I was in the grocery market the other day and a lady started up a conversation with me about my twins when my eldest who is 9 years old says to me:   "Mom, can we get something to eat?"   The lady stops dead in her tracks from what she was saying and turns to me... "Mom, wait, how old are you?  I thought you were like 25 and this boy looks like his 9 or 10."  

I smiled graciously and told her I was 33.  She looked at me once over and then said: "Well, whatever you are taking or whatever you are doing - I would surely like to have some of it." 

I explained to her that I stopped using foundation unless for an important or special occasion and it has helped my skin dramatically along with the assistance of my pure/organic/unrefined coconut oil as my moisturizer on a daily basis, my skin has improved beyond what I could have every imagined.
If you've been following me a while, then you know that I have worn foundation on a consistent basis.  Living in Hawaii definitely can be difficult if you have to use foundation often because you get hot and sticky and it's just unbearable sometimes.  After years of dealing with breakouts and using numerous skin care products I finally took the leap this time last year and decided I would stop using Foundation, Concealer, Pressed Powders and even tinted moisturizers in hopes that my skin would clear up.  I had already taken the leap the year prior and discontinued MAC Face/Skin products to see if that would help my skin improve and that surely did... but I was looking for so much more.  

As you can see in the photo to the left, while my skin did not have terrible break outs, I had a hard time getting rid of acne scarring as well as keeping my skin from breaking out.   By the way - the image was taken with my camera phone and is unedited so that you can truly see that my skin was not perfect then, far from it and I really needed to do something about it and quickly.

Here's what happened and the results of it all.
As you can see from the photos below - the same Acne scar (pardon my language but the damn idiot I had forever) just would not go away.  The darn thing scar was which you can see was still on my forehead prior to switching up my skincare routine.  No matter the amount I spent on skincare products or the brand, it never changed and I had to kind of deal with it or conceal it.   As if that wasn't bad enough already, this time last year I was diagnosed with Eczema.   I had originally thought I had developed an allergic reaction to some of my favorite foods.  However, after seeing my dermatologist, I found out later that it was indeed Eczema and I was so discouraged.  I am sharing this photo for the first time with all of you and it still makes me so sad to look at it.  My face swelled, dried up from time to time and even developed areas where it started to crack.  It was horrendous and I just couldn't bare to look in the mirror sometimes.   My dermatologist gave me several creams and antibiotics to help and they did temporarily.  Some of my creams I will turn to if I have a bad flare up - but honestly, I haven't had any in almost a year.  It's so nice to say that.  :D Since the creams were temporary fixes and I would flare up again and again - I finally decided to do research and found that Eczema is usually due to really dry skin.  Apparently my very expensive moisturizer and creams I was using was not doing the trick.  
So - since I was working coconut oil (pure, unrefined and organic) into my routine and life I decided I would really start using it as a moisturizer.  I also eliminated all face products as I mentioned:  Foundation, Concealers, Pressed / translucent powders, tinted moisturizers and didn't take the jump to try out any BB creams like I had planned.  I simply used my normal facial wash which is the Cetaphil facial wash and moisturized with coconut oil 2x a day.  I also incorporated my Tilth Beauty Moisturizer and Serum once a week just in case.  

Since then my face has dramatically cleared, I haven't had any Eczema flare ups and my skin hasn't had any pimple breakouts with exception to the one tiny red one I get every so many months when my monthly friend comes to visit.  I NEVER have to wear foundation unless I really need to - like testing out products for review for a couple of weeks, but otherwise, I go bare skin daily.  
LEFT: Taken today 05.31.13 - The NOW picture ~~~ RIGHT: Taken over the last year or older - the BEFORE photos
The image comparison above shows my recent picture (left) taken today in natural lighting without filter or editing.  I took this image using my phone.  The second and third image (both on the right) was used in natural lighting but I added Instagram Filters to the image.  Those pictures were taken last year.  While there are filters, I did not edit my skin or blur/soften my face so you can definitely see the scarring from that darn pimple on my forehead as well as other scars in those images.  However, the scars are no longer visible in my new photo.  The scars you see in my old photos were there for years.  And while my "good" photos of my makeup looks did have them softened in the image or they were covered with foundation or concealer - they were there for a long time.  Over the last year they have not only cleared up but pretty much disappeared.  My skin is bright and there is no need to foundation to cover it up anymore. 

