Watch the Video to see what I got for Christmas and a few giveaway and contest prizes I received on Christmas Eve and a little before.  While I did get a lot of small items like Candies and Treats, I focused on the larger items I received this year.

Giveaway / Contest items:
  • Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Earrings (Instyle Magazine Contest)
  • Diamond FX Face Painting Palette (AlohaGlamArt Giveaway)

Christmas Presents:
  • The Balm Nude Tude Palette
  • Diamond Pendant
  • Diamond Earrings
  • Blue Topaz Earring and Pendant/Necklace Set     
  • Fuchsia Pink Lips necklace
  • Hot buns 
  • Hello Kitty Pencil Case / Makeup Case
  • Love Necklace
  • Leopard Print Heels with Hot Pink Soles
  • Taupe Suede Booties
  • Nude Sparkly Suede Heels
  • Sedona Lace 168 Palette
  • Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Set and brush belt
  • Android Tablet

Each year I have the opportunity of trying out many different beauty products.  Some range in price from Drug Store and affordable to high end.  This year - I have tried many awesome products, all of which I am proud that I have had the opportunity to try out.  So if you are interested in what I loved this year 2012 - check out my video below. ;)
Products Mentioned:
  • NYX Nude on Nude Palette
  • Coastal Scents Smokey eye palette
  • ELF Eye lash Curler
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara
  • Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eyeliner in Black
  • Urban Decay Glide on 24/7 Pencil in Perversion
  • ELF Liquid Eyeliner
  • NYX Cirque Lipstick
  • Revlon Lip butters
  • Hula Girl Lipgloss from HoneyXO
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm
  • ELF Conditioning Lip balms
  • Tilth Beauty Serum & Moisturizer
  • Curly Hair line - especially the Curl Gelousy
  • Curel Lotion / Moisturizer
  • Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes
  • Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner
  • LeNi Naturals Hair Conditioner
  • Macadamia Nut Hair Mask & Leave in Conditioner by Organix
  • Suave Professional Shampoo & Conditioners

Let me start off by saying that I always choose the wrong times to try out a new way of doing things.  Case in point - I have made my Famous Homemade Lasagna so.... many times and I almost always use Barilla lasagna ribbons and boil them.  However, this other brand was on sale and so I decided to buy it.  What was so cool about this brand is that you can actually cook it when baking and can eliminate that extra step of boiling the pasta.   It also meant that I had to bake the lasagna just a tad bit longer than I normally do - but I was very impressed with how it came out.  It was delicious, fork tender and it really cut out an extra step in the kitchen for me.  Will I be using this pasta brand again and eliminating this step in the future?  I'm still on the fence about it.  I think that my lasagna comes out much more ooey gooey (as pictured below) if the pasta is pre boiled, but that doesn't mean that I sacrificed flavor profiles or the deliciousness you get regardless. 

I take an extra few steps when making my lasagna which can be a bit more than most people.  While others just add straight ricotta or mozzarella, I mix my ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese together with an egg and my favorite seasonings and spices.  This makes it creamier and it also holds together in layers a lot more than others.  

Check out my video tutorial below for the step by step on how I create my Famous Homemade Lasagna and feel free to add in your own goodies to make it your own.  I like Ground Turkey because it's healthier, but you can use Ground beef.  I also added Ketchup to supplement more sauce, but I would suggest if you are going to be making as much as I did - to add more sauce, be prepared and use more. I just couldn't get my homemade sauce to defrost quick enough so I was short in that department. lol
Supplies / Ingredients needed:

  • 1 -lb.  ground turkey or ground beef
  • 2-1/2 cups  Shredded Low-Moisture Mozzarella Cheese, divided in half (half for the ricotta mixture, half for the topping)
  • 1 container  (15 oz.)  Part Skim Ricotta Cheese
  • 1/2 cup  Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 - egg, beaten
  • 1 - jar  (24 oz.) spaghetti sauce ( I prefer homemade or use the Safeway, Best Yet or Prego Brand)
  • 1 box - lasagna noodles, uncooked

