I know, I know... major fail. I have been so behind on posting to my blog.  But there really is a good reason.... PROMISE!  I have been working on a new collection for I-Candy Couture.  Or... shall I say 2 collections in one. I am not going to get into detail on it in this post - but will be posting pictures and details on it soon :)

I have posted a few reviews over the last couple of days - so be sure to check out my YouTube channel for details and to see the review. I will be posting here as well as soon as I get an extra moment. I do have a giveaway going on right now - but it will only be on for another week, so be sure to jump on that ASAP. :)

My Destne146 YouTube Channel just made 4 years on April 7th. It is such an accomplishment for me because my BeautybyHoney channel was so successful and then had to be tragically taken down after it was hacked. It took me forever to rebuild my subscriber base again and though I still have a long way to go in comparison to my old BBH channel - I am definitely making my way up.  Since my channel made four years last week, I am going to be collaborating with I-Candy Couture (who will be partially sponsoring this Giveaway) to bring to you an awesome little surprise.  With the roll out of the new collection(s) at ICC - I thought it would be awesome to have a contest themed around the same inspiration.  So - in a few days, I will be rolling out a Hello Kitty Giveaway. It may not be much - but I have been compiling and purchasing Hello Kitty items over the last month to give as prizes. I hope that you will all enjoy this Giveaway as much as I will enjoy hosting it.  I can't wait to roll it out - but I have to make a video for it explaining all the details - so as soon as I have filmed it and edit the video, it will be uploaded to YouTube and the giveaway will begin. :) I'm super stoked.

Stay tuned...

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