As a mother of twin toddlers and an 8 year old - I have had my fair share of money thrown down the drain on diapers and wipes that have just been terrible or not worth the money they are charging for them in the stores.  I have spent time and money on huge brand names that claim to be the best - but truly, my children have proved them wrong.  After the birth of my twins and going through 70 diapers or more a week, I started branching out and finding diapers that are more cost effective and friendlier on my already tight budget.
Just to name a few brands that I did try and actually enjoyed:  Costco's Kirkland Signature Brand Diapers.  Absolutely affordable, ranging from $45.00 - $50.00 for a large case of diapers.  This diaper brand lasted us a little while longer than the normal size boxes because as you know, when you buy from Costco, you're buying in bulk.  The price absolutely could not be beat... and the quality far exceeded what I thought would be a non-brand or generic diaper brand.  My twins could put their diapers on in the night - just before bed and when they awoke the next morning, there was no leakage... which is little to be said for some of the larger Diaper brands. (I'm not mentioning any names. lol)

Two other brands that I absolutely love is the Premium Baby Diapers from Walgreens (the Walgreens Brand) and Parent's Choice (found at Walmart).  Both brands also have awesome wipes as well, as do the Kirkland Brand.  The prices are quite affordable and again - my twins can wear them through the night and I'm not changing sheets due to the large puddle that other brands have left behind. 
Now - as with any parent... I have been one of those parents that purchased only name brand at one time.  My eldest (now 8 years old) was the child at which I could afford to purchase name brand items.  Of course, economy had taken its toll on my pocket book and I branched out when we had our twins... and boy am I glad I did.  As a family with twins, we buy double or triple the amount of baby supplies than normal households... so I had to really figure out what would work for us, as to not be wasting any much needed money.  I was amazed when I tried these brands to find that they worked just as good if not better in most cases than the average / name brand diapers and wipes.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  As mothers or even fathers... sometimes we all need options to keep a little cash in our wallet so we can treat ourselves as a family... and take advantage of that planned family day. :)

I hope this helped give any mother/father some ideas when shopping for those baby necessities. Try out these brands and if you do - be sure to let me know your thoughts. ;)

9/10/2012 08:16:17 pm

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