Last month I had the opportunity of trying out a new product called Gungho.  This product is much like an energy drink, but is a Gel Shot that you would drink which claims to increase your focus and concentration, give you added energy without the crash and jitters and even act as a mild appetite suppressant.  I was a bit skeptic when I first received it.  Those of you that know me (while I haven't drank any Monster in a long time), know that at one time I was a huge Monster addict.  Needless to say, I didn't think a tiny little shot like the one given to me would have much affect on me.  Boy was I wrong.

First of all, I was really impressed with the flavor.  It reminded me of Li Hing Mui... something you find here in Hawaii which is a Sweet and Tart type of plum.  It tasted pretty good and like a citris fruit. It also helped to keep my mind concentrated on one subject and task.  Seeing as I do so many tasks at one time, this was truly beneficial and I could tell of the change almost instantly.  
GungHo has no sugar or carbs and is an all natural Energy Shot.  It's a mild appetite suppressant and is proven to increase your beta-endorphines, which are commonly called - "the happy hormone".  I was really excited about this product and it is something I will definitely continue to purchase.  They average just over $3.00 if you purchase them on sale and in my opinion, I would rather take one shot of this then tank a whole bottle of Monster Energy Drink.  With Energy drinks, I tend to crash as the day nears its end, but with GungHo - I didn't have the jitters and climbed into bed feeling like I had an accomplished day without the feeling of "crash and burn" a few hours after consuming GungHo.

Get 50% off of your first GungHo purchase by going to  This discount only lasts for 2 weeks, so be sure that you get going on that ASAP. :)  Check out my Video review where I discuss a little more detail below.

FTC Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me for review and consideration.  I was not paid or compensated for my review in anyway.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest, unbiased and my own.
I have been wanting to create a tutorial for this look since I first rolled out the Raider Nation Collection for I-Candy Couture.  I haven't had the chance to do a tutorial with the colors and figured that this would be the perfect opportunity since I am rolling out the NFL Collections. 
I filmed a tutorial for this look which you can find embedded in this post below.  Here are the products used:

Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base: NYX Eye Shadow Base in White

Shadows: I-Candy Couture's Raider Nation Collection (The Black Hole, Pride and Just Win Baby), Vanilla (also from ICC)

Liner:  Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner in Black
Milani Liquid Eyeliner

Mascara:  Maybelline Plush Mascara
Lashes:  Dramatic E-bay lashes

Lips:  I-Candy Couture's Ooh Baby! Lipstick

Jewelry:  I-Candy Couture Tray D. Twisted Woven Hoops

Video Tutorial below <3
These cool hoops have two different colors woven into them and you can turn them inside out to display the other color.  Super cool.
Twisted Woven Hoops with Candy Bling.  Handcrafted and made with love.  Choose the colors you want woven into your hoops and the Disco Beads too.

Get these new hoops and so much more at I-Candy Couture.
Watch the video below for my thoughts, experiences and review on the Personal Microdermabrasion Unit.  For the most part, I am very pleased with this system and will continue to use it. 

To get your own PMD Unit, visit their website: and use code: DESTNE14 at checkout to receive a discount
FTC: The product discussed in the attached video and post was sent to me for review and consideration.  I was not paid in any way to review this product.  My review on this product is 100% honest, unbiased and the truth.
I've seen this tag before and then watched JMoon715 do it and decided it would be a great tag to do :)  I get into a lot of detail and I had to make it in two parts because it was so long... but I really think you will get to know me a little better. :) Part 2 - I have a message for my subbies at the end. 

If you would like to do this tag too - leave it as a video response or if you want to do it in a blog post - leave the link in the comments so I can read it :)
I had the awesome opportunity to try out some new Laura Geller goodies from her new collection:  Fresh Brewed Beauty.  I get into detail about how I like the products in my video which you can watch below (embedded) or here.  I also filmed a tutorial on the look pictured - which you will see in another blog post. :)  It's a great collection that basically is a one stop shop.

The colors are pretty universal when it comes to the Eyeshadow, Blush and Highlight and that makes it easy for you to take from one season to another without much worry of tanning or winter months.  For those of you that steer clear of bright colors, I think this collection will work well for you.  It's packaging is unique and really does replicate a bag of Coffee beans. I love it.  Included in this collection is Laura Geller Makeup's newest technology in color cosmetics, called Baked ImPRESSions.  It is a hybrid of pressed and baked powder, which will give you longer-wear and increased coverage.  The Baked ImPRESSions blush and eyeshadow palette are infused with actual caffeine and coffee extracts which are ingredients known to help smooth out the appearance of find lines and wrinkles.   

