Okay - first let me explain why these are technically 2 different collections - but still different.  We all know I love Hello Kitty - in fact, let's face it - if you don't know that... you haven't been paying much attention. lol j/k.  But I wanted to do a Hello Kitty inspired collection - but wanted it to really relate to me as a person and my love for Hawaii (the islands where I live) and my love for Urban and city life.  My entire life, I have wanted to live on the Mainland (the Continental U.S.) and have traveled there a few times and absolutely loved it... but Hawaii at this time, is my home. These collections - though both inspired by Hello Kitty - are completely different:  One is bold and bright and the other is more Neutral and soft. Just like Hawaii and the States being so different, these collections are completely different as well.  I'm going to talk about each collection separately.

The Urban Kitty Collection:

This collection was of course - inspired by Urban and City life. I wanted it to be reminiscent of the Graffiti you would find on the streets. I think that most graffiti pieces are works of art and a representation of who we are. If done tastefully - it really is unique and very artistic.

Graffix - spelled like that on purpose, represents the graphics you would see everywhere.  From Graffiti on the walls to awesome billboards, posters and displays.
Remix - represents the awesome tunes, spins and beats you can hear on the streets. I'm a huge supporter of artists who work their way to the top. Everyone is an artist in their own way and streets have a huge variety of awesome performers.
Epik - also spelled like that on purpose, represents the word EPIC - which is a slang that you can often find said on the streets, by skate boarders or now pretty much by everyone. It pretty much means Awesome, Huge or being Heroic.
Sweet Kicks - nothing says Hip Hop and the streets like a Sweet pair of kicks (shoes). I love shoes, converse, reebok, Nike - you name it and they are my favorites. I really wanted to represent the shoes because... let's face it - the shoes are what many people notice. And - it's what helps break dancers and crews with that little extra flavor.
Trax - also spelled like this on purpose. I used this name because when I think of Urban and City life - I think of Train Tracks and the metro. I also imagine that there is some really awesome and bright art work gracing the side walls of trains and metro stations.
Hypnotik - again, another spelling on purpose.  This color was named this because when you step into the city - the lights are hypnotizing and blinding to someone who is not used to seeing it or is seeing it for the first time. Those are memories that will last with me forever.
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