So - I get a ton of questions about my hair and how come I change it up so frequently.  First - I'll start off by saying that genetically... I'm kind of destined for the gray hair gene pool.  My dad naturally started to gray early (though he will say that I partially caused most of it) and my mom also started popping out grays at a pretty young age.  Needless to say - my Hawaiian and Filipino ancestry is known for early gray hair syndrome (or at least that's what I call it).  I do have pretty good hair - considering the amount of damage I have done to it in the last 15 years - I still have a ton of it left (crosses fingers and knocks on wood. lol).

Last year I came across this dye called Splat at Walgreens.  Let me start by saying that I truly was amazed at how awesome this product was.  My bright red lasted me 6 months and it stayed as vibrant as it was the first day I colored it with little to no maintenance.  As a busy mom - that was so awesome - I was completely in love.  But - that was after I had colored it because it stained everything.  Even if I had on a heavy coat of vaseline on my hair line, ears and everything else - it was brutally stained.  My bath tub took almost 2 weeks to get the stain out and my bathroom door still has some significant damage.  My bathroom looked like a murder was committed in there... it truly was terrible.  After all of that had disappeared, I was able to use the color for months without using any special products to keep the dye vibrant.  I thought... "OMG - this was seriously awesome!"  But it was also a downfall because when I had gotten tired of the red color, I couldn't do anything to get it out... it was like it was stuck in my hair follicle.  I tried to bleach it and the bleach just removed my brown - the red remained leaving me looking like a darn Banana Strawberry. lol Needless to say - I decided to just do an over color of brown and it worked out fine.   Below is the Splat that I used and how my hair color looked.
My Hair color from last year 2011.
Though this picture above doesn't show it's true color because it was taken in a dark area - the picture on the bottom kind of shows how bright it really was.
So - after I did the all over brown (pictured below) - after a few months I decided I missed my red hair again....
I wasn't about to go through the entire mess that I did with Splat.  Though I loved the color and how long it lasted - I surely did not want to go through that again.  So after a recommendation from my friend Mia, I went with Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color.  What's cool about this color is that it is meant for dark colored hair - so it is supposed to be brighter on dark hair and the color shouldn't get faded out like normal over colors do.  The box cost me $10.99 which isn't that bad - but the problem was that I needed two.  Honestly - I barely made it to cover my entire head of hair with just the two boxes.  Note to self: I better pick up 3 bottles for the next time, and I better also really find some coupons for them. lol
Okay - I will admit - the photo above really truly makes me look like I murdered someone... but I promise, it's just dye. lol I'm pretty brutal when it comes to dying my hair... I'm usually in a rush or running after one or all of my 3 sons - so it can be a bit of a challenge to dye my hair effortlessly, or neatly for that matter. lol
My Current Hair Color
This photos (above) was taken the day after I dyed my hair. The color looked a gorgeous burgundy color.  Of course - it's been almost 2 weeks and with normal washing I have lost some color.  My hair is now a little more on the reddish / orange side - lighter than a true auburn.  It still looks pretty good but it is fading a little faster than I would like.  I could do a formal review on the product in a few weeks to a month to really discuss how it is coming along.

So - all in all, I am a hair color junkie... just like makeup - I'm addicted to coloring my hair.  In my opinion - it's a form of self expression... and besides - it's our body... we should embrace it in every which way possible.

Hope you liked my little hair journey. ;) I'll surely be posting more of these.

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