I didn't have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of tonight's sunset... but that didn't bother me much.  All in all - it was a wonderful day with my Sons.  I took this photograph of yesterday's sunset - using my camera phone no less... and loved all the beautiful colors that graced the sky last night as the sun set.  I've taken many a pictures of Maui and Hawaii sunsets... but I think this one stood out the most to me... because on the other side of the island - a 2 hour drive away, my husband was at work and photographing the same sunset - but through his camera phone and using his own photographic eyes.  We were both thinking of one another when we caught these photos (his is below) and almost uploaded them at the same time.  It was definitely a sweet moment.  While we were a part... we were still so close to one another - thinking in sync.
I wanted to share this with all of you because not only is it beautiful - but it puts our lives into perspective.  Even if times are different, hard or trying on us... we are so fortunate to witness our World's wonders such as these.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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10/1/2012 04:42:06 pm

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