There are many different sides that you can choose to eat with your gooey lasagna.  My family loves Garlic Bread or they just eat the lasagna just the way it is because it has so many delicious ingredients.  If you are looking for veggies to add to your meal for sides, my favorites are asparagus or spinach.  You can also substitute meat for spinach too and use the same ingredients, just make sure your drain your spinach really well and do not combine it with your sauce - you will layer it as you do everything else.   You can also add parsley to your egg/cheese mixture as well.  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do and my family does.  Get ready for some yummy dinner delights.  Have a wonderful day.
I created this look because I think it is such a pretty color combination for Winter.  Purple, as most of you know - is my favorite color and I love to use it as a pop to any look.   I also wanted the opportunity to try out my new Starlooks Palette and I was very happy with the results and how the look came out.  I named this look Winter Berry because it's inspired by Winter (obviously) and Berries... purples and burgundy.  
Products used:
Primer: Mirabella Eye Shadow Primer
Base: NYX JESP in Ice Mocha
Shadows: Bronze, Green/Gold and Burgundy color from the Starlooks 15 Shadow Palette, The Balm's Matte Batali Shadow, Laura Geller's French Vanilla Highlight
Liner: ELF Liquid Liner in Black and ELF Punk Purple Cream Liner on lower lash line. Perversion 24/7 liner by Urban Decay in Waterline and Tightline
Mascara: Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara and Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Lips: Cover Girl Lip liner in Splendid, NYC Lipstick in Fragile Pink and MUA lipstick in Shade #4
Earrings are Twisted Woven Hoops in Brown & Purple from HoneyXO
Scarf is from
The hat was purchased several years ago, can't remember where from.
For a little fashion twist, I changed up the accessories and used my scarf as a head wrap.  For those looking for something a little different, this is another way you can accessorize with this look.  :)

Check out the Tutorial below (embedded) and recreate this look yourself.
When I created this look, I wanted to achieve a smokey sultry look that anyone could pull off.  Last year my Winter Wonderland Makeup tutorial was very popular and this year I really wanted to bump it up and make it much more sultry. 

While this look is a bit smokey - it is still very wearable and can be used by anyone.  It's a great look for a Holiday party or a night on the town, or even to use to the office for the day.

Products used:
Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Shadows:  HoneyXO shadows in: Cinder-Ella, Peaches & Creme, Chantilly, Chocolate, Vanilla
Liner: Milani Liquif'eye in Black and HoneyXO shadow in New Moon to smoke out the liner
Mascara: Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Lips: HoneyXO's Bite Me lipgloss and Poison Bite Lipstick
Earrings:  HoneyXO Twisted Woven hoops in black
Scarf: I've had this scarf for 2 years or more. I bought it at old navy.
As you can see, I took different photos to showcase that this look is very versatile and be used with any choice that you wear your hair. I like that it offers a lot of "Glam" with the hair up and a flirty and sultry look when your hair is worn down.  Pair this look with your favorite scarf, in any color.  Because this look features all browns, it can easily soak up a lot of color in clothing and statement pieces like a scarf or beenie would make great accessories and complete the look.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial which is embedded below. :)  Happy Holidays to all of you and God bless.
I was very excited to be included to receive the December Starlooks Box.  Thank you Starlooks.  This awesome new Monthly Subscription company has been out for a few months and I have been wondering what it was all about.  Each month - the subscription is $15 a month and you get to try out an array of items from Starlooks.  A few months ago some of my friends received 5 pan palettes, lipsticks, eye shadows and so much more.  Check out my review video below to see my thoughts on the December box I received.
I created the eye look above using the Starlooks 15 Pan Eyeshadow palette.  I have a tutorial coming up soon. :)
FTC: This product was sent to me for review and consideration.  I was not paid or compensated in any way and my review was 100% honest, my opinion and unbiased.
Hey guys... so this is one of the easiest Apple pies you will ever make.  It is perfect to do for the Holiday Parties you will be attending and make awesome gifts for Family and Friends.  You don't need very many materials and it truly is affordable to recreate.  If you want to make your own apple filling - you can cut up about 4-6 apples (depending on the size) and cook it down.  I'll provide that recipe later. :) I hope you enjoy this recipe.  If you are planning to give it as a gift this season - you can always buy those cute and decorative pie pans you see with Christmas decor or you can also put them in a white pie box and decorate it with your own little flair.  If you try this out - leave your comments, I would love to know how it turned out.  I will try and do a lattice pie crust and tutorial soon as well.  Stay healthy and blessed and Happy Holidays to all of you.

