Let me start off by saying... whew... The Weekend is Here! This week has been challenging to say the least... both physically and emotionally draining - but nonetheless, I digress and move forward.  Hot weather has certainly added to the strain - but still, I'm pretty amazed at how quickly the week went on and I'm never sad of the ventures that await in the near future.

I did find the time to make my homemade Kalua Pork (a hawaiian delicacy) and Spicy Ahi Poke for the Family on Wednesday. That was definitely a nice treat and we surely enjoyed getting in our hawaiian grinds.  I'm excited because I also filmed a tutorial on how I make both of them... so you will see those uploaded to my YouTube channel soon.

While this week has been pretty exhausting... of course, we never miss out on a few goofball moments... The twins had been on a "hat" rampage all week, finding items that they could put on their heads and pose for the camera... while my eldest son Ka'eo (Kevin) enjoyed his last few days of lounging before he is off to school on Monday.  

While our weekend will surely be pretty busy... prepping for the first day of school - I know that we will find some way to make a funny or goofball moment out of it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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