Yay - it's Fall and I am so excited that this season is here.  In celebration of the season, I decided that I would do a makeup look that would encompass some of my favorite color combinations for this time of year.  I also decided to do a look to enter into the ELF Haul Girl contest, so this turned out to be the look.  Check out the video tutorial embedded below as well as all the photos with the look.  A list of products can be found below as well. 
Products Used...

  • Primer - ELF Eye Shadow Primer
  • Shadows - ELF Studio 32 Mini Eye Shadow Palette - Neutrals
  • Liner (Waterline/tightline) - Jordana 12 Hour Made to last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil
  • Mascara - Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara with Elizabeth Mott It's So Big Mascara
Products Used...

  • Lip Liner - Milani Color Statement Liner in Cocoa
  • Lipstick - Milani Color Statement lipsticks in: Black Cherry and Uptown Mauve (layered) 
Products used... 

Contour and Highlight:
  • ELF Turks / Caicos

  • ELF Blushed / Bronzed (just a light sweeping of the color)
Check out the video tutorial embedded below or click here to watch it on YouTube.

Check out more photos below... <3
Tip:  To bump up this look even more... concentrate a deep dark shade (like a matte black) on the outer corner of the eye until you get the perfect dramatic look you are trying to achieve.  I wanted this look to be semi-dramatic but wearable, so I opted to blend the colors for an effortless look that still gave a lot of drama to the eyes.

Looking for an even more dramatic look?  Line your upper lash line with a gel or liquid liner and wing it out at the corner of the eye to create a cat eye affect and a very dramatic smoky look.

Not into dark lips?  Well - easily create the eye look and use a nice nude lip color or a soft nude pink to create a show stopping look without too much drama.  Have fun with this - it's a great look for date night, so play up those eyes and lips for a gorgeous look.
Thank you so much for watching and for checking out this look lovelies... I'll see you in my next one.
About a month ago, I was contacted by a really nice person from Tmart.com asking if I would like to work with them.  Honestly, it was very exciting for me, because I do shop at Tmart on my own and enjoy their awesome deals, so it was great to hear from them and even greater to find out that they found my blog on their own.   

Tmart.com is a go-to website for many.  The site includes a wide variety of items from Electronics and Accessories to handbags, fashions and so much more.  For my makeup and beauty lovers out there, Tmart also offers a large assortment of cosmetics as well... and don't forget to check out their nail art tools too.  I like that it is a "One Stop Shop" for all your household and beauty needs.  
Of course, everyone knows I am a huge Handbag collector and addict, so it was only suiting to check out the Tmart Shoulder Bags & Handbags selection.  I absolutely could not believe how affordable their prices were.  Having purchased from them in the past, I have gotten novelty items like a kites and nail supplies, never have I looked at their Fashion items, so I was very impressed to see the wide variety of colors and sizes available at such affordable prices.  I came across a Black Woven Handbag/Tote (pictured) that I had seen on other websites for twice as much.  I thought to myself... "No way - this can't be the same bag."  But I figured I would test that out and add another bag to my very large collection.  

The purse retailed for $30.09 on Tmart's website - which again, was a huge steal, considering it was $56+ on other websites.  I have been following up with their website to see how often they bring in new products as well as how often they keep certain products in stock.  This purse has been out of stock and back in again in a matter of just a week - so it's great to know that if they can restock an item, they will do so promptly.  Unfortunately it has been discontinued, probably because it had been out for summer and is no longer available... but there are hundreds of pages worth of gorgeous purses, clutches and so much more for the choosing.

