Hawaiian Style Kalua Pork is actually easier to make than most people realize. The hard part is smelling all that yummy goodness while it's cooking and having to wait up to 5 hours (and sometimes more) till you can actually get a taste. :)

This is my Oven Style Kalua Pork.  Traditionally it is done in an imu (pronounced: ee-mu) otherwise known as a pit in the ground.  Hawaiians have cooked this for many years and it is traditionally served as one of the main dishes for any Hawaiian Party or Lu'au (prounounced: Lou-au).  When it it cooked underground, the entire pig is usually seasoned and placed under ground and covered with ti-leaves and banana leaves.  On top of that they place burlap bags to keep the dirt from touching the pig and then cover with hot lava rocks and dirt to keep in the heat.  It can cook for up to 24 hours this way.  My way is fast and easy and requires a lot less effort. lol

Watch the video to go step by step and all ingredients are listed in the beginning of the video.
Enjoy this awesome treat. It's best served with Hot white rice or Poi (commonly served and native to Hawaii, made with Taro).  Other side dishes are also served with it, included Poke (Poke-a) in a variety of flavors.  I made spicy tuna poke (or spicy ahi tuna poke) which I have also filmed and will provide that tutorial next. 

If you do recreate this - post a picture here or email me at beautybyhoney@gmail.com.  I would love to see how yours came out along with what you thought of it. :)

Many Blessings and Happy Eating!

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