The lipgloss included in this kit has a light coffee essence but there is no coffee or caffeine extract in the gloss.  I love the light hint and coffee smell and it has what I think is a slight coffee flavor - though, I think it might me just the smell that is giving me the impression of flavor.  The lipgloss has full color coverage, which is a trait I absolutely love when it comes to lipgloss.  Though it has an almost opaque look to it - it still sports a high shine gloss to it that will stop traffic.

I think this collection is wonderful overall.  The foundation is build-able in coverage and because the eyeshadow trio is also baked, you could decide to wear it wet or dry.  I opted to wear it dry in the tutorial you'll see soon, because I wanted to showcase the set in it's natural form.

· Balance-n-Brighten in Porcelain, Fair, Regular or Tan... My color is in Tan.
· Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla
· New! - Baked imPRESSions Eyeshadow Palette with Caffeine in Espresso Yourself
· New! - Baked imPRESSions Blush with Coffee  Arabica Extract in Mocha Mauve Latte
· New! – Color Drenched Lip Gloss in Café Au Lait
· Double Ended Applicator 

Tune in to QVC on Monday, September 24th starting at midnight EASTERN TIME 

Visit LAURAGELLER.COM for all show times and to see all the awesome products.

Visit for giveaway/enter to win your own AND LIKE LAURA GELLER MAKE-UP ON FACEBOOK - Hurry the Giveaway Ends on Sunday :)

· This collection will be your everyday, modern matte collection for the classic beauty.

· The value of this collection is so unbelievable/Price is so affordable so be sure to tune in to so you don’t miss the amazing savings and THREE BRAND NEW products plus TWO customer favorites

· The Today’s Special Value is ONLY 24 HRS – after that the offer is gone!  Regular price is $60.00 but for Today's Special you can get this awesome kit for $49.98.  That is SUPER SAVINGS... because you are getting $145.00 value from this awesome kit.

FTC:  These products were sent to me complimentary from and Laura Geller Cosmetics for review and consideration.  I was not paid or compensated in any way to provide a review and my review is unbiased and 100% honest as all my reviews are.  My opinions are my own. 
I have been struggling with my weight for some time now, since I had my twins... not be cause I over eat - but because I find a really hard time making time to eat.  My problem is always that I'm on the run and never make it a priority to get me something to eat - especially when it comes to breakfast.  I'm lucky because my children are constantly eating and they love snacks - so I thought I would taper some of their snack foods and some foods that I love and try to incorporate it into breakfast for me.

Most of my mornings after taking my son to school consists of getting my work done for my businesses.  This means I need something that I can eat quickly and at times on the go.  Often times I have just a few seconds to get my meal and go - so here are a few suggestions that I will be working to incorporate into my day.  

Grab and Go Meals - just a few seconds required:

Fruit - A great source of fiber would be Apples.  Bananas have a great amount of potassium which will help to give you some of the energy that you may burn through the day.  What I love about fruit is that it is not only nutritious but delicious.  Who wouldn't want to start their day with something sweet and refreshing.  It's light on your tummy - so those of you that don't like heavy breakfast meals, this would be a great idea for you.  Just enough delish to keep you going through lunch.

Granola Bars - one of my favorite treats to sprinkle in Yogurt, but definitely a great "Grab it and Go" item.  Granola bars have a ton of Fiber from whole grains and have the carbs that you need to give you a great amount of energy.  If you can eat some form of carbohydrates in the morning for breakfast - that will definitely help to keep you alert and with a decent amount of energy to last you till lunch.  Make sure you find Granola bars that are lower in sugar, so that you are not feeding yourself a  heavy excess of sugar and end up crashing later in the day because of it.

Banana Nut Muffin - no all of these are healthy, but  many times the banana has the potassium you need to keep you going and they are delicious.  Using organic ingredients to create your muffin is great and if you are grabbing one from your local bakery or morning cafe, be sure to check on the sugar content.  

Oat bran muffins - these are not my favorite choice of muffin, I'll be honest. lol  But they have a ton of fiber and less fat than most of the naughty muffins that we love so much.  They also provide a huge amount of potassium and magnesium - which are great additives for our bodies.

Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter - let's face it, most houses have some form of peanut butter, almond butter or cashew butter at home.  Grab some whole grain bagels from your local bakery or grocer and you are set.  Whole wheat bagels have a larger content of fiber than your normal bagel and adding peanut butter is not only a great source of protein, but it is a natural form of fat that really helps to give you that added energy to keep you going through lunch, and it's healthy.