Shipping was super fast.  I received the item in a week, which was awesome.  Considering the item was coming from over seas - I had expected to wait about a month and was very amazed when the Mailman was tooting his horn for me to come and sign for a package.  It was packaged in a large bubble mailer.  I was a bit worried that the bag would have had damage, but it was pristine and looked great.  
Now - let's talk about the bag itself.  We all know that I LOVE my very large bags.  Being a mommy for me means that I really need to carry my house in my purse.  Well, not really... but with very active boys, band-aids and so much more are a definite must have so I tend to have very large purses/hand bags.  When this one arrived, I was amazed at the size.  It looked big but still much smaller than what I had been used to.  Was that bad?  No - not at all and I'll explain why.  I opened up the purse to reveal 3 very large compartments and I was able to fit my wallet (which is large), my 3 makeup bags (one for necessary makeup, one for emergency items like first aid kit and one for my pencils, etc.) as well as a ton of other items.  Everything fit well, it all had it's own little area and I didn't have trouble fumbling for them all.  I like that this purse allowed me to wear on the crook of my arm (my favorite way to wear a satchel style bag) or it had a long shoulder strap so I could use it as a messenger style bag, which is awesome and ideal for mommies to keep their hands free for tending to their children.
To more images of this look - click on the picture.
The design of the purse is quite on trend and it offers a bit of beachy sophistication... if that makes any sense.  Because of it's woven design, it reminds me of what you would see at the beach or on lovely ladies here in Hawaii... but it's on a whole other level.  It's got great gold hardware and detailing which give it a very chic and classic look.  I especially love the buckle on the front, it comes with a key (attached to the handle of the bag) that you can use to lock the purse if you like.  I just love it as decoration and use it as so - it has not actual use besides looks for me.  Of course, since it is black, it really allows me to use and pair it with all of my clothes easily without thinking too much about it and the purse itself is lightweight.  It has held up so far to the abuse that I have put it through, trust me... if a handbag ever joins my collection, they need to know I am gonna work it to the bone, and I have done so with no fraying or issues at all.  The handbag is still in tact and very pretty eye candy for any handbag lover.
Tmart's website is very easy to maneuver and most products come with various images to allow you to see different views of the item.  The website has a clean layout and it is updated frequently, so you are not going to be purchasing an item that has been out of stock and find out later it was not available.  Having been a Tmart shopper over the last 2 years, I can certainly say that it is a site I frequent often... and now I have somewhere to check out some awesome fashion accessories, not just toys and electronic goodies.

Take the extra minute to go through Tmart and see what they have to offer.  I am still amazed at all they carry and you may just find something there you have had your eyes on but at a much more pocket friendly price tag.  Do a search of the item and see what comes up - you never know what you may find... it's like a treasure hunt and plethora of fun!

Thank you so much TMart for giving me the opportunity to work with you.  
Disclaimer:  I have been sent a product for review from Tmart.com.  I was in no way paid or compensated besides the gift of a free product to do this review.  My review is 100% honest and unbiased.
Yay - it's finally Fall.  Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that we will have such awesome chilly weather here in Hawaii... it's usually the complete opposite.  But, nonetheless, it does mean that I can pull out my scarves and pants and cute longer sleeved tops and rock them for the next few months.  Hopefully I will be allowed to and it won't be too hot that I'll steer clear of them.  
I know it's been a while since I posted an Outfit... but the truth is, it was just too hot to wear anything but a 2 piece bikini and shorts,  add a tank to that and I was a happy camper this Summer.  It was just too warm and too hot for anything else.  So it was nice to feel a slight (I really do mean slight) change in weather.  I pulled out my favorite pairs of jeans and tops that I only really wear around the winter months because they tend to be pretty warm and boots are coming out of hiding too (future posts will include them).  
As many of you know... I'm all about casual and comfy style.  While I do like to look good - I have to make sure I can still run after my twin boys when they are on the move.  So for me, jeans / denim is truly my best friend.  Since it was still pretty hot out, I opted for a pair of wedge flip flops to complete the look.  Check out the slideshow embedded below for a quick overview and some cool music or click here to watch directly on YouTube.  
Top:  Kimono Style Graphic Top - Jeans Warehouse Hawaii
Bottoms:  Torrid Straight legged jeans in dark wash denim
Footwear:  Colin Stuart Wedged flip flops from Victoria Secret
Handbag:  Black Woven Tote from Tmart.com
Jewelry:  Rings (Wedding Rings & Tahitian Pearl Ring), Earrings (Plumeria Diamond Studs)
Watch:  Invicta Female Divers Watch
Sunglasses:  Oakley
I was absolutely excited when I got an email from Ipsy that I was selected as one of the 1200 that were selected to be Lash Bash Hostesses.  Let me just say that I couldn't believe my eyes and was excited and very honored.  I went to work straight away and started planning what I wanted to do for this awesome event.  
Those that were selected as hostesses were able to invite 9 friends to a party and Benefit sent over a number of goodies for you as the hostess as well as gift swag bags for your 9 friends that were attending.  I had an idea as to what my guests would be receiving... obviously, I was excited for that - because Benefit's They're Real Mascara is one of my all time favorites - major #holygrail status.