While everyone is definitely different - I am proof that changing up your skincare can make a huge difference in not only your appearance but also your self-esteem.   If you feel like you have lost your confidence or you are not happy with your skin see your Dermatologist or try a new skincare routine.  Of course, I do suggest you seeing your doctor first.  My Dermatologist basically told me that Eczema was something I had to live with and that I should spend money on a moisturizer that was good but that was all the help I got besides the creams and antibiotics she gave me, all of which were temporary fixes.  I'm no doctor - but let me just say that doing my research, discontinuing facial products like foundation and using Coconut Oil was the best thing I could have done for my skin.   It was not only a great thing on my pocket book, Coconut Oil is very affordable in comparison to my $70 moisturizer and no more foundation means more money for eyeshadows. lol The photo below - also taken with my phone in natural lighting, no filter or edit, tells a lot... and I am loving the skin I am in.
Hope this helps some of you!  It took me a while to share my story and especially my darn Eczema photo because I was so ashamed of how I looked.  But I'm so happy that I have come a long way and I love the way my skin feels, how moisturized it is and how I haven't had a flare up in a long time.
It is officially Summer Vacation (Break).  Yay! Technically it is the first real day and a Saturday to beat.  So,  to celebrate my eldest son's accomplishments and all his hard work in school I packed up the kids and headed down town to the Shopping Center (Queen Ka'ahumanu Shopping Center).   While there I figured I would take a few quick snaps of my Outfit for the Day - thanks to the help of my little sister Harmony.  Since we were on the Parking Structure of the Mall - that is where we took the photo.  I only had my phone on me so that is what we used.  The quality is not the same as my normal camera - but I wanted to share the outfit anyway.
Top: Sequinned White, Pink, Beige and Orange Top from Old Navy
Jeans:  Dark Wash Denim Jeans from Torrid
Footwear:  Gold Glittery Jelly Flip flops from Old Navy
Necklace:  Chunky Gold Chain from Forever21
  • LOVE Bangle from ShopLately
  • Rose Bud Bangle in Pink from HoneyXO
  • LOVE Dog Collar Bracelet (Gold and Cream) from ShopLately
  • Blue Goldstone Gold Bangle from HoneyXO
  • Gold Scull Cuff Bracelet from ShopLately
  • Candy Love Bracelet in Pink with Gold Chain from HoneyXO

Earrings:  14K Gold Plumeria Studs - Gift from Hubby
Handbag:  Miche Bag with Farrah Shell

For my Makeup today, I chose to go simple and easy.  I filled in my brows and only used my StarLooks Eyelash/Mascara Primer/Fibers and my L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.   On my lips I am using Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Wink.  Since the weather has been a mix of humid and hot and then cool and drizzles, I didn't really want to put on any makeup that would make me feel uncomfortable - especially since the  weather has been so cray lately.
A little weight loss update... I haven't lost any weight after my last update - but I have been losing inches.  I'm super proud of how my clothes feel and in fact - the jeans I am wearing in this look for today are actually loose.  Yay Me!

Hope you all enjoyed today's outfit.  Like I said earlier, it is not the normal quality but I really wanted to share regardless.  Sometimes a casual outfit can be totally dressy and great to wear out on the town.  :)
Check out the video embedded below or click here and watch it directly on YouTube. :) I really enjoyed April's box and just got my May box.  Super excited to share that with all of you.  xoxo ~Honey

As most know, I am a huge fan of Laura Geller products.   I believe that cosmetics should enhance features - not overtake them.  You should be able to still see the person beneath the products they wear.   That's one of the reasons why I love Laura Geller so much... it is a product made to enhance your "already beautiful" self. 

Recently, I was sent some really awesome products from the Baked Authority.  I have reviewed for Laura Geller before, but what makes these products so awesome is that they include Super sized goodies and a brand new shade.  As if that wasn't all the hype already - the collection is affordable and definitely an awesome buy.
The Signature Superstars Collection includes:

· Spackle® Supersized Under Make-Up Primer – Net Wt. 4 oz./113 g/118 ml
· Bronze-n-Brighten Supersized Baked Color Correcting Bronzer (Fair or Medium) – Net Wt. 0.85 oz./24 g
· Baked Highlighter Duo Supersized in French Vanilla/Golden Rose – Net Wt. 0.26 oz./7.5 g
· Large Kabuki Retractable Brush in Black
· Double-Ended Highlighter Brush in Black

Check out the information below for QVC air times where you can get this awesome collection for a steal.  You can get this collection for under $50 (tax and/or shipping not included).


Spackle Under Make-up Primer (below) 
Let me start off by saying that this is all kinds of love in a tube.  As most of you know - I stopped using foundation a year ago and in fact use my Laura Geller Baked Foundation (from another collection and review) as my Bronzer since it is not only darker than my skin tone but also gives my skin a great bronzed look without over-doing it.  I smooth on the Laura Geller Spackle under make-up primer before applying any face products like blush/bronzer/highlighter and it not only primes my face to accept the makeup being applied, but it also smooths out my skin and helps to make my pores diminish.  I have tried MANY primers in my day, both high end and drug store and couldn't wait to get my hands on this product.  Now that I have used it - I am so happy because it not only gives me such a nice look, I DO NOT need to use foundation over it to cover imperfections (which I do not have much of now a days) and my skin looks flawless.   

The tube in this collection has 4oz worth of products.  The 2oz bottle of Spackle on Laura's Website retails for $27.00 and seeing as you get double the amount - totally worth it for the Spackle alone.  I have definitely found an HG (holy grail) product I will not want to live without.   
The Bronze-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Bronzer (below - left)
I have used a few of Laura Geller's Bronzers in the past and I have always liked them.  But, as many of you know - I'm not a fan of shimmer.  This bronzer has shimmer in it which helps to do double-duty in not only bronzing and color correcting certain areas of your skin but also in adding a sun-kissed glow/highlight.  I was a little freaked out when I opened the package and seen that this particular product had shimmer in it and I was a bit worried that I would come out looking like a disco ball.  However, I was very very amazed at how the product applied and even more so how the product photographed while on my face.  I did not have a shiny cast on my face as other shiny bronzers have done in the past.  I love that the bronzer has a pinkish/lavender tone in it which acts as the color corrector.  It instantly creates a look where the face or decollete area looks like the tones are even and flawless.  Definitely keeping up with LG's product performance, this Baked Bronzer is absolutely awesome and even more so when used with the fabulous kabuki brush that came in the set. 

