Beauty blenders are all the craze now a days. Many companies have come out with their own versions... in fact... you can find some at your local drug store from some brands that have evolved.  My first thought of these was... "um, oh hell no" because the original beauty blender costs quite a bit.  In my opinion... I would rather buy a full sized MAC brush and build my brush kit even further instead of using a Sponge.  After waiting and waiting before jumping on the bandwagon... I decided I would take a look and see the different ones they had available.  

I found these 2 beauties on ebay at under $5.00 total.  I was pretty stoked and figured I would buy 2 different shapes to test each one.  This is not a review... just a little haul and my first impression, so to say. :)
As you can see in the photos above... They do increase after you wash/wet them as do the original beauty blender.  I have not used them yet... but am planning to do so and will definitely do a formal review.  But so far... they are soft, they feel like they would be easy to blend in my foundation and they are so inexpensive that I could stock up on several of these for my kit and personal use.  I will see how fast they wear down and if they are truly going to last up to high volume or if they can only be used for a little while before shredding or deteriorating like a normal white cosmetic sponge.  I'll be sure to reveal my results here on my blog or in a video when I have come to any conclusions.

If you have tried the beauty blender or any of the generic or cheaper versions of them, I want to know how you liked it.  Leave it in the comments below and tell me your thoughts.


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