Let me introduce you to a pretty cool company called Blingcases.com.  I came across this company sometime last year - when they were originally Bling Bling Cases.  I was so intrigued at what they had to offer... seeing as even then, their prices were so darn affordable.  But - I am what you would call a huge skeptic... so I had my doubts that they were to be quality items.  However... that completely changed my mind after just a few days of using my new case.
I have a Sprint HTC Evo 4g... nothing big - it does everything I need it to do and finding some decent accessories for it hasn't seemed to be much of a problem.  I have had the opportunity to own many cases... from Lux Addiction to MeBling so when I seen how affordable BlingCases.com was... I couldn't believe it.  The case is well made, first of all.  Since my video that I posted on YouTube (below) actually detailing the case, I have had my case for an additional week and have dropped my phone more than a dozen times.  There hasn't been any jewels missing, any cracks or anything that has gone wrong with it yet.  I love that Blingcases.com also included a case key - which allows me to easily take the case off - which is a huge plus and keeps me from struggling or in some cases that I have experienced, even breaking the case.  Shipping was extremely fast, even to me here in Hawaii... that was a huge amazement to me.
As if all of those points were not great enough - they offer awesome designs for a huge variety of cellular phones at great prices.  You can even get your Ipad cases there as well.  Super cool.

I do have two negatives - which I truly do not contribute to the company itself... but just an all around issue:

  • I wish that they had cases made for Extended Battery for my phone.  While it would be so much more convenient for me... I do know that extended cases for HTC Evo 4g Phone's are in silicone only... so I know it is not necessarily the fault of the company.
  • I also hope that there could be another way to decorate the front portion of the phone case - where your ear is touching while talking on the phone.  It can be pretty uncomfortable while being held to your ear - but I know that the case itself would be a bit odd without the front decorated as well.

So lets talk about my ratings on this company and case:

Company communication:  5 out of 5
Shipping:  5 out of 5
Product Quality:  5 out of 5
Style / Functionality: 5 out of 5
Affordability:  5 out of 5

This was definitely a rave review on this awesome product.  
Be sure to check out blingcases.com and get some awesome bling for your phone.  
Video review is embedded below.


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