Video Tutorial posted below.

Supplies needed:
  • 2 premade pie crusts - it's easy to just get the unroll and use ones
  • 2 cans of Comstock or other brand Pie Filling - 21 oz (1 lb)
  • Pie Pan 
  • Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Granulated sugar (these will be to taste for flavoring the pie filling)
  • About 1 Tablespoon Granulated Sugar to sprinkle on the top of the pie crust before baking.
I decided I wanted to do a Blue Christmas look this year.  Last year I didn't get the opportunity to do a Blue look and Blue and Gold or Blue and Silver always remind me of Christmas.  I hope to find time to do a frosty blue look this week, since Christmas is next week... but really liked how this one came out.

Products used:

Primer:  Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Base:  Blue on By Maybelline Color Tattoo

Shadows:  HoneyXO's Chantilly, Sweet Kicks, Fairy Tale, Chocolate, Sweet Nothings, Vanilla

Liners:  Upper lash - ELF Liquid Liner, Lower Lash - HoneyXO's Breaking Dawn (wet as liner) and Waterline - Milani Liquif'eye Pencil liner in Black

Lips:  Buerre Lip liner by MAC, Ooh Baby Lipstick by HoneyXO and Hula Girl Lipgloss by HoneyXO

I have filmed a tutorial on this look and tried to simplify it as best as I could.  I hope you guys enjoy this look.
This is one of the ways I make my Homemade Alfredo Sauce.  You can do this way - which I show in the video... which has a creamier consistency and is absolutely perfect for cheesy lovers, or there is another way I do it - minus the cream cheese, that comes out just as great... but is much more buttery.

Ingredients needed to make the Sauce:

1 - 8oz. package of Cream Cheese
1 - Pint of Heavy Cream or Whipping Cream
1 - Cup Parmesan Cheese (shredded)
Salt / Pepper to taste
1 - Tablespoon Minced garlic
1 - block (1/2 cup) butter (make sure it is actual butter and not margarine or spread because that can make the sauce much more oilier than you would like)
1 - tsp ground nutmeg (fresh or spice) - you can opt to use more or less... do this to taste.

Additional ingredients to add in the sauce:

1 1/2 - 2 - cups Cooked chicken breasts
1 - box pasta (you can select which to use), we like Farfalle or Linguini, Rigatoni is also a favorite.

Cook your chicken breasts prior to making your sauce if they need to be cooked, I used already cooked breasts.  Also cook your pasta according to box instructions.

I hope you guys like this recipe. I can film the recipe without the cream cheese if you would like, but I kind of explain about it in the video.  Enjoy and post pictures or comments if you try it.
I created this look for a day out running errands and going to appointments.  I wanted it to be simple, sweet and soft enough for me to wear out during the day. 

Products used:
Primer - Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base - Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Eye Shadows:  HoneyXO's Vanilla, Sweet Nothings, Sensual, Trax and Chantilly
Eye liner: Milani Liquif'eye Black Eyeliner and Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Perversion
Mascara:  Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Lips:  Wet n Wild's Mauve Outta Here, NYX's Circe and Revlon's Kissable Balm in Cherish

** Check out the Video Tutorial below for a step by step on how I created this look :)
Ingredients / Supplies needed:

Chicken wings
Garlic Salt
Minced Garlic
Onion Powder
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
Newman's or other brand - Creamy Ceasar Dressing

I pretty much eye balled most of the ingredients or used them according to my taste.  I would suggest watching the video (below) to see what I do and approximate amounts of each ingredient.  This is perfect for a Pot Luck or for a quick and easy dinner. :) Enjoy and if you try this - please leave a comment.

