It's a small Haul but I was super stoked to find this at my local Walgreens when I went the other day.  I wanted to get all 3 of them... but the colors were just not of those that I couldn't find dupes of so I decided against it.  

The kit itself is pretty cool, it comes with a Quad which sports some pretty cool colors, a Liquid eyeliner (which I have been a big fan of for a while now), a pencil glitter liner, Mascara and an eyeshadow brush and brow/lashes brush to comb out the lashes.  The brushes are not that great... obviously - they are the ones that are cheaply made, but in a pinch - I'm sure they will do.  I wish I had this for my $20 Makeup Up Challenge. :)  I love that they have the "Get the Look" instructions on the inside of the box.  This is a perfect kit for a beginner or any makeup enthusiast alike. 

The kit costs $7.99 at my local Walgreens. I'm pretty sure this is the kit I read about that is only available in Walgreens and is a special edition.  I am tempted to pick up the other two just because they are super cool, limited edition and even if the extras are not the biggest wow factors... these little quad palettes are super cool and perfect to throw in the purse or travel makeup bag.
As you can see from the picture above... it is available in 3 different selections.  Ferga-vicious is a beautiful smokey eye kit that sports gorgeous dark shades that are ideal for the perfect smokey eye.  The 3rd kit is called Fergie Ferg Fresh and it sports bright and bold shades of purples, blue and black.  You could definitely create a smokey eye with a pop of color or a gorgeous bright and bold look.  Again, I think with all that's included, this will be a great addition to any Makeup Lover.  


*This is not a formal review.  A review will be made after the product has been tested.  This product was purchased with my own money.

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