I haven't painted my nails in what seems to be forever.  I kind of gave up on painting them because when I use gloves to makeup Pigments and process orders the gloves tend to increase the chipping of the nail polish on my nails and my nicely painted and manicured nails do not normally last but for a day or so.  But since I'm taking a break this month (December) and won't be processing much orders, I decided I could play with my abandoned nail polish.  My nail polish collection is definitely happy that I'm using them again. :)
For today's nails I decided I wanted to use a soft peach color because it was not only wearable but still had a great festive look for the Holidays.  It is also very easy to pair with any outfit combination.  I went with one of my favorite China Glaze polishes (one of many) called Ooh La La Peach.  To add a little sparkle - I added Wet n Wild's Fergie collection nail polish in Flossy Flossy which I absolutely love.  And, since I wanted a little more glitz and sparkle - I decided to add the newest member of my nail polish collection... Millionaire by Nailtini.  I took that polish and did a slanted strip across the nails so that the Flossy Flossy polish would still peak through.  I love how it came out - simple but still festive.  I decided to take photos of each step and posted them on my instagram - I have also posted that photo here.

Above are the colors I chose.  Left to Right:  Wet n Wild's Fergie Collection - Flossy Flossy, Nailtini's Millionaire and China Glazes Ooh La La Peach.

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