When the box arrived, I couldn't believe all the goodies that were included.  Here is what I got:

10 - Deluxe Samples of they're Real! Mascara
10 - Deluxe samples of benetint cheek and lip stain
10 - Deluxe samples of sugarbomb ultra plush lip gloss
10 - Benefit cosmetic gift bags and promotional offers 
1 - #realsies Instagram frame
1 - Full size They're Real mascara and limted edition they're real makeup bag
1 Set of Lash bash napkins
1 Set of full-size makeup testers including: 
  • Peek-a-bright eyes kit,
  • bikini-tini and bronze have more fun creaseless cream shadows
  • hervana face powder
  • gimme brow (in 2 different shades)
Setting up for the party was easy.  I wanted it to be chic and very feminine but I since I knew I would be doing the set up and break down, I also wanted it to be easy for me to put together.  All in all - I thought it was not only a fun time with my girls, but definitely a great day and party.
On the menu for the lash bash was Sweet Simplicity.  I had a much more extravagant menu planned out that included my favorite smoked salmon and cream cheese topped on quinoa crackers, my homemade spinach dip and chips and sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella topped on french baguettes, but with the weather change and the change in time of the event... I decided it was just too heavy for the time of day since most people would have had lunch prior to coming by.  I'm glad I changed it, because everyone came to the party with pretty full tummies having just had lunch an hour before.  What I did have or decide on was sweet treats that were light and easy to eat, but that would really be fun. 

The menu included:

Shortbread cookies with candy sprinkles
Salted Caramel Gelato
Cappuccino Gelato
Sweet candies like tootsie rolls and lollipops

and to hydrate... I decided that water was the best thing to serve.  This was important to me, especially since my loved ones were traveling to my house which is a good 30 minute drive out of town.  I did not want anyone drinking and then driving home.  While I thought about sweet drinks like apple cider - I decided that water would be great since it is my everyday and favorite beverage. :)

That's it - super simple and not only easy to clean up, but it made it easy for everyone to mingle and just really have awesome bonding and girlfriend time, talking story and catching up.

To the right of the cookies and where they were set up - there is a freezer/cooler so I was able to keep and hold my Gelato in there and put it out at the last minute (since Gelato tends to melt faster than regular ice cream) and put it back to keep it frozen when it was not in use.  Thank goodness for that because it started off as a over cast drizzly type of day and then the sun came out just as the party began and it got really hot, really fast. 
I had a few games planned... one of my favorites being the "Purse Scavenger Hunt."  I seem to always be the winner at other parties when that game is played, but we all know I practically carry a suit case around with me - ROFL.  But, since we were so caught up talking about makeup and just catching up with one another, we completely forgot about the games.  So - the prizes I had set out ended up being a part of their "Swag bags".  The prizes I had included:  imPRESS nails in different designs, Freeman Purifying Masks - regular and the new paper masks that I just recently was able to try through Ipsy, Sinful Colors Nail Polishes (I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the prize table I had laid out behind me while I was taking the photos) and little gifts here and there to include some ELF eye shadow brushes and ELF eye primer and Quads.  After having a very very busy day - I now realize why people hire photographers (like myself) to take photos at parties and events... because you get so caught up when the guests arrive, you tend to forget to take pictures of all the little details.
My Lash Bash Party Swag Bags included:

  • Benefit They're Real Mascara - Deluxe Sample Size
  • Benefit Benetint - Deluxe Sample Size
  • Benefit Sugar Bomb Lip gloss - Deluxe Sample Size
  • HoneyXO Eye Shadows - each guest receive 3 shadows in random colors.  They were placed in clamshell jars.
  • HoneyXO lipsticks and lip glosses to include - Hula Girl, Berry Smoothie and Bite Me
  • Yummy Handmade Lollipop - here in Hawaii, Li Hing Mui lollipops are very popular and delicious and I handmade those and put one in each bag.
  • Each girl also went home with a Daisy that I made for them in different prints and shades from Pink, White, Black, Brown, Leopard Print and Zebra Print.
I had a total of 6 guests because 3 of my besties do not live near me, so they were with me in spirit and I will be mailing their swag bags to them.  I also had in attendance my sisters and a few friends.  Unfortunately, no one was very eager to take photos and did not want to be on camera :( but I was able to convince my little sissy to have her photo taken.  She is such a trooper.  
After all the sweet treats were eaten, we took out the makeup to have some fun.  Since most of those that were in attendance did not really put makeup on often, this was a great opportunity for me to teach them basic eye makeup techniques.  I gave them all easy tips on applying a wash of color on their lid and blending in a contour color into their crease and blend the colors out to create a beautifully transitioned and blended look.  They really enjoyed this and we all had a ton of fun watching one another try out different colors.  I really felt like I was in my own element and we all had such a blast.
Be sure to keep your eyes open because I'll be giving away a Lash Bash Swag bag filled with a They're Real Mascara, Benefit Benetint and Benefit Sugarbomb gloss in the next 2 weeks or so. ;)
Hi Loves... Check out my review on the Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender.  All the details are in the video - so click on the embedded video below or click here to watch it on YouTube.

