So - I know that I haven't posted much the last few days.  The truth is, I-Candy Couture has been so busy.  We are averaging 400 pigments ordered (samples & full sizes) in about a 14 day time frame when it comes to sales, so I have been super duper busy.  And, if you keep up with me on Facebook - you would have seen my most recent post where I started a new YouTube channel - Honeygirlsworld.  This new channel will allow me to really restructure my videos and organize them a bit more.  Not to mention, I truly was over the whole destne146 and signed up for that channel originally to just watch youtube videos.  So - I have been working on uploading some of my older tutorials and a few other fun things to my new channel as well as really getting back into Vloggin' again.

So - if you haven't already, head on over to my new YouTube Channel and Subscribe!  Come on now, what are you waiting for? lol

Have a wonderful weekend - I'll be back to blog about a few other things through the weekend.

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