"Great things are not 
by those who yield 
to trends and fads 
and popular opinion." 
- Jack Kerouac
One of my favorite quotes.  
While we think that trends and popularity are what matters most...
it's when we stand apart from others that makes us unique and awesome! 
xoxo Honey
For today's face of the day - I really wanted to go with something that would be neutral but still have just a little bit of drama.  I opted for a pop of color on the lower lash line to add just a little bit of "me" in the mix.  I also made sure I took a photo because I had used my new Wet n Wild Holiday Palettes several times and didn't take any photos... FAIL!  So - I took out my favorite highlight from I-Candy Couture and a few other colors and pulled out my favorite Wet n Wild 8 Pan Palette (Sparkle Til Morning) and worked on my look.  I originally was going to rock a red lip today (before I figured out what I was gonna wear on my eyes) but decided that I would use a soft pink... and ICC's Strawberry Cheesecake turned out to be the perfect mix.  It's not quite a soft pink and has light blue undertone to it so it gives you lips an almost raspberry look.  I love it. ;) Products for this look are listed below.
Products used: 
I-Candy Couture's Vanilla Pigment (Highlight)
Gold / Bronze and Brown from Sparkle Til Morning Palette from Wet n Wild
Purple on the Lower Lash - ICC's Ever After Pro Shadow
Lips - ICC Strawberry Cheesecake Lipstick
Liner - ELF Liquid Liner and Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Perversion 
Lashes - Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Earrings - ICC Twisted Woven Hoops in Black with Candy Bling
I haven't done one of these in a really long time.  It's seems like life and business have definitely been keeping me busy and I have forgotten all about these.  Since Monday has come and gone - I'm gonna just do this today - on a Thursday ;)
#1 - I took the photo above (on the left) in April or May I believe.  I weighed about 268 lbs.  It is now November 29th and I am now 248 lbs.  I have lost 20 lbs to date.  I'm super duper proud of myself and excited.  You can seriously see it in my cheeks in comparison to the photo I took a week ago (on the right).  The photos above have not been edited besides lighting correction.
#2 - I have been working on some awesome things lately. I can't share anything right now - because I'm still working on the details... but I'm super excited.  I can say that this change is not only a positive one for me... but surely one that is exciting.
#3 - I switched up my YouTube layout (above) along with the site layout, in celebration of Christmas and New Years.  I took several different photos and layered them to create a sweet background effect.  I really love how it came out.  

#4 - Even if it is a week after Thanksgiving - I can still smell my turkey in my nose. lol I swear this year's turkey was awesome and so moist and juicy.  I can't wait to make it again. ;)

#5 - While my hubby and I were outside playing with the boys today, the twins both got on their own swings and swung themselves without help.  They took turns pushing each other too.  They did it all on their own without any help.  *BIG SMILE*  It had always been a little difficult for them... but today they laughed and giggled and enjoyed their new "BIG BOY STATUS".  *proud mommy & daddy*
#6 - I am super duper stoked about Christmas and the New Year.  This is my favorite time of the year and I am loving sharing it with my family.  The boys are enjoying all the decorations every where we go and they are loving the Christmas Trees too.  At the age of 3 - this is the year where most children truly understand who Santa Claus is. The boys know he is coming soon. ;) I love it - such a happy time. <3

I am a huge Wet n Wild lover.  In the last two years I have really been seeking out their products and very excited when new products come out.  When I was a little girl - I remember Wet n Wild having nothing but extra glittery and extra shimmery products and being that I was a tomboy - it never really impressed me much.  But, a friend of mine sent me a palette from Wet n Wild (a 6 pan palette - limited edition) and after trying that one - I was completely hooked.  I have quite an extensive Wet n Wild collection now a days and these 3 babies were added to that collection last week.  

I had a hard time finding them here in my local stores - but a sweet friend named JoAnn found them and sent them to me as a gift.  That was so thoughtful - because weeks later and I still have not found them here.  So - after a week of having the products in my hands... I finally have some swatches to share with you and some first impressions of the products.

