I received the Frownies Bag courtesy of Frownies and Beautystat.com to try out and review.  While I do like skin care products, this particular product bag contained products that I would not normally try out or purchase on my own - so it was pretty interesting to get them.

The bag contained:
  • Frownies Under Eye and Eyelid Gels
  • Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Patches
  • Frownies Immune Shield Vitamine E Eye Serum
  • Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray
After receiving the products - I could not immediately try them out (I had received them about a month and a half ago) because of a prior reaction to another product.  But, I started on them as soon as I had the opportunity.

I must start by saying that the cute little bag they set came in was pretty nice - it allowed me to keep all of my little things in its own area without fear of losing them.  I used the under eye and eyelid gels first  after cleansing my face like normal.  It was an interesting concept for me and the soft but cool gel texture really made my skin feel revived.  The gels are all natural patches of cactus collagen, aloe and other natural vitamins derived form plant sources that help and serve to increase circulation.  You are supposed to do a 30 minute treatment with Frownies patches and it will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, under eye bags, dark circles and improve skin tone and texture. The cool thing is that you can reuse them on the same individual.

My Opinion on the Patches:  They are surely unique and offer a great cooling sensation when applied. I did notice that my under eye area did have a slight reduction in under eye circles but I really could not affirm that it removed my under eye bags (which would be difficult to truly test with just a sample, seeing as I really lack sleep most of the time).  My fine lines and wrinkles haven't necessarily diminished, while I don't think mine are that bad and my skin tone and texture seemed to remain the same.  While I cannot say that I should notice significant results in just a few weeks, I am pretty pleased in these more or less because they really did give me a calming sensation that I truly enjoyed - whether that was the intention or not.  One downfall - I don't like that they need to be refrigerated.  It just seems like such a hassle to go back and forth.  Removing them from their your eye area and spritzing them with Rose water and then placing them in their little holder is not the issue - but walking to the kitchen to put it back in the fridge can be a pain in the butt.  Retail value of the patches (6 total): $37.50  Considering that they can be used several times and many creams out there cost more than this for about a 30 day supply - I would probably purchase it and continue using them.

The next product I want to talk about is the Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray - this is specifically used to keep your eye gels moist and bacteria free, as well as a refreshing pick me up to spray on the face. It contains many of the same ingredients that are in the eye patches and it will help to preserve the life of the patches for repeated use.  The bottle retails for $10.95 (59ml spray bottle) which is really good in my opinion considering rose water sprays can cost that much for a very tiny bottle.  I especially liked this one the best. It doesn't have any unusual smell than what you would expect from rose water and I may definitely use this to replace using my MAC's Fix Plus... it felt nice on my skin and very cooling and refreshed.

Next would be the Frownies Immune Shield.  It is a 40% whole Vitamin E with the polypeptides and 17 amino acids to build skin health and resistence to UV damage.  I applied it to the under eye area and on the eye lid and let it sit for about 10 seconds before applying my makeup.  My opinion on this product is not very positive and I'll explain why:  The first time I used this product (and every time thereafter) - because of my oily combination skin, I think it moved around on my skin more than it should have.  while I waited for my 10 seconds to past so that I could apply my makeup - my eyes consistently burned... almost to an irritation and my eyes watered consistently.  Then - when I applied my makeup on my eyes and face, my eyelids creased horribly - even after using my most expensive Eye shadow primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance).  I couldn't figure out what cause the creasing until I had decided not to use the product one day and it didn't crease - after using the same products as I had before.   With the amount of vitamins listed in this product - it should be one of the best for my eyes, but it was so difficult for me to use without pain or irritation. This retails for $59 for a 60ml bottle.

last but not least would be the Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Patches.  To use these, you would wet the patch with rose water hydrator spray, separate the lines and apply over the lined area.  Hold on the area for 10 seconds until it adheres and leave on at least 3 hours.  I put these on over night since it has to be on for such a long time.  While I didn't really notice much of a change in my expression lines, I will say that it seems like I am seeing some of my lines lightening up a bit.  At $19.95 for 144 Forehead & Between Eyes Patches - I would most likely purchase this product again - and give it a longer trial period to gauge its results.

All in all - if I had to choose just one product I would buy again - it would be the rose water hydrator spray.  It is something I know I would use consistently and the price is well worth it.  The second product I know I would love to keep using would be the under eye and eyelid gels.  The most expensive product, the Immune Shield - didn't seem to have any noticable affects on me and at that price tag - probably not something I would continue using considering all the trouble I received from it.

Either way - the whole set was definitely a touch and go with me. While some things worked - others did not.  I am my own person and understand completely that some people may have experienced better results or lack thereof, but those are mine.  To see for yourself what Frownies has to offer, you can visit their website at: frownies.com They have an array of products to help with your skin care routine and regimen.  You can also visit beautystat.com for  other reviews on this product.
FTC: This product was sent to me courtesy of Beautystat.com for review and consideration.  All opinions stated in this post are 100% honest and my own.  I am not paid or an affiliate of Beauty Stat.
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