Let me start off by saying... I have been doing this for 5 years - reviewing products and getting Sponsored to review products.  I will say that my first Sponsored review happened by pure luck really... because I didn't intend for all of that to happen.  Prior to my first sponsorship review I had been reviewing products that I purchased with my own money.  One of the products I reviewed was called Beautylash MD - a lash growing serum that I paid $125.00 for out of pocket to increase the length of my lashes.  I documented it in a Series I called:  Lash Chronicles.  And documented the progress with photos and videos from Day One for the length of the treatment, about 3 months long.  I completed that series for that product after a year - as I had purchased several months worth of product. 

I was contacted by a PR company that had been doing research on Beautylash MD and they loved my reviews.  That was the beginning of my Sponsorship Career.  Since that PR company represented other companies, they asked me to review other products and that's how my name got out and other PR companies started contacting me as well.  Five years later and many many products reviewed under my belt and I am now contacted by companies that include endorsements from Celebrities and so much more.
So what are my Tips to becoming a great reviewer and being contacted for sponsorship?  Well, first of all... there really aren't any rules to live by, except to be Respectful and Honest.  I never knew what contacting a company for sponsorship was until the latter of 2011 when I was told by someone that they would contact companies to ask for reviews.  Her mentality was that:  "As long as I am the first person to review the product, I don't care who else does.  And, if I give them a positive review regardless, other companies will want to work with me."  Well - needless to say, I am not friends with that person any longer... because that goes against my entire belief, not only as a person, but as a consumer and as a business owner.  When reviewing products, I am completely honest with any product I review... whether positive or negative.  You need to think as a consumer.  The whole thought behind reviewers is so that the companies can get feedback to help improve their products. While it may not be great to have negative feedback, if they are a good company - it will help them to fix the problem for future consumers.  Another thing is to be respectful.  As a business owner, I will not tell you the number of emails I receive on a daily basis telling me that: "You should allow me to review your products because I will send a huge volume of customers your way.  What I do is the best."  Umm... okay, NO - next person please.  

I'll touch base on more about Sponsorship and Reviewing Tips in future posts... so stay tuned.  For now, I will close.


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