week.  I'm crossing fingers that I don't break out because I have worked to hard to clear up my complexion the last few months.

All in all - for day one, I am pretty amazed.  Like I stated, my hair is pretty soft... I noticed it immediately when I woke up this morning.  If anyone is reading this - can you please advise me if I should be adding this to my entire hair - not just the roots or scalp.  I don't think that would be do-able... but I figure I would ask.

Alright then - day one, down! I am going to be doing this every other day for the first week I think... that way I can gauge if I will be breaking out at all.

Talk to you soon,
5/8/2012 10:21:06 pm

Hey Honey--- The consistancy of the CO is very sticky.. And that is why I'm only using it 3x's a week and I make sure I massage it into my scalp and edges really well. I too woke up with it being on the back of my neck and forehead.And needless to say-My soul was irritated. I would not suggest you apply it to your strands because you have super sensitive skin, it will weigh your hair down and may transfer to your clothing. Personally, I can't do it... Having it on my scalp is enough and I would cringe if I touched my hair and it had that sticky consistancy all over. It does make your roots softer and it does soak in quite well considering it very thick... Overall, my experience thus far has been good... Thank you for sharing


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