Yay - I've been wanting to do videos like this for a while... and after watching Parilu on YouTube - I decided I would add this to my videos for the week.  Each week I get samples from different sites... most or all of them are completely free, because you sign up from coupon sites or freebie websites.  This is really a great way to try out new products so that you don't have to run out and spend money on a product you really don't like.
Each week, or every two weeks... I will be doing these videos and going over the awesome Samples & Freebies I get in the mail.  This will give my readers as well as my viewers the opportunity to see some of the goodies I have and check them out for themselves.  

If you decide you want to do these kinds of videos - please post a comment or a video response to my video, I would love to check out what you hav

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