retails these Haute Flash Full Coverage glosses on their website for $7.49.  They come in 6 beautiful and highly pigmented colors that are packed with glitzy glitter and are not as sticky as most lip glosses I have tried in the past.  They rate 5 Stars on my rating scale when it comes to pigmentation and as a full coverage gloss - it really does translate more to a lip paint.  The colors are vibrant. In my opinion - not truly wearable, but with Nicki Minaj inspiring so many people now a days - bright and hot pink lips are definitely all the craze. lol
What I think is so awesome is that on Milani's website - the swatches they use are pretty near and true to color.  This really allows the consumer to choose accordingly and pick out a color that is right for them.  I also like the fact that the applicator for the lip glosses has a flexible tip which makes application a breeze.  The tube itself is a basic lip gloss tube.  It's skinny and seems to be pretty durable.  The gold writing on the tube (as with all of MIlani's products) of course is their signature color and really adds to the classy look of it all.
As you can see with the swatches below (taken with flash) - these glosses are very very glittery.  While that may not necessarily translate to anything bad for a lot of people - I truly love opaque and matte lipsticks or glosses. A little shine is of course, fab - but as I mention in my video... not great for kisses.  When it comes to my Kissable/Transferable Rating Scale - these glosses would get 1 Star.  On several occasions it was very very difficult for me to remove the glitter prior to kissing my husband.

While my Kissable Scale received a low rating - all in all, these glosses really impress me. I'm looking forward to topping the Red Gloss (Hot Flash) over a gorgeous red lipstick in the Winter and the bright pink colors are absolute awesome to strut your stuff during the summer months.  My favorite out of all the glosses from the Haute Flash collection would be Quick Flash.  There are 6 gorgeous shades to choose from - you definitely have some options to take a look at.
the next part of this review is the Milani Cosmetics Crystal Glosses.  At first glance - I will say that I am completely floored by their tiny little packaging... definitely unique - small and petite and perfect for travel. retails these cuties for $4.99 on their site.  A pretty great price point considering that Milani is one of the higher end drug store brands.  Their site shows 18 colors in an array from nudes and neutrals to pretty pinks and of course, a clear gloss.
I received 5 of the Crystal Glosses.  While they are gorgeous in the tube - I was a bit disappointed in their pigmentation.  The gloss capabilities of the gloss, of course - would suggest why they were named "Crystal Gloss" because it does have a great shine to them.  The packaging as mentioned, is cute and perfect for travel or to throw in your purse.  While some of these have glitter and some are opaque looking in the tube - the glitter that is mixed into the gloss is not nearly as over powering or difficult to remove as that included in the Haute Flash Glosses.  Staying power - eh... it's not that great... it does bleed after using it for a bit and the opaque looking colors in the tube are actually a lot more sheer when used.  I rate this specific gloss a 4.5 but thing that with a little more tweaking - these have great possibility.
If you're interested in trying out any of these glosses and adding them to your collection - they are definitely at a pretty great price point.  You can check out or your local CVS or Walgreens to see if you have them.  My displays here on my island are truly hit or miss - so it is difficult to really find a great distributor here... and our KMart display is always a hopeless mess.

Considering all the products I received from Milani for review - I am very pleased with what I received.  Granted not all of my reviews were completely positive - no drug store or High end brand, for that matter - is perfect and each skin tone, skin complexion and body is different.  I am impressed with what I received for the most part and look forward to working with Milani again in the future.  A video review is available below :)

FTC:  I received these products from Milani for review and consideration.  I am in no way affiliated or have been compensated financially for my reviews.  My opinions are always 100% honest and unbiased.
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