I can't really express much on how I feel about this subject because after reading all about Wicca just 48 hours before she was put to her death, I couldn't help but just cry and feel emotion for her and her owner.  As a pit bull owner myself... I know all too well the stereotyping that can be done towards this breed.  While I do know of some of the incidents and other happenings that have occurred in the past with Pit bulls, as a pet owner, I also know that each pet reacts due to their surroundings and in defense.

I contemplated for a few days to even discuss this in complete detail - knowing the controversy that surrounds this very subject... but I also know that the animal itself cannot speak in defense of themselves and therefore require and need their owners and advocates to speak the truth.  As someone who has been raised among many breeds of dogs and who has owned many as well - I know that Pit bulls have received a bad rep because of the way it is perceived: Vicious, dangerous, lock jaw, and deadly are among the words that are often heard when talking about a pit bull.  

I often get asked... "Why haven't you cut your dogs ears and tail?" And my response - mainly because it allows him to live a little easier without people judging him for the type of breed he is - but by his personality.  I do understand so many pit bulls get judged so poorly, mainly because they have owners or breeders or worst that have treated them so poorly or trained/raised them so badly that they react to things that most dogs do not learn.  But why judge all of them because of their breed?  This is a huge controversy that has really weighed heavily on my heart.  
After reading about Wicca and then hearing about her death this morning... I cried for what seemed like hours, mourning a dog that I have never met before and feeling the pain of an owner I have only read about.  But, my heart is heavy because as an owner of a pit bull - I know that my dog's life could end so abruptly with the same untimely death should anything like this happen in our family.  People need to understand that a dog (any breed of dog) is born to defend themselves because THAT IS THE ONLY VOICE THAT THEY HAVE.  If there were other breeds with the same faith, would it even have gotten to the point that death would be the only option?  

The picture above displays my dog named Koa.  Koa is an American Red Nose Pit bull.  He is 13 years old and my husband and I have had him since he was a 3 week old puppy.  As with any child - we nursed him when he was sick and cared for him as we would our own children.  He is a part of our family and one of our children.  This photo was taken less than a month ago.  Our 3 children have been raised with him since we brought each of them home from the hospital and he has never shown any aggression towards any of them.  Our neighbors stop by and feed him, they pet him and talk story with him as if he were a chocolate lab.  But Koa acts this way because of how he was raised and trained.  Yes, he is a big dog and he will run after any treat or ball - but it's because he wants to play.  But again, I stress... it is because we raised him that way.  Now - if anyone would attack him or show him any sign of defense or harm, I am certain he would react to it like ANY OTHER ANIMAL or even Human being if threatened in any way or feeling as if threatened.  

I know I'm rambling - but I wish that people would stop and think about what they are doing when they are judging an animal because of his breed.  We work so hard in this World to stop bullying and stop all the prejudice injustice only to allow similar actions in the animal world.  That sounds hypocritical to me, don't you think?

I linked below an article that I read that detailed a little after Wicca was put to death.  I wanted to share this link and this story with all of you.  While I know I rambled and went on and on, my goal and hope was to bring awareness.  While I know that I cannot change the mindset of everyone, or those that have been hurt by a dog that was ill-trained, I hope that some type of awareness being made can make a difference.  Remember... if you are a dog owner - you are ultimately the person that grooms and sets the precedence of your animals life.  You are the one that gives your dog a voice.  If you train your animal to attack (for what reason, I don't know) - you are taking what little voice he has and flushing it away.  Would you do that to your child? Same goes for those who say: "Sentence all Pit Bulls to be euthanized" because of what you think the entire breed will do or how vicious you think EVERY Pit Bull is.  Would you want a child put to death because of the color of their skin, or the nationality that they were born with?  While it may seem completely different - it is all but the same... just different names and faces!



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