This month's Julep Maven box was such a cute little package to open.  Though I didn't take any photos of it when I first opened it - I was very impressed and loved how they had Easter grass in it and chocolate Easter eggs to celebrate this month's Holiday.  The colors that they sent me this month were also very cute in that they were very Spring colored lacquers.  The colors I received this month are Penelope (which is a baby pink, it looks sheer but also has a dusty rose kind of finish look to them), Niecy, (which is a hot pink type of color) and Jessica (which is a soft baby blue with gray undertones).  Also in my box as mentioned earlier were a handful of chocolate eggs with metallic wrapping (so festive) and Toe separators.  All in all - considering that each Julep polish ranges from about $12 - $16... and my Julep Maven box being only $19.99 each month - I really do consider it to be a steal.  I have done several videos of past Julep Maven Boxes... so if you want to check those out - they can be found on my YouTube channel. ;) I really think it is an awesome steal to try out - at least for a month.  Please let me now if you have any questions.

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