Got a couple of minutes to spare, try something that will require a little preparation: 

Smoothies....  If I have a few minutes to spare, I will be blending up some smoothies in my ninja.  There are some fruits that work well with any diet and will give you all the added benefits of a healthy meal on the go - with energy and great taste.  Oranges and Bananas are delicious.  Add in low0fat or non-fat yogurt or fat free milk, or even your favorite Almond or Coconut milk.  It's high in carbohydrates but will give you all the vitamins, calcium and minerals you need to get through the day.  Berries is another awesome treat and I love to buy frozen berries from my grocer and keep them handy in the freezer.  You really don't have to worry about them going bad in a couple of days and it will be awesome.  Berries are rich in antioxidants and by adding a little bit of fat free milk - yum.

Fruit Salad Bowl - If you have some time to prepare a little fruit salad - then do it.  This is another way to get some great health benefits and the sweet that we often crave after a few hours of being on the go.  Keep in mind that some fruits may make you retain water... so you definitely want to make sure to consume in moderation, otherwise, if you are on the go - this could affect your routine for the day.

Toaster Goodies - Some of my favorite and quick meals when I have no time in the morning are Toaster Treats.  Whole Grain waffles are a great source of fiber and they are awesome with a little bit of peanut butter or even a few pieces of fruit and a glass of O.J.

Do you have a little more time, say 10-15 minutes, these meals will be quick but fill you up and get you going on your day:

Cereal - one of my favorite meals for breakfast.  A good whole grain / whole wheat cereal will be a great addition to any morning.  It's healthy and paired with a low-fat or non-fat milk will give you all the calcium and energy you need for your day.  Oat flakes are a great source of fiber and have little to no sugar in them.  Grape nuts is chock full of whole grains and it's a popular choice to choose.  Adding some fruit to your Grape nuts is a great addition as well.  Toasted Oats Cereal, usually the little O's cereals like cheerios are a great source of whole grain and many times they have very little sugar in them.  Multigrain ones are great as well.

Oatmeal - something I eat very often, at least once a week.  These fast little meals give you all the comfort of a warm meal with all the awesome nutrients you need for your busy day.  They are high in fiber and great to eat before leaving the house on a cold winter day.

I hope you guys are able to make use of some of the ideas I shared here.  I struggle consistently to get any breakfast in and like I said, I have a hard time to eat through the day due to my busy schedule.  While I'm still working on perfecting my eating habits and actually get at least 4 -5 meals in my body a day - these little tips are on its way to helping me get my weight in check.


I get asked this question on a daily basis, whether my nails are painted or not... and I have just a few things I can say that help to keep my nails long and neat.  First, I drink a lot of water (in fact, I'm proud to say that I haven't touched soda in over a month, I'll touch base on that in a later post), I take a daily vitamin and I use Crystal Nail Files to manicure my nails.  I am a huge believer of Crystal Nail Files.  I started using Crystal Files when I became pregnant with my first son - who is now 8 years old.  During my pregnancy, my nails became so brittle and weak because I was very sick during my pregnancy and therefore, my nails took its toll.  I have always had very strong and beautiful nails so I freaked out and wasn't sure what to do.  Even with my daily prenatal vitamins, my nails had grown well - but was still really weak and brittle.  I went to my local beauty supply store and the gal there told me that she had experienced the same problem while pregnant with her son the year before.  She started using a Crystal Nail File and it really helped.  It seemed like her nails were not ripping as much and they grew out nicely.  I was pretty hesitant at first, because the files that they sold in the Beauty Supply were $16.00 each.  I almost fell over when I heard the price, but since I was so bummed about my nails, I figured I would try it out.  

The File was really cool - it was had a purple gradient effect to it and I loved that it had it's own sleeve to keep it protected.  I still carry around my files now - because they are the only ones I use.  I have purchased them in the Large size and small and I love that when I use them on my nails, my nails don't feel like they are sharp and have large ridges like a regular emery board can do.  The price point can range from $4.00 - $20.00 depending on where you go to purchase them.  Be sure that you ask that they are indeed Crystal Files.  There is an awesome company that offers Czech Glass Nail Files at a pretty awesome price point and it is a great site to look into if you own a Salon or are interested in purchasing them wholesale.  What I love is that this company also offers a wide range of designs, decorations and colors so that you can purchase your favorite.  These files are not just a nail tool or file, but an essential part of your nail arsenal and definitely an awesome gift.  Holidays are just around the corner and these awesome files would make anyone happy to receive them.