I was sitting and watching Television tonight when I decided I wanted to play with my makeup.  At first I thought about doing a tutorial, but then I decided I wanted to try out some new cosmetics I formulated last week.  So instead of a tutorial, I decided to do two different eyes so I could figure out which Christmas inspired look I liked best.

Products used:
(Red eye) HoneyXO's Lady in Red, Chocolate, Puppy Love, Purr and Vanilla
Urban Decay's Perversian 24/7 Pencil liner and on my lashes,  Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Lips - Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxy gloss in Dare Devil

(Green Eye) HoneyXO's Smash, Eclipse, Vanilla, Remix and a new color that will be rolled out soon.
Liner - UD Perversian Liner
Mascara - Benefit's They're Real

I have been catching up on reading blogs of my fellow friends and have been finding new blogs as well... and came across a few awesome ones that do a post on Sunday called... Sunday letters.  I was intrigued, because as many of you know - I love things that are personal and this really truly is the best personal thing you could do.  I am gonna use this as my weekly wrap up and also do my Sunday letters.  I thought this was such a great idea and I'm excited to get started. :)

It's 11:29pm on Sunday as I am drafting and writing this up and I can't help but reflect back on how wonderful this week was.  First - I had the awesome opportunity to spend with my husband more days than normal this week.  Since his birthday was on Saturday, he took a mini vacay and I had him for 5 days in a row... seriously - can you say... BLISS?  Since he works later in the day - I feel sometimes like our days just go by so quickly and I don't get time to spend with him.  Cherish those moments you have... they truly are important!

I can't believe how quickly this week went by.  But - I can say that I'm super proud of how good I've been with blogging. I've been blogging a couple of times a week, at least - and that is such a great change from this time last year.  Also - with the start of December, I have been trying to do my Vlogmas... needless to say - I have filmed Day 2, edited the video and am getting ready to upload... YAY ME!  We decorated our little tree and the boys truly enjoyed spending time with their daddy this week... I'm sad to see this week go.  Do you ever have those days where you wish you could freeze time, just for a moment?  I had that this week... wishing that it would slow its pace so I can get more hubby and family time.  But - I'm excited regardless.  I-Candy Couture is closed for December so I can spend time with the boys and do crafts and art projects with them for the Holidays.  There are also a ton of changes being made - stay tuned for that ;)  All in all - a very productive week.  I'm very proud of how well it went!

I'm going to be heading off to sleep to get some shut eye and then up at the crack of dawn to take my eldest to school... but, before I shut my brown eyes... here are my Sunday letters.

Dear December, Hello!  I'm glad you are here because i love Christmas.  I can't believe how fast you came, it seems like just last year I was planning for Christmas 2011. :)

Dear Winter, Hey there... where the heck are you?  I get to experience your little chills here and there and then in a blink of an eye, you are back to your 90 Degree weather.  I would love to experience snowfall and a white Christmas at least once in my lifetime here in Hawaii, but if you can't oblige - I'll take some chilly weather at least. 

My Darling and dearest love Kevin, I had such a fantastic week with you.  It's so nice to stop and smell the roses sometimes and the little moments where I get to cuddle and snuggle are so precious to me.  While I know you have to work - I also know I miss you tremendously when you are gone.  Seriously - this was the least emotional week I have had in a while and I am so happy I got to spend it with you.  You complete me!  I LOVE YOU!

Dear Kevin (Ka'eo), Luke & Isaiah, I had such a wonderful week with you my sons.  You make me smile and laugh and I can't believe how fast time is flying by that you are all growing up so quickly.  I look forward to our craft and fun times this month and always.  Paper Christmas Trees and Stockings are coming up this week ;) Love you all!