The Bronze-n-Brighten Baked Color Correction Bronzer retails for $42.00 on Laura Gellers website.  Honestly, the Bronze-n-Brighten Bronzer pretty much just about pays for the entire cost of kit if you get it on QVC. 

The Retractable Kabuki Brush (above - right)
Now let's talk about what happens to be my new best friend.... The Retractable Kabuki Brush.  This awesome little travel brush is absolutely adorable and probably the BEST (Yes, I went there), Retractable Kabuki brush I have used in my entire career as a Makeup artist and makeup addict.  I have used many that I have ruined because putting the brush away is just difficult and not a quick enough process for me sometimes.   But, this brush is awesome.  Washing it left very little shedding and the use of it was easy.  Simply swirl in the Bronze-n-Brighten and apply in the areas that the sun/light naturally hits:  forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.  I also use this to apply to my decolletage for a little shimmer and "bronzed beauty" kind of look.  I did experience minimal amount of shedding which was awesome and the compact shape and carrier allows you to take it with you anywhere.  This awesome brush retails for $29.00 alone, so you are totally getting  a deal when purchasing the set.
Baked Highlighter Duo - French Vanilla / Golden Rose (above)
Quite possibly one of my favorite Highlighters of all time - the French Vanilla Highlighter, now has a new buddy.  This awesome Duo includes not only my favorite Highlighter but also a partner in Golden Rose.  This Duo retails for $37.00 on Laura Geller's website and is a part of this already awesome Superstar Collection.  As I mentioned above, French Vanilla is a highlighter single I have and I use it as a multi-purpose face and brow bone highlight.  It is one of my favorites and I love how I can tone it down and blend it out for a soft and effortless highlighted look or keep it bold for a more dramatic appearance.  It has been partnered with Golden Rose which is a beautiful Peach-toned light rose gold highlight that is not only gorgeous as a highlight on its own but also when swirled together with French Vanilla to create the perfect golden cast on your cheekbones.  I absolutely love these two paired together because it works so well.  Now - since I have medium toned skin, this highlighter duo matches my skin perfectly.  However, the colors are very complimentary to most if not all skin tones and using a heavier or lighter hand in application will make all the difference.

Duo Ended Highlighter Sponge Tip Brush/Applicator
It is not surprise to anyone that I am not a fan of Sponge tip anythings.  I actually received another that is just like this one in my Freshed Brewed Beauty Collection last year.  And, while I'm not completely a fan, I am not completely against this particular one.  It is duo ended so it allows you to highlight your cheeks and all your "natural light hitting" areas on your face with the larger end of the brush and you can use the smaller side of the brush for smaller areas that you would need something much more precise.  I love that this applicator is not rough as other brands may have and it actually works quite well.  I have not touched the one that came with this set yet as I still use my other brush and it washes well and dries well and still hasn't fallen apart on me yet.  Considering I don't really like them, this one works good and I have no big complaints except for it is a sponge-tip. lol But it works and does its job.
I have major skin sensitivities and I love that none of these products caused my skin to break out or my eczema to go crazy on me and I have used the products every day for about 3 weeks.  This collection is well worth the $49.98 (shipping not included) that you would pay on QVC.  You get supersized products of great quality and you are definitely getting your money's worth in this collection.  As I stated above, one item will practically pay for the collection itself - so it's a deal you don't want to miss out on and I'm in love with all the products in it.   If I had to choose one product I know I will consistently use over and over again and something that has definitely made "HG - Holy Grail" status for me, it would have to be the Spackle and of course, the Kabuki Brush.  Though, choosing them was definitely difficult and I just love them all.  

I am a huge supporter of the Laura Geller brand not only for the quality you receive in the products, but also for the price and affordability.  Laura Geller works with companies like QVC to offer these awesome collections at such great deals and steals, it would be crazy not to take advantage of them.  And, honestly - after trying her products once, I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with them as much as I do.

Like all of Laura's collections - this collection came packaged in a sweet tan colored box with the words "Love, Laura" scrawled across the box in cursive.  That was the first thing that caught my eye upon opening up the package when it arrived via UPS.  The little touches that each of her collections have are what make Laura Geller such an awesome brand.  Time and effort are consistently put into the little things to ensure that when you receive your products, you know you are not only getting quality products but some that is definitely high-end.  To me... I think packaging is what entices you to take a deeper look and the product is what holds your attention and keeps you coming back and Laura Geller products does that very thing for me over and over again.  Be sure to check out the Times/Dates of Showings for this Collection and More on QVC.  

Watch my video review and demo below or click here to watch via YouTube.   I demonstrate how I use each of the products (minus the Spackle) - so it is like a mini tutorial on highlighting and bronzer/contouring application. :)
Don't forget to tune into QVC on Tuesday, May 28th at midnight (Eastern Time) for your chance to order this special collection from Laura Geller Beauty!

