I have a lot to say about these awesome strips... but the fact is - I covered all of it in my video.
Here are a few points of interest:
  • Though the price point may be a little high (averaging about $8-$15) - they are well worth the cost. It is now more than 3 weeks since I applied the nail appliques in Paparazzi and they are still holding strong.
  • The come in an array of different designs, colors and styles. What I absolutely love about them is that they are so unique and can definitely fit into any wardrobe.
  • These are perfect for on the go nail polish applications.  What I truly love is that it takes minutes to apply - there is no drying time and each strip is a 3 layered strip - which means that they have the base coat, the design or polish coat/lacquer and then a top coat. Though they look 3D - they are smooth and very shiny.
  • Shipping for this company was incredibly fast.
  • My only big negative about the product is that not all of the strips come with a file and orange wood stick. I believe they may have changed things up a little since I received the products for review.  Either way, it would be great to include that so that anyone who just wants to buy one - will have all the tools they need to get it done. ;)
  • I did have some difficulty with regard to placing the nail strips on my thumbs... though it went on effortlessly pretty much for the other nails. I think it is just because my nails may have uneven wear on my thumbs.  Either way - I really did enjoy how easy it was to apply.
  • Another note I want to add - I wish that each of the nail applique packages stated the name of the design. I did have difficulty finding it and had to look up the design on the site.
Because Incoco was so kind to send me a bunch of these goodies - I figured I would share with my readers, viewers and likers. So - because of this, I am offering up the nail polish french tip strips as a giveaway item.  It is really easy to enter - simply comment on the video I have posted below and tell me what you like about my channel. That's it!   GIVEAWAY ENDS APRIL 8TH, 2012 - 11:59PM HAWAII TIME.

To see a tutorial and in depth review of Incoco Nail Appliques - please watch the video below. And, don't forget to watch for further details on the Giveaway.

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