I can't believe how fast this past week has gone by. I'm seriously at a lost and can't believe it is Thursday already. yikes!

Well - it's Thursday... Throwback time! I decided I was going to share my High School Senior Portrait with all of you.  Now - those of you that have actually graduated with me, know that this photo is not the one that represented me in our Yearbook. For some reason, the Photographer decided he wanted to choose the photo for the yearbook and chose a pretty funky one. Oh well... I digress.  Those of you whose yearbooks I actually had the opportunity to grace... I pasted this photo in there to replace the funky one. lol 

I was pretty much an all around girl in high school... I had friends from many different cliques and groups and sometimes I chose to just hang out by myself. If you were a friend or knew me in High School - write a comment and tell me what your impression of me was. It would be interesting to read :)

I have talked to many different people who say that if they could relive it all again - they would do high school over.  Honestly, I wouldn't. It was just a funky time for me in general. I enjoyed the fact that I learned many lessons from those years - but I surely would not relive them again, even if I could make different choices.  Who's to say the path chosen for me the second time - would lead me where I am today... and I am truly happy with how far I have come and where I am today. I'm proud of me! ;)

Sorry about the photo quality - I couldn't find any of these anywhere... but then realized my husband keeps all photos I have ever given him in his wallet. Seriously... what an awesome guy. I think he has like 6 of them in there from over the years and this one was still in there. ;)  That's another reason I would not relive it all again - who's to say that his path would not have taken him else where and I would be without him today. Oh - hell no - it's not gonna happen. lol

When I graduated from High  School - I was a size 7 and 125 lbs. Times surely have changed. lol Hope you all enjoyed my Throwback to my High School Senior Year ;)


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