Dear Public and Busy Crowds, It seems as if you do not realize that we are 23 days away from Christmas because some of you are just rude, mean and lack the Holiday Spirit.  If I smile at you - it's because I'm smiling genuinely and truly do mean it... please don't smirk or shove past me. While I understand that everyone can be going through all kinds of things in their life... please know that I truly do have compassion for you and I smile because my heart is smiling. <3

Dear God, Thank you for blessing me with another wonderful week.  While I try my best to be and do my best - I know that there is always room for improvement.  Please forgive me for any wrongs I may have done and continue to guide me on the right path.  Thank you for always providing for me spiritually, mentally and physically and bless all of us this Holiday Season and always. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and awesome December and a Kick Ass Monday. 
I figured I would share a few photos with you guys on the 2 eye looks I created tonight.  I rushed through it but thought they were cool enough to share with all of you ;)
This funky look I created was not done on purpose.  I was looking for ideas for different Christmas color inspirations and I wanted to try out some new colors that I created and see which look I liked more.  Yes - it is bright and bold, especially the red side, but having started on it at 8pm - I figured I would just play around ;)  I don't normally take out my makeup when I'm trying to unwind but felt like 
I just wanted to play makeup tonight.

Products used:
(Red eye) HoneyXO's Lady in Red, Chocolate, Puppy Love, Purr and Vanilla
Urban Decay's Perversian 24/7 Pencil liner and lashes/mascara is Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Lips - Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxy gloss in Dare Devil

(Green Eye) HoneyXO's Smash, Eclipse, Vanilla, Remix and a new color that will be rolled out soon.
Liner - UD Perversian Liner
Mascara - Benefit's They're Real

Everyone knows that I'm a huge Twilight fan... having read the books only last year - I was immediately entranced and fell inlove with this love story.  Sparkling vampires and werewolves aren't even what it is all about to me... it's about the story line and a love that will go on Forever!

As a subscriber to InStyle magazine - I was super stoked to read the article about these awesome earrings.  The Giveaway entry was fairly easy to me, you just had to comment "What would you wear to style these earrings?"  These gorgeous earrings are inspired by the movie Twilight and is a part of a Fine Jewelry collection offered by Bed Bath and Beyond that includes rings, necklaces and earrings inspired by the Cullens and Wolf Pack Families and out of Sterling Silver and White Gold and accented with diamonds and white sapphires.  InStyle was giving away 5 pairs of these gorgeous Sterling Silver and Diamond Wolf Pack earrings featuring the Quileute Tribe symbol and they are worth $534.99 (pictured above). And, figured - "hey, why not enter?".  So I submitted my entry.  The entry was easy because I immediately knew how I wanted to style these awesome earrings... here was my response:

"I would style these gorgeous earrings with a simple black blouse or lace black blouse, dark wash skinny jeans and my favorite pair of knee high stiletto boots. I would wear my hair up in a high bun so that I can showcase these awesome earrings and I would use one of my favorite black or dark brown satchel handbags." - Honey Kahoohanohano

So I submitted my entry not even giving it a second thought... considering the number of people that entered, I didn't think I had a prayer - but with my keen fashion sense... I could only hope.  A few days ago I received an email from the InStyle Contact congratulating me on winning one of the pairs and stating that my submission was creative, but included a Trendy but classy style.  She also went on to explain that the 5 winners were chosen based on 50% creativity and 50% originality.  My design inspiration was definitely one of their favorites.  I was super stoked and the first thing I did was contact my husband and let him know.  I am waiting for the prize to arrive, probably around the 3rd week of December it should be delivered.  As a Twihard and someone who absolutely loved the Saga (completely loved BD2) I am seriously excited and stoked that I will be rocking something that was inspired by the books & movies.  

Stay tuned for the Prize Haul Video and post with pictures of these gorgeous earrings coming up soon.
"Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age." - Christopher Morley
I chose this quote for inspiration today... because during this time of year is when we find ourselves spending more time with family.  It's great that we can all gather together and make new memories each and every time.  It's a bummer that we sometimes find ourselves so busy that we just don't make time for Family... but the times that we do - are awesome!