Now - each person and body reacts differently to the vitamins you take in, the type of food you eat and of course, what type of tools you use on your nails.  Acrylic or gel nails can often damage the nail bed and a file may not necessarily fix the problem of brittle nails.  Check out your Sally Hansen section in your local Drug Store because they offer a plethora of Nail Growing Serums and Top Coats that can help to strengthen your nails.  I love Sally Hansen.  And, don't forget... Water is important and essential for your body - so be sure to consume the proper daily amount needed.  I'm sure it will help your nails out a little bit too.

Hope this was some sort of help for you.

FTC:  The images on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.  While this post is for informational purposes, this is a sponsored post.
Sporting 20 totally new shades - this gorgeous palette is one of the newest additions to Urban Decay.  Bold and bright colors, perfect to create any kind of look this Winter Season. This Palette cost $59.00 which is a pretty good steal considering it's full of Urban Decay loveliness and since the shades are new... you are getting 20 New colors to add to your collection or kit.  The packaging itself is beautiful... a jeweled UD grace the cover of the palette with a sleep purple cover.  It has a large mirror and a double-ended Good Karma Shadow and Crease Brush that makes it so much more intriguing and definitely a must have. Get yours today before it's sold out.  Purchase this palette at:

FTC: I was not paid to do this post for Urban Decay.  This post is provided to my readers for informational purposes and the image is from  No copyright infringement was intended when doing this post and all rights of the image belong to Urban Decay.
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This week's Pigment/Eye Shadow of the Week for I-Candy Couture is SMASH.  This gorgeous Green has Duo-Chrome properties and reflects a beautiful Gold color.  Use it over a Gold base and it will look Gold in Hue... over a black base and it will be a beautiful Duo chrome color.  

Because this color is the Pigment/Eye Shadow of the Week, that means you can get a Full Sized 5 gram Jar of this product for just $2.50 instead of $5.00.  Purchase this product at the discount rate this week only - from 9/17/12 - 9/23/12.  There will be a new color rolled out next week Monday.

Get this gorgeous color and so much more at I-Candy Couture.

I am an affiliate with - by clicking on the link provided I may receive a percentage as an affiliate.
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Before & After with products
Make sure you watch my video review below - because I get into a lot more detail with regard to the product.  But - let me just say... I really love these products. My hair has taken well to them and I use them in combination with other hair care products I am currently testing out... without any problems.  The Sample Kit will run you about $22.00 and you choose which ones you are interested in.  The Full Sized Set will run you about $64.60 and you can customize your kit so that it will fit your hair needs.  You can also purchase each product individually.  Check out and see what they have to offer.  I am very impressed and will definitely be purchasing these myself in the future. :)  xoxo Honey
FTC: This product was sent to me for review and consideration in exchange for my honest opinion.  I was not paid in anyway to discuss or review these products.  My opinion is 100% honest and my own.
Let me start off by saying that the original Steel Magnolias happens to be one of my favorite movies.  I have it on DVD and VHS (Yes, I know... old school).  Some of you might be wondering what a VHS is... lol.  I love Julia Roberts and she was a very awesome actress in the original.  The 1989 movie really helped to make Julia Roberts a star (besides Mystic Pizza, which of course is another favorite... I have that one on VHS too.)  I am determined to pull out my movie and watch the original again in the next coming weeks prior to the premiere of the remake... and will have my tissues in hand for all the tears that ALWAYS flood my face after watching it. lol

A few days ago I was watching Lifetime Movie Network (if time permits, I'm an LMN junkie) and the trailer/commercial came on talking about it.  Oh man... don't you know I got butterflies in my tummy.  First, I seen Queen Latifah - who happens to be one of my all time idols, not only because she is a plus sized beauty and rocking it - but because of her confidence.  Not to mention, the woman has turned around the Rap/Hip Hop industry as we know it - paving the way for some of my favorite Hip Hop / Rap Women Stars in history.  U.N.I.T.Y. still happens to be one of my favorite songs.  As if this wasn't enough - this remake showcases some of the most awesome cast members of my time... from my favorite T.V. Mom - Phylicia Rashad (otherwise known as Mrs. Huxtable), song bird Jill Scott and Alfre Woodard. I'm seriously looking forward to this Premier on October 7th.  It will be a wonderful take on a great movie and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.  Stay tuned to Lifetime for Trailers on the upcoming movie and cuddle up with your favorite cup of tea, coffee or cocoa and watch along with me.