Join the Water movement!  Water is such an essential thing for our bodies.  It naturally hydrates our bodies, our skin and is the only drink we really need.  But let's face it, sometimes we want a little flavor in our lives and that's where Stur comes in.  Available in 6 yummy flavors, Stur has 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 7 essential vitamins.

Stur has NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. We do use preservatives for freshness, so you can enjoy Stur for several weeks after your first open the seal.

Stevia is an FDA approved food additive, commonly found in many other natural beverages. Please consult with your physician about taking any products in conjunction with your medications or allergies.

What vitamins are in Stur?
Stur contains a blend of essential vitamins, including A, D, E, B3, B5, B6, B12. B vitamins are considered essential nutrients meaning they can only be obtained through the diet and can't be made by your body in adequate amounts.

Check out my video below for all the awesome details on this product that my family now includes as a part of our water flavoring.  Or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

Choose 5 bottles for just $19.95 and flavor 90 drinks.  Such a great deal for the benefits of being able to consume your daily intake of water and flavor it naturally without having to worry about constantly spending tons of money on fresh fruits and veggies to infuse in your water.  Don't get me wrong, I love to infuse water, but it's difficult to take on the go while Stur offers you added convenience to do just as such.

Check out Stur today and Love your Water Naturally!
FTC:  Stur products were sent to me for review and consideration.  I have not been paid or compensated monetarily for review or testing out these products.  All opinions on this product is my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  
I absolutely love Gemstones and Crystals of all kinds   I have been collecting them and making my own jewelry pieces with them for years and my eldest son even has a pretty large collection of Gemstones, crystals and rocks.  Each one has a strength all it's own and they are just gorgeous eye candy.

I almost fell out of my seat when I seen these Agate Druzy pendants on sale while browsing through Shoplately.com.  It is rare to find such a large piece at such an affordable price tag.  At just $26.00 for such a beautiful piece - I just couldn't resist and had to get it.  Talk about a steal.
All gemstones and crystals have a certain type of strength or power ( as they say ).  Agates attract strength.  Agate is a protection from bad dreams and It also protects from stress and energy drains.  They come in a wide range of colors, some agates can be polished to look like glitter while others have an awesome iridescent hue.  They are just gorgeous.
The particular seller I purchased this from on Shoplately offers a wide range of different stones which I am completely in love with.  Each Druzy is one of a kind and differs in size.  The druzy pendants vary from 1"-2" inches in width and height.
This particular agate piece is very large and definitely a statement piece.  As you can see in the photos - it takes up quite a large amount of chest space but definitely stops traffic.  I especially love this piece for the Fall/Winter months because it looks so awesome with it's fall purple/gold hues.  I am seriously in love with this piece and will be buying more.
Check out Shoplately for all of your Fashion / Style accessories.  From hats and sandals to handbags and jewelry, the options are endless and I know you will find yourself spending hours going through all of the products available.  If you sign up using this link: https://shoplately.com/u/vv5zp15p and use your Facebook login to sign up, you will get a $5.00 shopping credit.  It's a great way to try out that jewelry piece you have been eyeing.  
While we are still dealing with some really warm weather here... the heat took a chill pill long enough today to have a nice breeze and a craving for some warm Portuguese Bean Soup.  Oh and of course, we had ham for dinner last night, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to utilize the ingredients.

I want to first take the time to thank my fellow blogger friend Krystal as she reminded me that I really need to get with the program and kick my food posts in  high gear.  I have even been slacking on posting cooking videos and haven't been posting much foodie photos on Instagram either... so thanks to her refreshing my memory - I am going to try my best to post food as much as possible. :)

Anywho - tonight we had Portuguese Bean Soup.  It took about 2 hours to make because of the cutting and the simmering... but it is always worth it.  

