I had the opportunity of receiving this awesome necklace in the mail about a month ago. I was so excited because I have always wanted something really dainty and girlie and this really did have that look and feel. This gorgeous necklace came all the way from Israel - in a matter of 2 weeks. I was seriously stoked when I got it and even more stoked that from start to finish - it took just 2 weeks to get to me... even if it had to be customized and was coming from over seas.
The necklace itself is made of Sterling Silver and ranges on the site, depending on your design - for under $40.  Considering you are getting something that you should be able to wear on a daily basis without tarnishing or turning your skin green (if you don't have reactions to Sterling Silver Jewelry, of course) - that is a steal.  I go into detail more about the company in my video review - but I am truly impressed in what I received.  Affordability is a big deal to me and the fact that they were able to customize this necklace and get it to me so quickly is awesome.

A few key notes - I am not allergic or have reactions with sterling silver so I did not have a problem with this necklace.  I have been using it consistently over the last month, pretty much every day and love the fact that it is comfortable on my neck and hasn't tarnished.  I do keep all of my jewelry (real or fake) secure in a small ziplock bag or in a well sealed jewelry box.  I always clean my jewelry after each use and prior to putting it away for storage as well.  Though not mentioned in the video - the one downside is that I have stubby fingers and it can be a challenge to put the necklace on from behind my neck - though I am able to put it on easily if I bring the clasp to my front of my neck and put it on.  Though - I don't necessarily contribute it to the product as most of my necklaces have small clasps like this and I have stubby fingers and long nails. lol

All in all - I am very pleased with this product and love the fact that it doesn't cost $60 - $120 for the necklace like other retailers that I have purchased from in the past... SCORE - Money saving with quality product.

Watch the video below for details on the products and a little bit of info ;)

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