· Visit http://www.LauraGeller.com for all showtimes.
· Visit http://www.BeautyStat.com to win your own Signature Superstars collection

Dates/Times Laura Geller will be available on QVC:


28-May Laura Geller Make-Up Studio

One-Hour Show
12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

28-May Laura Geller Make-Up Studio
Two-Hour Show
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

FTC:  I would like to thank BeautyStat.com and LauraGeller.com for giving me the opportunity to try out these products.  All reviews, thoughts and opinions on these products are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  I have received these products in exchange for my review and have not been paid or compensated in anyway to provide the review posted.
Today's outfit really reminded me of summer and the sunsets I see here in Hawaii.  It's time for Summer, my eldest finishing up his last week of school before summer vacation and while it still seems kind of like Spring here, to me - it is technically Summer Months.  

My Tangerine Orange dress from Old Navy was the perfect fit for today.  It was not only cool but allowed me to be comfortable and still manage to get all of my errands done without fussing with hot clothing layers.   It's a basic high wasted flared dress with eyelet lace detailing.  It is super fun and very flirty.   The dress itself is similar to my Yellow one that I wore in my "You Fill My Heart with Sunshine" Look - but the pattern 
is different in the dress eyelet itself.  I wished I had grabbed all the colors, 
because these are becoming favorites of mine to wear.
For accessories today, I kept with a Gold theme - to match with my Tangerine Orange Dress.  
My accessories for today included:

LOVE Dog Collar Bracelet (Cream and Gold) from ShopLately
Blue Goldstone Bangle from HoneyXO
Rose Bud Wire Bangle from HoneyXO
Princess Cut Amethyst 14K Gold Ring - Gift from my Hubby
Invicta Divers Watch in Gold and Silver - Gift from Hubby
Chunky Chain Necklace from Forever21
Plumeria 14K Gold Stud Earrings - Gift from Hubby
For my footwear - I pulled out my Marco Santi 5 inche Wedges in black.  These are probably one of my favorite sandals I own because they are super comfortable, have a zipper closure on the heel and they are very easy to walk in.  I love that they are so simple in design and go with pretty much any type of ensemble I put together.
I got these wedges from Sole Society a year or two ago and they still remain one of my favorites.
For my hair today, I opted for a low messy bun.  Honestly, I just twisted it up and headed out the door.  It was fast and easy and allowed me to get where I had to go quickly today.

The photo to the left happens to be my favorite. I am not big on smiling... and my son happened to ask me just seconds before... "Mom, why don't you smile in your photos?"  I answered him by saying: "I'm not sure!" He replied to me by saying... "I bet dad can make you smile" and low and behold, I had a big smile on my face and he caught that image.  Sometimes it's the thought of someone you love that will bring so much joy and happiness to your day!

For my Makeup Lovers... My Makeup for today includes:  My Lorac Pro Palette, Too Faced Shadow Insurance,  Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Teddy Bear, Starlooks Lash Primer and L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.
Just like with my other photos - my eldest son captured today's Outfit pics for me.  
He is definitely my little professional photog.  I am super impressed with the images that he 
has been able to capture of me since he started.   This post is a little more pic heavy than most of my OOTD's and that's because I am so proud of the photos he took, I just couldn't choose a few so I put them all. :)
"There's a difference between being confident and being cocky.  I consider myself Confident... because I am proud of my hard work and accomplishments and the road that it is taking me on!" ~ Honey

I think this look of the day really shows a more confident side of me.   The poses came natural and I felt really good about myself - super proud of the weight I'm continuing to lose and the healthier side of me.  I think this post over all the rest definitely shows that off a little more and I'm not trying to be a show-off, I'm just really confident and excited for my journey ahead of me and the one parts that I have overcome so far.
I hope you like today's Outfit Post.  The video embedded below - or click here to watch directly on YouTube has lower resolution images but I thought it was cute to include the slideshow.  You can also see the slideshow below that for all the images. :)
I took the photo on the left yesterday (5/19/13).  I got this black and red dress for Mother's Day from my Mommy and Daddy.  My mom said that she could only get it in XL and that she wasn't sure if it would fit.  I certainly wasn't sure if it would fit either so I didn't try it on for at least a week and a half - worried that I would be discouraged because it was 2 sizes smaller than what I would normally wear.  

The Back story: For a while now, though I am a 2x in size, when it came to dresses, I had been buying a 3x so it would fit right and not hug my curves in all the wrong ways.  A few weeks ago I went shopping at Old Navy and noticed that I could actually fit in an XL and in some dresses, a Large... but I just assumed that it was a great week to go shopping and in fact haven't even used those dresses yet, worried that they did not fit.
So - I decided yesterday I would try on the Red/Black dress because I had gone out earlier in the day and noticed that my shorts that are usually snug were way too big for me.  I had to use a belt and even tightened my belt an extra notch (hole) to make it fit right.  I was super excited to come home and try on the red/black dress to see if it fit.   To my surprise and happiness the dress not only fit but it was comfortable.  I could bend and move in it without worry and while it hugged my curves, I looked really good in it.  #YAYME!
I took the photo on the left (salmon/white) on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013.   The photo on the Right (black/white) was taken on 5/15/13.  While some may argue that they are two different colors and black is slimmer than any other color, you can totally tell by the shape of my hips that my body is starting to have more definition.  Both dresses are size 2x - though, when I took the photo of the Black and White one a few days ago - I had to tighten my shoulder straps so that it would fit properly.   The dress also hung on me a lot better than the Salmon colored one which was pretty fitted the first time I actually wore it (in the photo pictured on the left).  