Here is a list of ingredients I used to make it:
  • 1 Can Tomato Sauce
  • 2 Packages of Mild Linguisa (Portuguese Sausage)
  • 1/2 of a box of Elbow Macaroni
  • 1 Can of Black eyed peas or Red Kidney beans (it is up to you which one you want to use)
  • 1 small bag of baby carrots (chopped)
  • 1 bunch of Watercress
  • 3 ham hocks or approximately 3/4 lb of ham
  • Salt & Pepper to taste - bonus:  Garlic and onion powder
  • Add water to your mixture to thin out the broth

  • Chop up all of your ingredient.  Be sure to keep them all separate until added to your pot.
  • Turn your pot (deep soup pot) on to Medium/High heat and add your chopped ham or ham hocks as well as portuguese sausage to the pan.  If you are using ham or ham hocks that have not been previously cooked, add those to the pot first and let it cook before adding the linguisa.  Cook till browned or cooked.
  • Add your chopped baby carrots.  Stir fry with your meat mixture for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Add 2 cups of water.  This will help to cook the carrots and make them tender, but it will also serve as a way to actually spread the yummy flavor from the ham and the sausage though the pan and marry the flavors.
  • Add your salt and pepper as well as onion powder and garlic to taste.
  • When the liquid comes to a light boil, add your elbow macaroni and cook till the macaroni is tender.  If the macaroni soaks up all of the liquid, add more water.
  • Add your tomato sauce and more water depending on how thick you want your soup to be.
  • When macaroni is just about al dente, add in your black eyed peas or kidney beans.  Make sure to rinse the beans with water before adding to the soup.  
  • Add the watercress 3-4 minutes after you add the beans.
  • Bring the temperature on the stove down to a low fire and allow to simmer/cook for another 7-10 minutes.
  • Serve!

There are several ways you can eat your soup - with White rice or with a butter or potato roll. :) Yummy!

This is a very easy recipe to follow and create.  It is a comfort food here in Hawaii and something you will see often during the Winter months.  I hope you enjoy it and if you try it - be sure to let me know, I would love to know your thoughts.  Feel free to add or adjust the recipe as you feel you need and if you do add other ingredients, I would love to know all about it.

Bon Appetite
So... want to know what my Firsts are?  Love, Job, Car and so much more?  Check out the video below and be sure to comment or do the tag too and let me know what your firsts are. ;)

Click here to watch directly on YouTube or check out the embedded video below.

On September 8th, Luke and Isaiah celebrated their 4th birthday.  It was a nice and sweet affair, only their first cousins and aunties and uncles and grand parents were in attendance but they really enjoyed themselves.  The twins decided that they wanted to share with all of you what they got for their gifts.  Since my channel and blog is Lifestyle oriented, I thought this would be an awesome opportunity for them to do their first Kid Haul - because many more are coming in the future.

So sit back & relax and have some fun with Isaiah as he shares he and his brother's presents.  Check out the embedded video below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.  Thanks for watching!

I truly enjoy and love family days.  Today we (my husband and I) took the boys to Lowe's for their Build & Grow workshop.  The boys got to build Fire Trucks.  I love the Build & Grow Workshops because they are not only free, but it allows me to work with the boys and teach them about Building Safety and also gives them the opportunity to build some pretty cool things.  
After the workshop, we ran a few errands and then made our way to our local swimming pool.  It has been so hot lately and this really gave us a chance to chill out and cool down.  The boys love the water whether it be the ocean, pond/stream or pool.  They always enjoy themselves and it's always the best feeling to see them smile.  Also - because of my husband's schedule, we have been able to spend some weekends with him which is AWESOME!

Dinner was super easy this evening...  hot dogs and buns with a bacon strip in each hot dog.  Of course, the usual dressings of mustard and ketchup on top... oh and Frank's Red Hot Sauce, my hubby got me addicted to that. lol  It was a nice Saturday, family time and smiles... just the way we like it.

Hope you all had an awesome and wonderful day.  
Yay for Ipsy.  I got my Ipsy bag and I'm super duper excited because it actually came at a reasonable time this month.  I stayed away from as many sneak peaks as I could this month so that I would be surprised.  I had a general idea as to what I was getting, but still wasn't too sure what would be in my bag. 

