I'm down 1 lb from last week.... woohoo!

There hasn't been much of a noticeable change in my body - but I did want to document that I am down one pound and now weight 249.6.  Though it may not seem like it is much of an accomplishment... at least I am not gaining anything.

Food hasn't really changed up much this week.  I have been cheating with some Soda here and there and haven't had any time to myself to actually get some exercise in - even if it is just to jump or dance around the house. 

Goals this week:
  • Get going on some exercising... pull out those Zumba DVD's
  • Really work on eating my 5 meals a day - that has been my biggest challenge.
  • More green tea - I have stopped drinking green tea as much as I have in the past... it has been a bit hard to fit it into my busy schedule.  Get with it woman. lol

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