Yesterday (Tuesday), I started the Body by Vi nutritional shakes.  They were sent to me by a friend so that I could do a review on them.  She gave me 7 days worth of powder mix for 2 meals per day.  It does not seem like much - but one week's worth will still give me the opportunity to feel if my body can easily adjust to it or if within that time frame, I had any results. I weighed and measured myself prior to my first shake yesterday - here are the stats:

Starting Weight: 252.6 lbs

Waist: 40 inches
Hips: 53 1/2 inches
Bust: 45 1/2 inches
Neck: 14 inches

Yesterday I drank my first shake (breakfast) with skim milk - 12 oz to be exact.  I was seriously amazed at how delicious it tasted.  Even if I had used just milk - I could easily consume it and it had a great flavor without any after taste.  While I expected it to have a powdery consistency like most nutritional or meal replacement shakes - I have yet to experience that.

I had a plain shake for lunch as well and then dinner as usual.  When I ended my day yesterday - I felt like I was hungry - but after thinking about it for a minute, I realized it was the thought of not eating that got to me... my stomach was reasonably full.

Today - I had a late start and forgot about my breakfast shake. Hey - it happens. ;) So I had my shake for lunch - again, just a regular shake and drank it up. It is now dinner and I am getting ready to have my meal.  There are a few things I've noticed the last 2 days that I think may be the cause of the shakes.  While they are not bad things - it has definitely made a change in my digestive system.  I'll be sure to post again through out the week and do a follow up.  I had filmed my first day but never got around to editing the video #FAIL. lol
7/1/2012 10:47:21 pm

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