For the most part, I am super happy with many of the products I received.  All products but one were actually full size products - which was an awesome find this month.  I did a break down of each of the products in the video (embedded below).  You can also watch the Reveal, First Impressions and even Price Break Down on that video.  If you want to watch it directly on YouTube - click here. :)

If you are interested in signing up for Ipsy, definitely check it out.  It's just $10 a month (shipping included) and includes a wide range of cosmetic products from different brands.  You can sign up here.

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple: $19.00 for full size
Elizabeth Mott It's So Big Volumizing Mascara: $19.99 (full size) - approximately $10.00 for Deluxe Sample
NYX Cosmetics Single Eye Shadow in Charcoal: $4.50 (full size price on NYX.com)
Starlooks Obsidian Eye Kohl: $12.00 (full size price on Starlooks.com)
Freeman Paper Masks: $1.99 (full size per mask) - approximately $6.00 for 3 masks
  • Facial Brightening Paper Mask in Rose
  • Facial Purifying Paper Mask in Star Fruit
  • Hydrating Paper Mask in Blue Agave

You are getting approximately $52.00 worth of products (calculating an estimated price for the Deluxe Sample) and you are paying just $10.00 for the Ipsy Bag subscription each month.  Most months you get at least one product that has a retail value that will cover the cost of the bag itself.  It is definitely worth giving it a try. :)  Click here to check it out: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-h051425g4xa41npl
DISCLAIMER: My monthly Ipsy Subscription is paid for with my own money.  I am in no way paid to provide this reveal or discuss the product.  All opinions are my own.  If you click on the referral link to sign up for Ipsy - I may receive a bonus product for referring you to sign up.  I will not receive monetary compensation for your sign up.
It's 5 Friday Favorites time.  I didn't make it to film in time for upload on Friday, but made sure I got to it today since I did not film one last week.  There are some new goodies I have been trying out this week and I am really liking them.  Check out the video embedded below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.  

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 

Hi Loves. :) Happy Friday.  I haven't really bought any or much cosmetics in a while now and just couldn't help myself when I seen these new goodies so I jumped at the opportunity as quickly as possible.  Check out my HAUL & FIRST IMPRESSIONS on the em Michelle Phan line and BH Cosmetics new palettes.  Watch the video below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.  Have a wonderful weekend.

I remember exactly where I was on this day 12 years ago.  I was laying in bed sleeping when my husband woke me up to tell me the news.  He worked an early shift and was up at about 2:00am.  I remember thinking - "What is our World coming to?"

Even if I was in the comforts of my own home, the reality hit hard.  All I could do was sob and be sad for all of those that would be affected by this tragedy.  Each year on this day - like everyone else around our Nation, we mourn and grieve for those who gave their lives for such a senseless act.
On the day that Bin Laden was killed, I was in Washington D.C. and met with President Obama the following morning after it had all happened.   It was bitter sweet, as we arrived to the White House, the entire Nation and our Capital was on high alert.   I remember the White House gate being lined with many many people cheering for the death of this man.  It was definitely something I never thought I would experience in my lifetime, but there I was with my family, right in the middle of it.   A few days later, we went to the Pentagon and seen the Memorial they had there in person.  My heart just broke... so many lives, so many lives were affected by this.

Though we know never to take our lives or loved ones for granted, sometimes we just don't take the time to put those thoughts into action.  Use today and everyday to squeeze your loved ones tight and know that tomorrow is NEVER promised.  Make every moment memorable and make sure to fill it with love.  There is so much negativity in the World, but that one act of kindness or love that you give from your heart will be remembered always. 

9-11 was not just another day for us and we will remember it for the rest of our lives.  My heart is filled with so much emotion as I write this.  I send thoughts and prayers and love to those that were affected and those that have lost loved ones on that day.  You will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.   REST IN LOVE!
While working on my websites today, I received a message from an old friend.  I was a bit surprised, seeing as I have not talked to her in about five years... but humbled that she was reaching out to me.  After chit chatting back and forth for a few minutes about our lives and how things were going she reached out to me and said that she was basically at the end of a rope.  

"I am just so tired of doing everything alone and by myself! I'm tired of fighting and tired of living sometimes."  And all I could do was tell her that if she needed someone to talk to - I would be here for her.  I also told her maybe she should seek the help of a professional or spend the day pampering herself since I know it was well deserved.  But, before we ended our conversation, I sent her the link to this song (below).  It is one of my favorites (has been for a couple of years) and sometimes when you lose the will to live (trust me, a lot of people do), you need to just hear and know that others out there may be experiencing similar troubles.  Life has a way of taking odd and abrupt turns sometimes... but we must trust in God that he will be there to lift us up when he knows we need it most.

