I got this awesome set from a Facebook Page and I just wanted to share it with everyone.  This is completely my style... edgy, trendy and definitely classy.  This look pairs all of my favorite staples... a little addition of gold (for that classy look), a dark wash pair of jeans (because we know I loves it A LOT), a classic spaghetti strap top with a bit of plating details and of course - a classic leather jacket.  I also love the animal print shoe - a beautiful statement to any ensemble and the cute white hobo style handbag would add a little brightness to such an outfit.  This choice of outfit can be done in a number of colors... purples, yellows, reds, browns, greens - you name it - the options are endless.

This type of style can be easily transitioned into each season and you can add any type of accessories to bump up the look.  A long statement neck piece would definitely compliment this outfit well.  I'm glad I spotted this beautiful set - I'm definitely using it as inspiration and creating one for me. <3


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