I'm a little behind on posting this because this week has been seriously CRAY... but I wanted to share anyway.  If you have watched my Makeup Palette Collection video (here), you would have seen that I have both the UD Glinda and Theodora Palettes from Urban Decay.  I ordered them online from Sephora (let's face it, I love the points. lol).  So much to my surprise and excited... I received an email the other day with the note that they were discounted.
I paid $49.00 (full price) for these palettes in March I believe (don't quote me on that. lol) and absolutely love them.  Much to my amazement, here they are discounted. lol  But that's okay - I digress.  Get this awesome palette (Glinda) for just $24.00.  Unfortunately the Theodora palette is sold old but if you haven't had the opportunity to get them, get it now.  Since they are Limited Edition - get it at this price while you can.  I may consider just buying another one (because we all know Honey loves her purple).  The Glinda palette comes with four full sized shadows, 2 - duo shadows, a deluxe sample (I believe that's what they call it) of the Urban Decay 24/7 liner and a lip pencil (which I love).  All of this for $24.00 and not to mention the packaging... LOVE!  Get yours today at Urbandecay.com

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