Regardless of anyone's opinion - the fact is that I'm down 11 lbs, 2 dress sizes and also down 1.5 pant sizes... super proud that I need a belt or my pants are too loose.  Again... #YAYME!  It's not an easy journey - but definitely one I am working towards and one I am proud I am taking.  If you decide to join me... use hastag #getfitwithhoney and lets have some fun together.

"The Love of a Family is 
Life's Greatest Blessing!" 

- Unknown
I had the awesome opportunity to work with a long time friend and her family yesterday.  In total there were 22 people that showed up and they were so much fun to work with.  Since I come from a very large family it is always such a joy to see other families come together.  I definitely had a blast. :)
Thank you Berna to you and your family for working with me.  I had so much fun and really enjoyed it.  Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness! ~ xoxo Honey
I go over all of the ingredients in the video embedded or you can watch it here on YouTube.  But here is a list of what I used:

Spinach - a handful
Kale - about 2 branches, just about a cup
Raw Almonds
Whey Protein
Distilled Water
Coconut Oil

If you try this - definitely let me know or if you post a pic on Instagram use hash tag: #getfitwithhoney
"It is not about the clothes you wear, but how you wear your clothes."
- Unknown
I have been told time and time again that stripes, especially black and white ones, are not a good choice for a plus sized gal like me when it comes to clothing.  At one time, I completely agreed with that notion and didn't even dare look at a black & white striped outfit or clothing item in years.  But, over the last few years - I have learned that clothes do not make the person, the person makes the clothes.

I had a full day of errands to run yesterday and I had to be comfortable.  Hawai'i has been experiencing a mix between heat wave and rain down pour - so since yesterday was super sunny and hot, this was a perfect choice to wear to allow me to be comfortable and still cool.
What I'm Wearing:
Forever 21 Black / White Striped Hi-Low Maxi Dress
Old Navy Glittery Jelly Flip flops

Starlooks Lash Primer - lashes
Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara - lashes
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara - lashes
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Wink - Lips
Necklace - 
Sterling Silver Name Necklace 

Earrings - 
F21 Faux Pearl Studs

Watch - 
Invicta Diver's Watch in Gold/Silver

Arm Candy
ShopLately Cuff Bangle - LOVE, ShopLately Cuff Bangle - Skulls, HoneyXO handmade rosebud bangles in Silver/Gold.

Ring - 
Mariah Carey wedding ring replica - 
Fantasy Jewelry Box

For my hair, since it was so hot and humid, I opted to put it in a high sock style bun.  I am using my Hot Buns that I love so much.  If you want to see a tutorial and review on them, click here
There were two little guys that wanted to take a photo with me.  They were in the yard playing and cooling off so they jumped in the photo just before their big brother captured the shot.
So - my darling lovelies... Smile and know that you are beautiful and wear those clothes with pride.  I hope you liked this Outfit post.  Have a wonderful week and a fabulous weekend to come.
I can't necessarily say that the last 3 weeks have been difficult or hard... I have been kind of taking it in stride and just being proud of the little accomplishments I have had so far.  It is week 3 since I truly started on this journey.  Over the last 3 weeks I have had some ups and downs because I wasn't feeling very well a few days during that time period.  So because of this, there have been some days where I just couldn't work out and kind of just laid in bed or vegged out to relax and try to recoup.

In 3 weeks - I have lost a total of 11 lbs.   A year ago I was 261.1 lbs and had gone back and forth between that weight amount and 245 lbs.  I haven't really been able to get below that amount.  When I started 3 weeks ago - my original beginning weight was 252.2 lbs.  I weighed myself this morning and I am 241.2 lbs.  I am super proud of the accomplishment and while the numbers on the scale are awesome I am much prouder of the fact that my clothes fit so much better.  Many of my jeans are loose and some I even need to use a belt now because they are just too lose near my belly.  Some of my dresses seem to fall nicely on me as well.

Working out to Insanity is not easy - but I really enjoy the workout because I feel tired and exhausted, I'm sweaty and feel like I'm about to pass out - but Shaun T really encourages you to keep going and to go at your own pace.  While it's a crazy and rigorous workout... I feel super accomplished at the end of the 45 minutes and feel exhausted but revived (if that makes any sense).

My Green Juice Recipe #3 will be posted on my YouTube channel later today.  It is a great meal replacement and helps to give you much needed energy.  It is especially a good "after workout" drink to help replenish all that you have lost while doing your workout.  Stay tuned for that recipe coming in the next 24 hours.

Changing my diet has definitely made a difference as well.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't gone vegan or anything... I never really ate that bad to begin with.  But I'm trying to incorporate eating more meals through the day and I have definitely noticed that my portion sizes have decreased dramatically.  I get fuller faster and I can definitely feel the difference in how my body is reacting to all of it.