Image rights belong to Lifetime.  No copyright infringement intended.  All rights belong to  This image was used for Informational purposes only.

Time to stock up.  ELF Studio is 50% off with code: STUDIO50 on orders of $20 or more made by 9/14/12.  This is the perfect time to stock up on brushes and all the essentials that are in ELF's Studio Line.  :)
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Nothing says "Summer Months" like an awesome Homemade chunky Guacamole.  Mines is pretty famous... or at least in our family and I'm requested to make it along with my homemade salsa (tutorial coming soon) for Family Gatherings, parties or for pot luck.  Believe it or not... as awesome as it tastes, it is very simple to use and takes a minimum amount of ingredients.  You can even make your own homemade tortilla chips (which I love to make too) and they are healthy because I bake them. :)  The tortillas were not affordable when I went to the market, so I used packaged chips instead... nonetheless, it still tasted delicious.  Pair your homemade guacamole with your favorite bean dip (I love my hubbies homemade 7 layer dip) and salsa with your favorite chips and you'll certainly have a party in your mouth.  The supplies that are needed are listed below and the video tutorial listed below as well.  Happy Cooking.  If you try the recipe - let me know. ;)
The items you will need:

  • A Mixing / Mashing bowl
  • Tablespoon
  • Fork or Potato Masher
  • Seran Wrap / Plastic Wrap
  • Tupperware or airtight container
Food Ingredients:

  • Ripe Avocados - depending on the number of people you are feeding and the size of the Avocado, you can have 3 - 7
  • 1 whole red tomato.
  • 1 Small Can Olives
  • Tortilla chips or chips of choice
  • Lemon juice
  • Lime juice
  • Ground black pepper to taste
  • Garlic Salt or regular table salt to taste
  • Onion powder to taste or 1/4 of a round onion, diced
7 average avocados made like I did in the video will yield enough to feed approximately 5-7 people.  Keep in an airtight container as specified in the video and your guacamole will last you approximately one week - give or take how ripe the avocado is and how much lime juice you use.
Three years ago today (09/08/09) my twins Luke and Isaiah were born.  My pregnancy with them was probably one of the hardest things I have had to endure... losing over 60 lbs in the 8 months I carried them and having to be put on bed rest were some of the little things that I had experienced... but nonetheless, they are all worth it.  
Each year as their birthday arrives, I'm reminded of the day they were born.  That day started off routinely, a simple day with normal duties.  I had my Pre-Op appointment that day, because my Cesarean Section was scheduled for Sept. 10th, just under a month earlier than their original Due Date, which was October 2nd.  I drove myself to the Medical Dispensary... not thinking it would be anything different than a few pieces of paperwork and my doctor telling me about the procedure.  

After being in the exam room for an hour while they monitored my blood pressure and the babies... my doctor walked into the room and said: "Are you ready to have your babies today?"  I froze and looked at my Doctor, "What... why, is everything okay?"  I still remember my exact words and my thoughts that day as if it just happened.  She assured me that I should not worry... but that my blood pressure was so high that she worried I would have severe complications to my body if they were not taken out today.  The babies would be safe and fine if we took them out on that day and we proceeded to make arrangements. 
Isaiah (L) and Luke (R) laying in the hospital Bassinet together. One Day Old.
I had my beautiful babies that afternoon.  Luke was first at 5 lbs. 7 oz. and Isaiah second at 4 lbs. 14 oz.  They were healthy little babies and  so adorably cute.  While my pregnancy was definitely a huge challenge (as any pregnancy is I'm sure) - they were definitely worth all of it.  

The next day - when my doctor came to examine and check up on me... she explained that my blood pressure was so high, she had worried that I may not have made it through the night.  The IV with medicine they gave me was not working... if I didn't take the babies out, I may have had a stroke in the middle of the night - or worst.  She didn't want to tell me the day before in risk of my blood pressure escalating higher, so she wanted to wait till all was in the clear.  As a mother, my heart felt at ease... knowing that my babies were safe and healthy.  But, being told you may have not made it through the night, really made me realize that life could end at any moment, without notice.  I will never forget that day... and writing this down for others to read is definitely emotional for me, but it feels good to get it out. 
The twins first Halloween 10/31/09
Luke (L), Isaiah (R) and Big Brother Kevin Ka'eo. Jan. 2011
Now 3 years later and my beautiful boys are thriving.  We have gone through a lot together as a family... having had to see several doctors and specialists to check on the boys growth, testing their brains because of the excess fluid that surrounds it and so much more... but they are happy and doing just great.  