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday and an awesome week to come.
If you have been following me for a while, whether on YouTube or here on my blog... I'm sure you already know that my house is not very large.  But each year - we make it truly special and there is ALWAYS a Christmas tree in our house.  About 9 years ago, my hubby bought me this cute little tree.  It has fiber optic lights in it... and it twinkled so brightly at one time.  A couple of years ago - we lost the plug for it and so we have been stringing regular Christmas tree lights on it since.  Regardless, the children love it and they truly enjoy decorating it each year.  The twins took turns adding ornaments and they loved how awesome it was when it was all lit up.  

Christmas is an awesome thing in our house.  And we enjoy every single moment of it.  Decorating the tree was so much fun and I know the boys and my hubby and I will enjoy the rest of the month. 

Have a wonderful December from our house to yours!

So... those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have attempted to do Vlogmas for 2 years now and have FAILED.  Life always gets the best of me or I forget that I'm supposed to turn on the camera or better yet... I film the vlogs and then forget to edit and upload them.  It's crazy - but you know what, I digress and move forward.  I'm gonna try my best to keep up with it this year... at least I got Day 1 done.  It was definitely a fun day and I love family time - especially when my husband is home.  It was his birthday - so we had a fun day together.  I'll be working on my Day 2 post (hopefully) and will see you all tomorrow ;) xoxo Honey
Aloha Friday Blog Hop
I am taking part in my first ever Blog Hop.  Let me start off by saying that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and if I am ever doing things correctly.  I sent out an S.O.S. to one of my Blogging buddies for some help - but due to the time difference, I missed her :( But I am gonna try it out and see if I can do it correctly :)

If anyone wants to share with me how I am supposed to do this - let me know. ;)  So - go and check out some of these lovely blogs that are posted below. I've been reading up on so many already and I'm glad to add them to my Blog lists. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!
I haven't painted my nails in what seems to be forever.  I kind of gave up on painting them because when I use gloves to makeup Pigments and process orders the gloves tend to increase the chipping of the nail polish on my nails and my nicely painted and manicured nails do not normally last but for a day or so.  But since I'm taking a break this month (December) and won't be processing much orders, I decided I could play with my abandoned nail polish.  My nail polish collection is definitely happy that I'm using them again. :)
For today's nails I decided I wanted to use a soft peach color because it was not only wearable but still had a great festive look for the Holidays.  It is also very easy to pair with any outfit combination.  I went with one of my favorite China Glaze polishes (one of many) called Ooh La La Peach.  To add a little sparkle - I added Wet n Wild's Fergie collection nail polish in Flossy Flossy which I absolutely love.  And, since I wanted a little more glitz and sparkle - I decided to add the newest member of my nail polish collection... Millionaire by Nailtini.  I took that polish and did a slanted strip across the nails so that the Flossy Flossy polish would still peak through.  I love how it came out - simple but still festive.  I decided to take photos of each step and posted them on my instagram - I have also posted that photo here.

Above are the colors I chose.  Left to Right:  Wet n Wild's Fergie Collection - Flossy Flossy, Nailtini's Millionaire and China Glazes Ooh La La Peach.
There are few people in this World that can say... that in their Lifetime, they married their soul mate, their best friend, their everything.  I'm lucky that I can say all of those and much more.  From the time I was a little girl - I always knew that love was not just a word, but something that made your heart skip a beat - something that made time stand still... something that made the World stop in it's tracks and just disappear, leaving you and your love... in timelessness. 

Now - we all know that the World doesn't just stop, time doesn't stand still and while your heart may skip a beat... not everyone is destined to find such love.  I've also learned that with each waking moment - time can get the best of you and that it is important to celebrate life, each and every day... not because tomorrow may never come - but because each day in your Forever should be Wonderful.  
Each year on this day I'm thankful that God blessed us with your presence - this glorious day... Your Birthday!  Because my life is worth living... a thousand years and so much more, because you are in it and because you love me like I want to be loved... FOREVER!

Happy Birthday my darling... may all your wishes come true and may you have a blessed and wonderful day today and always.  I LOVE YOU, FOREVER! 
In my heart, down deep in my soul... I know that we have always been destined to find each other, to be together and to love one another.  For a thousand years till an eternity - I'll love you, Forever!
"No one's ever loved anyone 
as much as I love you!"