I wanted to be sure to go ahead and write this down before I had forgotten about it. lol We all know I have selective amnesia. lol

Today, or shall I say... tonight, starts the first day of my Castor Oil  Challenge.  Basically what I am going to do is apply Castor Oil (nothing special - just the pharmaceutical kind) to my scalp a minimum of 3 times a week.  Research suggests that Castor Oil has properties that will allow your hair to strengthen as well as grow thicker.  You can read a little about the challenge here.  I will not be participating in the challenge that is listed on that blog but will be doing it on my own and tracking the progress.  Before I apply my first application tonight - I will have my hubby take a photo of the length of my hair and we will move forward from there.  Each week I will update the blog and state my findings for that week.  There have been several research studies that have shown a significant change over the course of 3 months of taking part in this challenge... so I am truly excited.

After the birth of my twins 2 1/2 years ago, my hair has been shedding tremendously.  Not to mention the fact that I do color and/or bleach my hair several times a year.  But, I thought this challenge would really be beneficial for me to at least try it out.  I do not normally do any heavy damage to my hair during the summer.  Most of my hot tools are used on my hair during the Winter months and I normally color or color treat my hair prior to the summer heat arriving... so this will give my hair some time to truly rejuvenate and repair itself.

I'm excited to see how it all works.  I will be back tomorrow to post my starting length results as well as photos prior to my first application.

If you are interested in joining me on the challenge, comment below or check out my Facebook Page where I will go ahead and list results or link my blog posts as I progress.

Have a great week!

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