Now, as a brown eyed girl - this post is pretty important to me.  While I believe that Makeup is a form of self expression and artistry - many people believe that there really is no rules to makeup application.  Though that may be true, there are some guidelines that do have a purpose.  Most people using makeup everyday are not applying Smokey Eyes or dramatic and bright pinks, purples and blues - so a great guideline for application and what colors work best will definitely be an asset worth looking into.
Now - someone with brown eyes will tell you that they are boring and plain... but I beg to differ.  Brown eyed gals are probably the most luckiest when it comes to eye makeup because as a brown eyed girlie, you have the most options available to you with regard to colors.  Since most brown eyed girls naturally have a darker pigment to your eye color, there truly are few colors that will clash with it.  Many varieties of colors and shades combined or used on its own will bring out the colors of your peepers.

Gray, plum, brown, blue, gold, vanilla and many shades of violets work really well with Brown eyes and bring out the sparkles.  Gold, brown, pink and bronze will bring out the light brown shade that some of our eyes may have - though it may not be the forefront of what we see in the mirror.  Those particular shades will bring out the brightness in your eyes.

I-Candy Couture's Sincerely, Gingerbread, Maui, 3 Wishes, Breaking Dawn and Peaches & Creme are great selections for Brown Eyes.  While most colors that can be found in the ICC Shadow collections could easily be pulled off for a Brown eyed gal - my favorite of choice would be Roselani.  It is a dusty rose pink and can be brightened with white base or toned down with a natural skin toned base.  If you don't have any ICC shadows - Wet n Wild and NYX offers a huge variety of palettes to fit your needs.
When applying makeup to use through the day - soft hues and lighter neutrals work really nicely with brown eyes. Soft Pinks and are also a great selection.  If you are doing your makeup for the evening - don't be afraid to bump it up with bold and dark colors.  Smokey eye looks with browns and black work extremely well with Brown eyes - but any color combination with black for a smokey look will certainly stop traffic.

My favorite thing about having brown eyes is that I can easily pull off lighter eye shadow colors like light pinks, peach, taupe or even champagne and peach colors.  These particular colors (as mentioned above) will bring out the brightness in your eyes and help to capture the light easily.  There are some eye colors that cannot pull off light colors without washing out the pigment in their eyes.  Darker colors are great for giving your eyes that sultry, smokey look like gray, charcoal and black.
Of course - to finish off and polish a look, add your favorite eye liner to any look and 2 coats of a dark mascara, preferably black.  A pretty pout and some blush if you would like and you are run way ready. :)

Hope you liked this week's tip. :)
9/18/2013 01:28:58 am

I like the makeup tips you always show in this blog. Your eyes look fantastic with this makeup.

9/18/2013 02:41:03 am

thank you so much :)


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