Hey hunnies, dolls, babycakes... you name it - that's you! ;) I have been asked time and time again about providing a series of makeup tips for my readers and viewers on YouTube.  I haven't had the chance to do so in such a long time - but since I have been a lot more active with my blog and uploading videos a lot more frequently - I will try to post at least one a week.

These little tips are ones that I have gained over the years in the field as well as those that I have learned from my various Certifications and classes that I have taken.  Though you are welcome to chime in if what I tell you is different from what you learned - a lot of these tips have been told to me from those that I have worked under or books I have read as well as the many classes and courses I have taken.   Though many do not know it - I have worked as a freelance makeup artist for over 8 years. In that time frame I have Freelanced and worked at Makeup counters/free standing stores like Iman and MAC.  Though I consider makeup application a form of art - I do my best to ensure that whom ever I am applying makeup to (including myself) feels as good as I think they look (before makeup).  Besides I-Candy Couture (which opened last year this time), I have been a Professional Wedding & Portrait Photographer and I have also been Photographing Brides and applying their makeup for years... so it is great to be able to share some of my information with all of you.  I will look at my tips and provide them with different aspects from my experience in Makeup Artistry to tips that include my Photography as well.  I hope this will help those of you that are either beginning or
those that are looking to enhance your craft.

I will be posting videos when I have extra time that will include these tips - so stay tuned for those. :)
This week's Makeup Tip:  Applying Eye Shadow on Green Eyes

*The photo depicting the eye color will also have an eye makeup look that will work well with the eye shade.

Let me start out by saying that it is a common misconception that if you use an eye shadow that matches your eye color, that you automatically will have the perfect eye makeup look.  Though this can certainly be subject for argument... I've been taught that you should never match your eye shadow with the color of your eyes unless you have grey eyes. 

Green eyes are naturally bright and many times can change in hue depending on the clothing you wear or the eye makeup you are sporting that day.  Warm colors like browns and bronzes, gold, plums and mauve, even deep purples and medium toned pinks work well with Green eyes and really enable to bring out the natural sparkle that green eyes have.  Deep greens, peaches and apricots are also great choices for green eyes.  These colors are natural choices because they are on the opposite side of the color wheel and they will definitely brighten and bring out the whites of your eyes.  When doing bridal or portrait makeup - these color choices are definitely my favorites for green eyes because the camera loves light and will be attracted to the eyes naturally if the eye makeup colors selected are chosen appropriately.

My Favorite I-Candy Couture Mineral Eye Shadow Choices for Primary colors on Green eyes would be:  3 Wishes, Gingerbread, Where I've Been, Breaking Dawn, Sincerely, Forever, Roselani, Hawaiian Hunny, Maui, Lucky Jade, Remix, Peaches & Creme and Golden Beauty.

Light Apricot colors or taupes are great choices for Highlights on the brow. Even Light Beige colors or creamy peach colors work well too, but ultimately it will all depend on the color you are using in your crease.  You could definitely use a shimmery white highlight but ensure that you blend it out so that it doesn't look too white and looks more natural or skin toned once blended.

My Favorite I-Candy Couture Mineral Eye Shadow Choices for Highlight colors on Green eyes would be:  Peaches & Creme, Golden Beauty and Hawaii Maiden.

My best advice to someone with Green eyes is to avoid using cool toned colors like Blues, whites, any type of pastels and bright silvers.  This can often give you a washed out look.  If you really want to rock these colors - try choosing colors that have a duo chrome effect to them and ensure that the secondary color is one of the primary suggested colors I mentioned above.  This will help to increase the green in your eyes by still allowing you to rock the shades of your choice.

An example of this would be Maui form ICC.  Though it is a Bluish/Teal shade - you could pull this off because it has dark/deep green tones through out.

Now let's talk about eye liner.  My favorite choice for green eyes is black and a plum purple.  I love to tight line and line the waterline with a deep/dark black liner.  Then to really bring out the eyes - I would use a plum purple on the lash line (upper and lower).  Golden browns, deep rich browns and even a steel or slate gray would work really well too.  For mascara - my favorite is always black, but a dark plum purple
would also make those peepers sparkle like crazy. 

At the end of the day as I always mention time and time again, makeup is about self expression.  Though there truly is no right or wrong about it... there are guidelines that we can all use and incorporate into our makeup routines that will definitely make a statement and add a little sparkle in our lives.  Stay tuned for more makeup tips coming your way.  I hope you liked this one :)


Disclaimer:  My eyes are not green. But I didn't want to use any persons photo so I will be editing the color of my eyes to show the different looks ;)
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