Each day... the life of a YouTube Vlogger or Blogger gets more and more challenging.  As if talking about our own experiences weren't enough of a challenge - we have to deal with the people that just live each day to tear us down.  We don't make millions off of YouTube or our Blogs or our Ads... most of us don't even do it for the money and many of us dish out our own money just to give back.

It has come to my attention that the Bullying and so much more is at an all time high.  From click bombing to videos that bash and provide hurtful comments... they are all a form of cyber bullying.  Having been on YouTube and Blogging for 4+ years - I have seen my fair share of ignorant trolls that stop by my pages and I have, for the most part, ignored them.  But - I know that it is hurtful, as does any of us and it is truly difficult to just forget about it.  I would be inhuman if I had said it didn't affect or bother me in anyway.  Some of the things we have been having to deal with is a thing called Click Bombing.  Basically - click bombing is when someone intentionally click on our ads on our videos or blogs in hopes to disable your adsense and taking away some of the things that some of us work so hard to obtain... Partnership with YouTube or just even just an additional source of income.

A website that I have been featured on a few months ago called Urnotave.com started a Petition called: Project Save Adsense.  It may seem like nothing to many people but to those of us that actually put our heart and soul into what we do - it is very very important to us.  This petition was developed in hopes to have adsense take a look at what is really happening.  By not taking the time to investigate what is happening they are basically saying that Cyber Bullying is okay.

Let's all take a stand - Sign the Petition and  make it known that you don't think that it is right.  I'll touch base more on this subject in future posts.  I will end here for now.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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