Yay... I'm so excited to be starting up on my Simple Tips Saturday again.  My last STS Video was posted last year (almost to the day) on removing deodorant stains from your clothing using a dryer sheet.  I have always received awesome feedback and reviews and I have so many awesome tips to share with all of you.  Now granted... some of these tips you may have heard of before - whether it be a tip that was passed down generations in your family or something you read online.  Each tip I discuss will be something that either I was told from a family member... probably my Grandmother, or I have read and used myself.

This week's tip was inspired because I went shopping at a local drug store last week for shampoo and was completely floored by how much dry shampoo costs now a days.  I haven't had to buy dry shampoo in about 2 years because I remembered some of the tips that my grandmother taught me and decided to put them into place.  So - I figured I would share them with you.  Check out my video in the post below as I describe what to do with these two household items.  They are not only affordable - which is great on the pocket book, most households have them already and it is easy to find.  No need to run into a drug store when you truly don't need it. 

**HONEY'S TIP:  I haven't mentioned this in the video... but if Dry Shampoo is something you carry around with you in your handbag and the containers that Cornstarch / Baking soda are not really a great fashion statement... get a little bottle that has a shaker lid on it.  That way you can place the product into the lid, shake as you need to get the product into your hair and be done.  Tuck it into your purse or makeup bag and you are good to go. Easy for travel and easy on the eyes. lol  Oh - and don't forget your favorite perfume.  Just in case you don't like the smell - spritz a little perfume in your hair and you're good to go.

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