All in all - that is my updates for week 3.  I'm super stoked at my progress so far and I'm very proud of myself.  People think that it is easy to make a lifestyle change... while it is not difficult - it's definitely not easy.  I am still training myself to eat several small meals a day vs. one big meal and forcing myself to make the time to eat instead of allowing my day and work duties to dictate my eating schedule.  It's a road I am working my way through - but the journey so far has been pretty accomplishing.  :)

I'll update again soon!
My life has been keeping me so much on my toes lately that I really haven't had a chance to post any lifestyle or mommy posts, let alone any recipes.  #SUPERFAIL.  I promise that once I get on a better schedule - I will be able to post more on a personal level since we all know those are the posts I love the most.

So what's been going on lately?  Well, as of Saturday - I reopened HoneyXO selling both cosmetics and jewelry once again.  I am so overwhelmed with the continuous support from all my HoneyXO lovers.  I have already received over a dozen orders and let me just say - I took a break and now I am down to the grind. lol

You will also notice a few new items (or semi new) to my list of jewelry items.  It's been a while since I have been able to let my creative juices flow and it has been super nice to be able to work on some pieces that I used to do in the past.  I haven't touched any sea shell jewelry in what seems like forever or done any wire wrapping or wire jewelry making so it has been really nice creating new pieces for the storefront.
So for now... that is what has been keeping me busy.  I have been testing out products for reviews for one of my favorite Beauty Websites and have been busy with that as well as my normal reviews.  And, I have also been made ShopLately blogger, which means you will be definitely seeing more OOTD and LOTD posts from me.  I'm always hoping to do one every 2 weeks if I'm lucky.  I'm super stoked because my eldest son has been the one to help me out with my photos for those posts - he makes me so proud... as a Photographer, I am so humbled that he can take such awesome images :)

Alright - I think that I have done enough updating lately.  I am going to be working out a schedule to balance out work and personal life since I'm back in the grind once again.  Now - not only do I have HoneyXO, but Ho'onani Photography and of course, HoneygirlsWorld.  Busy Busy Busy!

Wishing you all well and thanks so much again for your continued support.

As many of you know - I am a huge body butter and lotion lover.  I have a few of my favorite brands and turn to those when I am not softening my skin with my favorite all natural moisturizer - coconut oil. 

About 2 months ago I was sent some products by My Natural Addiction's owner - Breanna.  She is super sweet and as a huge supporter of small indie and homemade/natural companies - I am very proud to see how far her company has grown since it started less than a year ago.  The company is unique in that it offers All Natural Products for all skin types.

I have been trying the JuJu Cream from My Natural Addiction for over a month and I am very impressed with the moisture it offers.  There are a few things that did not work for me - but like all products, I think there are always pros and cons and I am still very much impressed with Breanna and her business.  

The Juju Cream is $4.50 for a 1.15oz container.  You can choose from 8 or more different scents to add to your lotion.  Now, I have seen photos where this product has worked for others - especially those with eczema.  So - it may be an awesome product for most with eczema or dry skin problems.  The cost of the product is awesome - definitely affordable and the formulation is not oily or sticky as some companies may offer.  I love that it smooths on very easily and I hate sticky lotions, so the formulation and texture of the Juju Cream is great.   While the scent did not last long on my body or in the jar and reminded me of an unscented lotion - it still moisturized well.  The one thing however, was that the moisture capabilities did not last me an entire day as other brands' lotions normally do (or my coconut oil for that matter).  I lost the moisture in my skin after a few hours and had to reapply.  But - I am still happy that I didn't have any funky residue or oiliness left on my skin after application.  The cream is Paraben Free and offers a wide range of oils and that are good for the body so again, at that price - you really can't beat what you are getting for its affordability.

As a business woman and someone who wears many hats - I am very proud to see her business flourish and it's wonderful to see so many woman empowering themselves for better futures.

Please be sure to watch the video (embedded above) or click here to watch via YouTube.  I have gone into complete detail of how the product worked for me and so forth.

Thank you so much Breanna for giving me the opportunity to try your products and most importantly for thinking about me and my eczema and taking the initiative to try and help - it truly means a lot to me.  From the bottom of my heart - I wish you much success.


FTC: The items/products I discussed in this video/post were sent to me complimentary by the company (My Natural Addiction formerly dba My Pretty Little Addiction) for review and consideration. My thoughts and review was my own, unbiased and 100% honest. I was not paid to provide this review for MNA.
Thoughts of You make all the Gray Skies Blue!  Yesterday's Outfit of the Day includes a couple of special guests, so click on the "Read More" button below and see who joined in on the fun with me.

Considering yesterday was super busy for us - we still got a lot done and accomplished much. :) Here's our vlog from yesterday - Enjoy!
My friend Beth and I were talking about our different passions for different things - from Makeup to Hair Accessories and even hats and head gear.  While I filmed a Hat Collection last year - I thought it would be cool to do an updated collection and treat this vid like it was a TAG.  Here is my collection and you can check out Beth's collection here.

If you are unable to view the embedded video of my hat collection - you can click here to be taken to YouTube and view the video.  And, if you have a hat collection that you would like to share - please be sure to leave as a video response, I would love to see your collection too.

Yesterday was a fun day with my boys as are any day really... so I posted a few short clips.  
Happy Sunday Lovers.  Gosh - it seems like forever since I wrote anything personal on my blog... I've been trying to catch up on reviews and posts requirements that I have had outstanding.  Don't get me wrong - I LOVE what I do, I just can't believe how busy the last couple of months have been and how fast time has flown by.  

