It's obvious that I'm biased, seeing that I am the owner of I-Candy Couture.  But nonetheless, I work hard when I create these products and know that they are made with absolute awesomeness. :)

Today's Spotlight Friday products are all from I-Candy Couture and feature a range of Jewelry and Cosmetics.  They are my go-to products from ICC and I absolutely gravitate towards them whenever I can't seem to figure out what it is I want to wear or use.
The first set of products are from the Marvelous Avengers Collection of Eye shadows.  This collection sports 6 beautiful colors that are a wide range and can be used for a really bold and bright eye or even a soft all over sweep of color.  I have been using these shadows as eyeliners for a great pop of Summer color on my eyelids.  It allows me to have a statement look without fully applying eye shadows on these warm and hot summer days.  Each color can be used as an eyeliner by apply to your lid wet (using a mixing medium, water or even eye drops) with an eye liner brush.  The collection is just $6.00 for Sample Clam jars and $30.00 for Full Sized jars. Definitely a set to add to any eye shadow lovers collection. :)
The next piece is one of my favorites this summer.  I absolutely do not like using anything heavy or anything that will make me or keep me hot.  So instead of sporting my normal hoops that I love so much, I have been using my ICC Rose Stud back earrings in black every day when I go out.  It's classy, but still allows you to not have anything hanging and dangling on your neck or around your face.  It is a perfect accessory for anyone - even the most stylish and trendy fashionista.  ICC has them available in Black, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Neon Green and White and they only cost $4.00.  While they may seem like they are just a little piece and not worth the time or money, let me just say that I stop traffic with these little guys... everywhere I go - someone wants to know where I got my studs from. :)

You can get all of these products that I wrote about at or by clicking the Shop Tab up above.  I-Candy Couture takes pride in 3 important things... the fact that everything is handmade, it's affordable and that our customer service is important to us.  We hope that you come and Satisfy your Craving at I-Candy Couture.  


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