I vlogged about it a little bit and will be uploading that post to youtube as soon as I have a chance to convert it to a smaller file.  Let's just say - I am not moving at the pace that I had wanted - but I'm not  gaining... so that is the positive incentive for me.  I started at 250.9 and am at 250.0 which is not much loss, but again - no gain. So - though I don't think I am ready to jump up and down for joy and head out to buy me a treat - I am still pretty proud of myself.

Weaknesses this week:  Ugh - Wild Cherry Pepsi was on Sale at Safeway and anyone who's anyone that knows me knows that's my all time favorite Soda.  I couldn't resist - so I have been guzzling down those babies all week.  A soda a day is not a good thing.  Because I have had soda and that extra intake of sugar - I wasn't as thirsty and therefore decreased my water intake and my green tea intake through the week.  Ugh.

Goals for this week:  Soda is okay periodically - why keep yourself from something you enjoy eating/drinking... it's just going to make eating healthier harder... so no more soda EVERY DAY. Once in a great while as a treat.  Keep up with my water intake (I love my water but got sloppy this week) and Green tea once a day at least.  I gotta get going with my Zumba - been so busy with ICC that I really put it on the back burner... GET WITH IT WOMAN!

Alrighty then - I'm out... catch you on the rebound.
4/30/2012 06:39:05 am

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