To my dear friend... since I know that you read my blog, know that you are not alone.  There are times when other people, myself included... feel like I am just drowning.  But, embrace the water, the ocean, whatever your obstacle... and ride the wave.  <3 xo


"If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else."

~Marvin Gaye

I'm so excited.  My new business cards came in.  I still plan on using some of the others I have, but I love that this business card is sleek and really displays all my different sites (I whited out my phone number so it wasn't posted).  In the past I kind of had different business cards for different things.  I will still be using my HoneyXO business cards with orders because they have photos of makeup or jewelry from the business, but I like how this one is streamlined and definitely clean.

What do you guys think?
What happened to last week?  It went by way too fast and today (Monday) came with a blink of an eye.  It was a very eventful week last week and I accomplished a lot of things. ;)  Since I was so busy - I did a bunch of filming towards the beginning of the week and will be slowly releasing those videos as soon as they are edited.  

I did do some Online shopping last week and I'm waiting for those orders to come in.  Nothing really big, but I'm super excited to try out these products.   Haul Videos are definitely coming up since I haven't done a Haul for Cosmetics in what seems like forever.  No Friday Favorites this week, because I had been so busy I didn't really find interest in anything new.

Sunday was the twins birthday.  It was such a blast and we had so much fun.  My hubby had to go to work and we were so bummed to see him go, but I made the best of it for the boys.  I did do some filming that day so I will have a short or maybe long (not sure yet) Birthday Vlog for their special day.   The boys also got some pretty awesome clothes that they are excited to share so we are going to be doing a  Luke & Isaiah Birthday Haul sometime this week and will have that up on YouTube soon.  

Now - don't forget to follow me on all of my different Social Media Sites as I share many awesome moments in my life there as well.   Wishing you all a wonderful and awesome week.  

Video Recap...

Be sure to check out the videos because one of them is a Giveaway for Diamond Candles.  And, you only have another week to enter. :)

Review & Giveaway - Diamond Candles Vanilla Lime Candle
Happy Monday Loves.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.   This past weekend was very eventful for me, as most of you know.  Yesterday was the twins birthday, and while it was definitely a busy day for me... I found my self stopping when things slowed down and thinking how thankful I truly am to be on a journey surrounded by people whom I love dearly and who love me. 

So loves... Enjoy Your Journey!  Fill your thoughts with those you love and those that love you.  Because at the end of the day - that's all that matters!  Happy Monday!
Oh - let me just say, Sunday (today) is a special day.  My twins Luke & Isaiah celebrate their 4 year old birthdays today.  Four years ago today, I had one of the most challenging days of my life and I would do it again a million times over to be able to hold these precious little guys in my arms again.  

