Let me start off by saying that I failed vlogging the last 3 days... and I didn't do it on purpose.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were so crazy... I tried - but just couldn't swing it.  So - I figured I would sum up a few things in a blog post... while I think a video might be a little easier to understand - this will have to do at the moment.  I'll do a few more videos through the weekend. :)

Let's talk about how I manage 3 different jobs, besides being a Full Time Mommy.  I have 3 Home based businesses.  I am a Professional Wedding & Portrait Photographer, a Freelance Make-up Artist and of course, I am the owner of I-Candy Couture.  

Let's start with the Photography portion... Ho'onani Photography (ho'onani in Hawaiian means... "to beautify")
copyright Ho'onani Photography
Photography is a Full Time Job... as any photographer will tell you, especially those that edit their own photos... it is one of those jobs that doesn't end when you leave the shoot.  Organizing a photoshoot is important to insure that you get all of the work done properly and on time.  I love being a Wedding Photographer... it allows me to be creative and capture my favorite things... "Love!"  After a photoshoot - I do 2 important things... I first and foremost import all images from the shoot (some where along the lines of 200 - 4000 images at one time) onto my External Hard-drive.  I have 2 - 2 TB hard drives for holding my  images.  As a photographer, I also have an online storage site that hosts my images in the case they get lost as well as keeping them on DVD for safe keeping.  This may seem tedious - but it's required to host and keep your clients pictures for so many years legally.  Editing pictures can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to edit them all, depending on the number of photos.  I edit all images for color balance, lighting and quality.  Some images will have extra graphic editing done to them for its added effect and coolness like vignettes or HDR, etc.  If I have a huge Photography shoot, like a wedding - I usually work on it about 10 minutes a day - otherwise, I will be so tired of it, it can really bog me down and I'll not want to look at it any longer.  I'll continue this until all my shoots have been edited and processed.  I'll then post on my blog, produce a DVD for the client or prepare a custom hard cover book for them.  Simple but tedious... and definitely time consuming.  But it's a form of art - like all my businesses, it is fun and exciting :)  When ever I am doing advertisements, etc - I focus on those the same time I do for all my other jobs... this way - I am in Photoshop or whatever the program and already editing to have it done.  Killing several birds with just one stone.

Next - let's talk Make-Up Artistry...
copyright: Ho'onani Photography & Beauty by Honey
Unlike Photography - freelancing does not really consist of doing a massive amount of editing... however, both of my businesses work hand in hand because many of my Photography clients are also those that I do makeup on.  Probably the most time consuming part of this business is packing my kit.  I am a whole-hearted believer that if you can do a Makeup Trial on someone... schedule it.  I practically include this in all of my Bridal bookings because it allows me to test out several different shades of makeup and then knowing exactly what I need to bring to the gig without packing a 25 lb or more kit.  If I don't have to bring all of my foundation colors and already have their set tones for a gig... I'm a happy camper.  For me... preparation is key when it comes to Makeup.  The less I have to bring on a gig and the more prepared I am... the easier and smoother a Makeup gig will go.  I try my best to schedule my Trials during the time their event is going to take place or earlier in the day to allow for the lighting to be optimum so that I know exactly what I'm dealing with. 

Last but not least... is I-Candy Couture.  I would blog about blogging and YouTube vlogging but I figured I'd concentrate on the other businesses that keep me pretty busy as well. ;)
copyrighted by: I-Candy Couture, Ho'onani Photography
This particular job is probably the most time consuming.  ICC consists of the sale of both cosmetics and jewelry items and we have just made the transition to going all "handmade/handcrafted" so it does take up a little more of my time.  Which is one of the reasons why I joined my ICC Page and Honeygirlsworld Page on Facebook together, so I wouldn't be going back & forth and updating both.  My day for I-Candy Couture consists of starting it off checking my emails... do I have any orders, email correspondence or other pertaining to ICC and if so - I answer them.  All orders are then printed and placed in my "incoming orders" folder where I go through every day and pull orders to process.  The thing about ICC is that all orders are made when you place that order and select to buy from us... so nothing is premixed or premade.  That means that when your order comes in, it will get processed in the order received.  After I do this in the morning... I will then go ahead and start working on the orders as they arrive.  Mixing of pigments, lippies, etc. are all made during the day to insure that I can 1) see what I'm doing and 2) this allows me to spend time with my family in the later part of the day.  No orders are processed after 1pm daily unless we are super crazy... but I do my best not to work into the night.  I think that it is not only difficult for me to see - but also unsanitary because you never can truly see what you are working with.  

After each order is made... they are packaged and prepped for mail out.  I do not like to work on weekends unless I really have to - so I try to get all of this done through out the week.  I do my best to do packaging of cosmetics during the day and make jewelry during the night if time permits.  I tend to find that I'm a bit more relaxed and my creative juices are working well enough for me to come up with new designs.

In the afternoon is when I do my best to update Facebook, Twitter, etc. with new products, details and fun stuff.  Now that my blog and honeygirlsworld is in sync with ICC's FB page - it allows me to be able to spend time on one page and tackle all of my tasks from that day. If there is one advice I could give anyone with regard to balancing 2 or more different FB pages and still have blog, youtube, and all the rest... join them together if you can.  It has made my life so much simpler and I am truly enjoying it. 
While I'm sure this was not as helpful as I thought it would be... it still will give anyone an insight into some organization... while I do lack in that department tremendously. lol  I hope to touch base in the next few days how I organize my product reviews, etc.  And, maybe how I organize my timeline during the day so you can see how I try to balance it out.  While I don't go full throttle on my schedule like I should... this is a great guide to kind of keep me in check. :)

I'll chat with you all later. :)

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