Yesterday I was approached by one of my Favorite Beauty Bloggers, Krystal - from Beauty by Krystal with regard to her new Mommy Blogger Vlogs that she has coming up this week.  I was so ecstatic that she thought to include me (thanks love) because she is not only one of my Favorite Bloggers, but also someone who I look up to as an "ideal model" for a mommy.  While I am older than her... I am in awe at how she handles all that she has on her plate, even after just having a new born a few months ago and a toddler at home.  Super Woman!
I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share with all of you the busy and active part of my life (though I'm sure most of you see it in my videos - lol.)  Starting Monday 8/13/12, in collaboration with Krystal, I will be trying my best to vlog each and every day for that week (ends on Sunday 8/19/12.) This will allow me to share with you how I manage my daily duties like my websites, my social networking, product reviews and so much more... while still making my children and husband my number one priority.  As a Full Time S.A.H.M. of 3 boys (an 8 year old and Twin toddlers) and a happily married woman - balancing all of this and 3 Home businesses can be a challenge... but while difficult at times, I make it work. lol ;)

This opportunity will provide information and answer questions that I get on a frequent basis.  While I will omit some of the things I do daily (like packaging orders for I-Candy Couture, due to sterile purposes) I will take you through most of my day (or hope to do so).  I must warn you - while it can be a bit of a Go-Go-Go, it may be very uneventful for some. :)

I will try my best to vlog every day (if you watch me on YT, you know that I kind of fail in that department. lol) But my goal is to show you a little bit of my daily life and balancing work and family.  Ultimately - along with Krystal, I hope to give some insight to those mothers out there who may feel a little overwhelmed or like they just cannot do it... because Hunny, keep your head up high - you certainly can!

I'll be starting on Monday and hope to have the videos edited and uploaded each evening. If that is not possible, definitely by the morning after.  So stay tuned for them and be sure to check out Beauty by Krystal so you can track her daily vlogs as well. :)

Stay tuned.
xoxo Honey
8/14/2012 04:10:13 pm

Girl, you flatter me to no end, "super woman" lol! :) I'm so glad you are joining in on this series, I can't wait to watch your vlogs! Thanks so much for all your support! oxoxo


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