Happy Birthday 

Luke & Isaiah

This past week has been an absolute whirl of a tornado for me.  Lack of sleep, a lot of work and running around on fumes had me not only delirious but completely exhausted.  But, regardless... I couldn't wait to post a look using the new Anastasia Beverly Hills CatWalk Palette that I got for review.  I had been using the palette for a few days and I am just loving it - but more info will be available in my review (will be posted on Beautystat.com)
I wanted a look that was wearable but sultry - so I decided to use a combination of purple and pink with a little bit of browns and got this look.  If you are looking to create a similar look and looking for similar colors in one palette, one of my favorite palettes with similar colors to what I am using from the CatWalk Palette is Wet n Wild's Greed Palette.
So - come and get ready with me.  Check out the embedded GRWM video embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube. :)
Products used-
Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base: Jordana Cosmetics 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in Continuous Almond
Eyeshadows: Anastasia Beverly Hills CatWalk Palette (Strut, Scout, 10K, Beauty Mark)
Liner:  Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils in Black Point (waterline) and Purple Fix (lower lash line) and Jordana BOLD Fabuliner in Black
Mascara: Jordana's Best Volume Extreme Mascara and Perfekt Beauty Lash Perfection Gel
Lips:  Jordana's Twist & Shine in Sweet Pink, Perfekt Beauty Lip Perfection Gel in Melrose, Jordana's Twist & Shine in Cranberry Crush and Milani's Sangria Lipstick.
Brows:  Mary Kay Brow Definer pencil in Brunette and Mary Kay Brow definer gel
Cheeks:  Milani Rose Blush in Romantic Rose
Face:  Perfekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel in Bare (very little) and finishing off face with Mally Beauty's Poreless Pore Defender
Thank you for reading and watching.  Hope you are all having an awesome weekend! ;) 
Hey loves... Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday.  Check out my newest video just posted on YouTube... my Beauty Product Fails for Summer 2013.  The embedded video can be found below or you can click here to watch it on YouTube. :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!
I was super duper excited when I opened my email inbox to find an email from Diamond Candles asking if I wanted to work with them.  I have been a fan of theirs for years but just wasn't sure that I wanted to spend money on a candle that I didn't know I would like.  I'm very particular when it comes to candles... I only use specific brands.  But, I was so excited and couldn't wait to try out the candle.  I already had my candle scent in my mind: Cupcake or Birthday Cake scents.  But, when I went to the site, the Cupcake scent had still been sold out.  I was a bit bummed, but did some research on other smells and watched reviews on YouTube and read blog reviews on other scents and decided on the Vanilla Lime.  
(Be sure to read the post and watch the video for details on the Giveaway) 
Shipping was super duper fast.  It took about 3 business days to reach me.  That was definitely an awesome thing, since things shipping to Hawaii usually take FOREVER.  When I opened the box, I could already slightly smell the lime from the candle.  I was super excited.  Watch the video to find out more on my thoughts of this awesome candle. 
The candle wax has a little more of an oil base texture than most candles, though I'm sure it is because of the Soy wax that they use.  I love that the candle burns much cleaner than a lot of others I have tried in the past.   It did not affect my asthma as other candles have done before and the headaches that normally come from burning candles were  not nearly as bad.  The smell - heavenly.  I just can't explain it.  It reminds me of Key Lime Pie and that is a smell I am very fond of.  It has a freshness to it and those that know me know that I am a Vanilla addict.  I really wanted to just eat this candle up, or start making a Key Lime Pie to eat. lol
Burning the candle to get to the point where the ring foil was seemed like it took forever.  I had burned the candle for several hours over the course of a week and still didn't get to the ring.  Needless to say, I am a very impatient person and this just was not going to do. lol  After I burned it enough so that there was a nice liquid wax layer on the top, I took a spoon and dug the ring out.  I'm not going to lie, it was a bit messy and the package holding the ring was very oily.  But, I loved that it washed right off, no issues.  It wasn't like if you had dipped it in oil and needed soap - the oily feeling literally went away after being run under water.  The package holding the ring was a little gold foil, similar to that you would find as candy wrappers.  And within that was a little zip lock style bag that held the ring.  The ring itself was secure and did not get messy - just the packaging.
As you can see below, the ring is super cute.  It's probably one of the rings worth about $10, but I'm not sure.  I do know that it is not silver or gold or platinum and the stones are not diamonds.  I wish they had an area on their site that would allow you to match up the ring with a scale so you knew how much the ring actually was worth.  The last thing I want to do is take it to my jeweler to have him tell me it was a fashion/costume accessory.  Nonetheless, it is cute and I think it is a great little dainty ring to use to dress up for a night out or something to spice up a basic casual outfit.
I was surprised to find the ring fit me.  That means it is probably a 7.5 and I'm not sure if it is their standard size or not.  I have been enjoying their Facebook page photos and going through the images from others.  There is such a wide array of rings that you can get.  While I love statement jewelry, I thought that this one really did suit me.   

All in all, I was very happy with the candle and the ring.  And, knowing the quality of the candle, I can honestly say that the candle itself is definitely worth the cost.  The Candle retails on their site for $24.95.  That's a pretty hefty cost, but I think it's worth it because the quality of the candle outweighs what is housed on the inside (meaning the ring).
Alright... did you watch the video (embedded or linked above) and read the entire post?  You did?  Great, now check out how you can enter to win a gorgeous Diamond Candle of your own. :)  Use the rafflecopter widget below.  Good luck to all!
Disclaimer:  Diamond Candles provided this candle to me for review and my honest opinion.  I was not paid at all to provide this review and everything stated is 100% honest and my own opinion.  The Giveaway is sponsored by Diamond Candles and I have no choice in the selection of the winner (it is randomly selected via Rafflecopter).