Now - let's get this straight... there is no strolling for me while my hubby is at work and the kiddos are enjoying their Saturday night playing video games - but it was such a beautiful night and the moon (Mahina in Hawaiian) was absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I had a little longer to get ready for it - but I quickly snapped a photo in hopes to get the moon in just the right place.  It seemed to work out pretty nice.
These photos were taken from my drive-way.  They were taken just a few minutes after 8pm and I was glad to have had the opportunity to catch it.  The photo above was taken with my Nikon.  The photo below was taken with the camera on my cell. 

What made it so much more exciting was that my eldest was right beside me as we witnessed it.  He talked to me about the moon, stars and planets.  He was truly excited to be witnessing the awesome moon tonight too.  Just as I was finishing up taking my last photo - the clouds covered the moon once again and it was gone as quickly as it arrived.  I hope all of you had the opportunity to catch it. 
Sweet Dreams Everyone and Goodnight Moon!  xoxo Honey

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