I'm lucky... because in life, each person makes their own path and if they are smart and spiritual, they will allow God to guide them.  My path, while almost always a challenge - is definitely worth the journey.

Happy Birthday Luke & Isaiah!  Daddy, Mommy and Big Brother Ka'eo love you till the ends of the earth and back again - times infinity.
Luke and Isaiah Aug. 2012
They Shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. 
Isaiah 35:10  

...Nothing is impossible with God.
Luke 1:37 
While I do not own this particular brush set - I do own brushes and a set from Coastalscents and love them.  This is a great price... 12 piece brush set for just $9.95.  Head on over to and pick up your brush set today.  This is perfect for those lovelies that are building their kit and it includes the Angled eyeliner brush which is my absolute favorite. :)
This post is for informational purposes only. I am not getting paid to provide this information.  The image belongs to Coastal Scents and no copyright infringement is intended - all rights belong to
I first received my first Twist band in the black in my Birchbox in 2011. I was completely hooked - because as someone with really long hair... I needed something that would stop tugging on my hair and allow me to put it up comfortably.   I was completely hooked after using Twistband just once and I really enjoyed having it.  That lead me to working with Twistband today and providing this review to all of you.
From Hairbands (hair ties), headbands, shoe laces and so much more... Twistband is a unique and awesome product that allows for comfort as well as style.  In my opinion - it's bright colors are perfect for the youth in this generation - allowing them to add their own little style and grace to what ever they decide to rock that day.  I especially love the fact that though they do have bright colors, they also have toned down colors that are perfect for any mother or business woman to wear.

The hair ties come in a wide range of colors and designs as well as awesome sets.  They can be custom made to have your own little custom wording on them and they are comfortable and made to last.  Each hair tie starts at $2.00 depending on the design.  Headbands start at $4.00 and also come in a huge array of colors.  I love that there is so many ways to customize them.

In my video review - I stated that the shoe laces don't need to be tied and I made a mistake... they don't need to be untied... because they are stretchy. :)  The Shoe Laces retail for $5.00 on their website.

They offer such a wide range of products for any one... and definitely are ready to make a statement.  They even have Crayon rings... super cool.  Watch my review video below and enter my giveaway for your chance to win a few fun things from twistband.
FTC: The products discussed were sent to me for review and consideration.  I was not paid or compensated to provide this review and my opinions are 100% honest and unbiased.
Attention all of my friends looking to build their kit.  Here is an awesome way to get some brushes to build your MUA Kit.  You get all of these goodies free with your Purchase of $20 or more.

Get a FREE GIFT with an online purchase of $20 or more.  Add the item to your cart and have fun with over $150 worth of goodies.  Use code: FALLFAVES by 9/10/12 to take advantage of this awesome deal. Limit 1 per customer.
I am an affiliate of
As an EOS Lip Balm Sphere addict... this was such an awesome announcement to have received in my email inbox.  I for one am a huge Disney lover (let's face it... who doesn't want to be reminded of the Happiest Place on Earth).  This is just absolutely awesome.
Image is from EOS ( - No copyright infrindgement intended. This is for informational purposes only.
This limited edition pack includes three lip balms in a beautiful package.  They are all Alice-inspired flavors with awesome colors that take me back to the memory of being at Disney World all over again.  The colors of this collection remind me so much of Alice in Wonderland and meeting with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with my eldest son (now 8 years old) who was 6 months at the time.  Awww... memories. ;)

The Limited Edition Flavors include:  Blueberry Potion, Sweet Vanilla Nonsense and Watermelon Wonderland.  They will be available at Target stores starting September 2012 and available at Walgreens & Ulta stores starting November 2012.  You should be able to purchase these products online at, and starting November 2012 as well.  

I have reviewed EOS products in the past and my favorites at the moment are Passion Fruit and Strawberry... yummy.  My original favorite was Lemon Drop... but after trying a few - I have surely evolved.  I have been using EOS now for almost 2 years and I love that these balms provide my lips with lasting moisture.  They include Shea Butter and Vitamin E which is definitely essential but also helps to keep my dry lips moisturized and kissable soft for a long time.  

EOS Lip Balm Spheres have a unique and fun design, they are Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Perolatum-free and Phthalate-free which makes them an awesome addition to any makeup arsenal or daily lip balm junkie as myself.  

Check out other EOS products today by visiting and don't forget to check out the new Limited Edition collection and get your hands on it before it disappears. I hope I can snaggle a set for myself... because being in Hawaii - it can certainly be a difficult one to manage. :)