Summer is just around the corner, which means I am super excited to be spending more time with my boys.  My hubby works crazy hours and crazy times so we are happy to have my eldest home during the morning/early afternoon hours during summer break, so we can catch up on much needed family time.  But, in the meantime - I've been busy with the boys, keeping them on their toes so that I can still manage to juggle my work from home duties, my blog, my YouTube channel and of course - Being a Full Time Mommy!  
Thankfully - through all the craziness of Motherhood, I have been doing my best to document our journeys and have been posting vlogs on YouTube.  I also post quick updates on Keek which has been allowing me to go back and reflect back on our fun times.   There is a huge benefit of working from home and it is that I can stop what I'm doing at anytime, without anyone's approval and play with my children.  PRICELESS!

I've been keeping up with my new workout routine.  While I haven't seen huge results - I am noticing the weight loss and my clothes are much more loose on me then before.  YAY ME!   The kids have been busy doing my workouts with me, which have truly helped to keep me motivated and on top of my schedule.  

The workouts are rigorous and I would be lying if I said that I juggling a crazy amount of things in my daily schedule, but I am so thankful to have such wonderful support from my sons and of course, my hubby!

I have also been keeping up with my OOTDs and Look Book, so definitely check those out as well.

My eldest has been my photographer in the last few looks, which not only allows me to get my work done but also to spend time with them too.  I love being productive and multi-tasking is my middle name. lol  And, since HoneyXO has been closed for a few months so I could focus on my busy photography schedule, I have been able to get a lot done.  I'll be opening up HoneyXO again soon - in just a few weeks... so it's back to the groove again ;)

Hope you are all doing well.  While motherhood and being a wife is a juggling act - trust that I would NEVER change it for anything in the whole World.  I truly am blessed to have such a support system.

Talk to you all soon!

My sons and I headed over to the St. Joseph's Feast - an annual mini carnival to raise money for the church and pre-school.  Since it had been so hot - I decided I wanted to dress comfortable.  See what else I wore and what my face of the day looked like as well.  Click READ MORE to see more pics and the video!

I give you all ingredients as well as the products needed and a quick demo in the video - but figured I would leave the list of ingredients here as well:

I like to eye-ball the amounts to see what type of consistency I would like.  You can add more honey and coconut oil / extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as you feel you need.

Supplies needed:

Granulated Sugar (approximately 2 tsps)
Honey - Organic (approximately 1 tsp)
Coconut Oil - Unrefined/Virgin/Organic (approximately 1 1/2 tsp) or supplement Coconut Oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organic
A container that you can keep your mixture in (preferably air tight)

You can throw out your mixture after each use if you want or store up to one week.  If I do store it up to a week, I like to keep in the refrigerator or if I will use within 24 hours, I will leave near my sink in my bathroom.  If you store in the fridge - please be sure to stir your mixture till it gets back to the right consistently and you can add more of your oil (coconut/EVOO) as you feel needed to make the mixture a smooth-paste like consistency once again.

If you are using on your face, please do not use more than once a week and do not scrub into your face, gently massage to remove dead skin and exfoliate.  If using on your lips, do not scrub, use gently on the lips for a soft and plump pout.

Happy D.I.Y.
I had been promising for a while now that I would do a "Weight loss Vlog" explaining what it is I am up to and the reason behind all of my Green Juice Recipe posts and Insanity photos.  While going on a Weight loss journey is awesome - my goal is for a lifestyle change.  Exercise, incorporating more eating into my diet since I really don't eat much and of course - losing weight.  Check out what I have to say :D
I discuss the product in as much detail as I think I possibly could in the actual video review - but in case I missed anything... I figured I would elaborate a little here in my post.

My Trials on the product: For the last 2 weeks, I have been trying out Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers.  Let me start off by saying that when I first started trying them - I didn't like the product.  Well, maybe not the actual product, but maneuvering the fibers so that they would fill in the right place on my hair line seemed to be a daunting task for me.  I followed the directions completely and tapping the product into my hair line was not working.  I did however get great results if I tried to tap it into another area on my head - an area that was not on the edges / my hair line.  But the hairline seemed to be a pretty tricky part.

I searched the internet for about a week and finally decided I would start looking up reviews for similar hair products.  I came across a video that showed a product that looked similar where the lady was proceeded to nicely shake the product into the hair line and so I tried it.

It Worked!  And that is how I have been using the product since.  It is not something I will use on an every day basis.  While I do have some thinning areas on my hair line - it actually hasn't bothered me before in the past... so I will only use this product if I really feel the need to.  I will definitely be trying this product out on a few family members that I think will benefit from it.

Do I think it is worth its cost?  Yes!  $25.00 ($24.99 to be exact) is a small investment to pay when you can easily shake a bottle over your hair to give the appearance of thicker / more volumized hair.  Considering hair treatments can cost several thousands of dollars and a good quality wig will run you over a hundred bucks, yes - this is surely a great investment.   This is the type of item that you can buy and hold on to for a special occasion or use on a daily basis.

Is it easy to use?  As you have read above, it was not easy for me to use on my hair line with the directions provided.  However, if you try to use it utilizing my demonstration I have done in my video review, you will probably have an easier time if applying to hair line or any other part of your hair for that matter.   It was easy to apply per the directions on the box to my entire head - with exception to my hair line as shown in the video.

