I'm behind on doing a video of my March Julep Box. If I have the time - I'll film a quick video... but for now - I'll just post videos. I'm really excited about this box - it has some really pretty colors.  I haven't used any of them yet because I've been using the Incoco Nail Appliques - but once I do, I'll post a photo or two.

Included with my box was a really cool Emery Board to file your nails. I really like that they take the time to add in little additions that help with your nail fun. :)

The colors I received (left to right):
Jodie (beautiful red with gold metallic)
Melissa (a gorgeous iridescent color with hues of green, gold, pearl and lavender)
Charlotte (a matte purple - not quite a plum, but not lavender either)

Julep maven is $19.99 a month - but definitely worth the buy since each Julep nail polish is $14.99 and you get anywhere from 2-3 and sometimes extra goodies. I am definitely building my Julep Collection.  I am considering stopping my Julep Membership and then maybe signing up again - I just always enjoy my month surprise goodies. :)

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