Are you looking to pick this up to give your hair a thicker look?  You can find them at http://www.riteaid.com and use code: VIVISCAL to receive $5.00 off your order.

FTC:  This product was sent to me for review and consideration compliments of BeautyStat.com.  As a beautystat blogger, I am provided with items to review from time to time.  I am in no way paid to provide this review and my posts are honest and unbiased.
I must admit - in general... I have been slacking on my blog.  So, this post is well over due.

Last month's task (since today is May 1st) for BBHQ was to talk about our inspirations and motivations that drive the content on our blogs.  Those of you that have been following me a while, know that my blog has been my life's journey, the things that I love and are passionate about... My World.  

What Inspires Me to Blog?   After years of writing solely about beauty and having a separate blog for my life... I decided a few years back that I would combine the two together and make my blog more lifestyle oriented.  Everything I write about is inspired by my loves (My husband and sons) and the beautiful things I have had the opportunity in my lifetime to lay my eyes on.  Living in Hawaii and having parents that encouraged me to look at the Beauty in ALL THINGS, allowed me to first stop and look at the World around me - using it's wonders and beauties as my canvas for my writing.  
I have been told many times that writing doesn't come naturally to many people - while it has always been a natural thing for me, since I was very young.  Even if it may not be a natural thing for most - writing about what you know or what makes your feel good is always a sure bet to ensuring you have something to write about.  That's why I include my family on my blog, because they are not only my biggest supporters, but they are the ones that make me feel good about myself.   And, because of them - my writing comes easily.  I always joke with my hubby because sometimes I'll be writing a blog post and stop, turn to him and stare at him for a couple of minutes... completely in a zone.  Even if he always knows the answer to my question... he always asks: "Why are you staring at me?"  My response hasn't changed yet and has been the same for many years... "Because you are my biggest muse and inspire me.  You help bring my thoughts to the forefront of my mind.  You help me write."  

What Blogs do I Read for Inspiration?   If I had to list all of the blogs I turn to for inspiration - we would be here ALL DAY, and let's be honest... I already write long blog posts, so making it that much longer would be insane. lmao.   I do have a few that I truly love to read and can read on a daily basis without missing a day.  I may not comment but know that I am always reading your blogs because they make me feel inspired or just make me smile.

Kandeeland - My Favorite Mommy/Lifestyle Blog.  Many Know Kandee Johnson as a Beauty Guru and Blogger, but she is so much more than that.   While I do follow her Beauty Blog as well - I find that I read her Personal blog much more and enjoy it tremendously.  She reminds me that being a Mother is so much more than diapers and singing songs, but it is about having fun and still keeping a busy lifestyle - which is something I do on a daily basis. 

Beauty by Krystal - Krystal has a blog that I have been reading for sometime now and it is a blog I frequent several times during the week.  I also love to read her Personal Blog as well.  She posts often about discounts and sales and always keeps up to date with the latest nail trends and beauty products.  If you are not following her already - definitely check her out.

Suger Coat It - I love Melissa's Blog.  She is a Plus Sized lovely that shares her fashion passion.  Ironically - we have very similar taste... because I love the Casual type of dress as much as she does.  

What YouTube Channels Inspire Me?  As I mentioned previously, I love reading blogs that are lifestyle based or that focus on a wide variety of things.  But I also have my favorites that I turn to for beauty and fashion.  Here are a few of my favorites I enjoy to watch often.



BeautyBroadcast - Emilynoel83

Where Else Do You Find Inspiration? 
Living in Paradise surely has its benefits... and I take a lot of inspiration from what surrounds me... Flowers, Sunsets, the Ocean - you name it, it inspires everything I write about.  

I find that when I am  having a writing block, sometimes stepping outside and smelling the air, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and just seeing all the wonders around me, can help to break any writer's block. 
I am also a huge lover of Pinterest and while it doesn't really get my attention as much as I would like, I still turn to it when I'm having a brain blank or writer's block.  Sometimes you never know what you'll find there.  I also LOVE Magazines and take some inspiration from many of my magazine subscriptions.

How do I describe my style of blogging?  How has it changed?  Honestly, I would be lying if I said my blogging style has changed from when I first started, but it really hasn't.  I am pretty lax when I'm writing basic daily blog posts and when it comes to reviews - I like to be very detailed.   It has pretty much been that way since I started blogging so I don't think I have changed it up much.

How do I handle competition from other bloggers?  Wow - this was a curve ball kind of question.  Hmmm.... I have never really thought about that.  I am sure others may think about it and may have problems with it... but honestly, I'm so darn busy - I really don't have the time.  I am always supportive of other bloggers, so long as no one is using my images or content without my approval - I don't really pay attention to anything else.
Share a photo that inspires me!  I'm sure many people have seen the photo of my boys (above/black and white) before as I took this image in 2010 I believe and I have posted it several times.  It is my favorite.  This image inspires me because 1.) These are the little people that drive my success and 2.) It reminds me that life is a Box of Chocolates... sometimes you just have to dig in and take a bite of one, even if you are not sure what it tastes like.  When you are a child, sometimes you don't think about whether or not others will judge you or not like you, you just do as you feel and do what makes you feel good.  

Hope this helped to bring some of you a little inspiration!  Don't forget... Sparkle is NEVER Optional!