Drinking a Glass of Shine

This particular palette is a repromote of last years "I Heart Matte" Palette from the Holiday collection.  I didn't find this palette anywhere here at my local Walgreens - so I was super duper stoked to get this palette this time around.  It includes 8 gorgeous matte shades.  What I enjoy the most is that these shades are not just bright - but this palette also includes neutrals.
The Swatches above are of the Left Side of the Palette - the Bright Side.  It includes a matte white, a green, a blue and a purple.  All of these colors are pigmented and soft to the touch.  I did feel like I had to go over the white and the blue a little more than I thought I needed to in order to get the swatch - but I have come to expect that sometimes when cosmetics are brand new - they can have that problem.  After I did the swatches - they glided on effortlessly.
The swatches above are from the Right Side of the Drinking a Glass of Shine palette.  While they are soft and blendable - these took a little more effort for me to grab product for the swatch.  But still - I believe it's just for the first swatching... and after that it will be fine.  Especially since they are matte and they have embossed letters on their palettes - it can definitely add to difficulty in picking up the color.  But that was just the first time, they seem to work fine now.

Sparkle 'Til Morning

The Sparkle Til Morning Palette is my absolute favorite of the 3.  While it seems like some of the colors are new - I did do some comparisons with my other palettes and found that a few of them are from other palettes.  Nonetheless, this is my favorite because it is universal enough for anyone to use.
The swatches above are from the left hand side of the Sparkle Til Morning Palette.  The first color (browbone color) looks similar to that in the Comfort Zone palette.  And the Teal (my favorite) Definer color is also the same color in the Blue Had Me at Hello Palette.  I know that one by heart because it's one of my favorite colors.  They are all pigmented and really pretty.  I'm not sure if the other 2 are repromoted as well.
These swatches are from the Right side of the palette.  I could tell almost instantly that the Definer color is the same as that in the Comfort Zone Palette as well as the Crease color in the Comfort Zone Palette as well.  They also swatched the same.  The pigmentation is still awesome and they are smooth and blendable.  This palette is still making out to be my favorite. ;)

Shimmer the Night Away

Shimmer the Night Away Palette is one that I think would be great for any collection.  It includes colors that are awesome for a smokey eye or a bright eye.  It also includes one of my favorite colors from the Petal Pusher Palette - what I like to call a dupe for MAC's Trax (which is one of my favorite shadows of all time).
The swatches from the left side of the Shimmer The Night Away Palette are pigmented and perfect for any smokey eye - especially with the New Year's Eve Festivities just a few weeks away.  The Browbone (white) color looks similar to that in the Blue Had Me at Hello palette, but when I swatched them - the BHMAH palette seemed like it had chunkier glitter it in.  The Silver (eyelid) color also looks similar to that from the Blue Had me at Hello palette but when I swatched them, the Shimmer the Nigh Away palette's color seemed to be softer and more metallic.  The crease color I believe is the same in the Petal Pusher Palette and the Definer color the same as the Blue Had Me at Hello Palette.  Nonetheless - if you haven't had the chance to get your hands on this palette - it would be a great addition because of these colors alone.
These swatches are from the Right hand side of the Shimmer the Night Away Palette.  While they are gorgeous and pretty - I did really have a hard time swatching these.  The color was a bit difficult to pick up.  I expected so because the Browbone color is the same as the eyelid color in the Petal Pusher palette and it gave me a hard time the first time I used it too.  But still - the colors are pretty - they have a duo chrome effect to 3 of them and the blue is very pretty and can easily be blended to help transition from one color to another.  

My Overall Thoughts and more info...

These palettes can be found at Walgreens stores (though I would like to say "select" Walgreens stores, because I can never get them at mine.  They cost $4.99 each - which considering the amount of colors you get and the quality altogether - that is certainly a steal.  The textures of each shadow in each palette do vary from color to color.  While some of them are soft and very blendable, others can have that chalky consistency.  I find that the ones that have a lot of glitter and shimmer in them tend to be a little more chalky and flaky - but with a light hand and a brush, it should be easy to blend out.  Some of the glitter in the shadows do fall out - which can be quite normal with glitter shadows in my opinion.  Some are made quite well, while others can have that problem... a good cream base should help out with fall out. 

Many of the colors in these palettes have an awesome velvety texture which I love.  It makes it easy to use as a multi-purpose shadow.  You can pack it onto your lid and blend in another color to your crease or use as an all over the eye shadow.  

Overall - would I purchase these shadows (if they were available to me) - most definitely!  They are still well worth it in my opinion - and with a $5.00 price tag, even if they do have shadows that are previously promoted - many of the shadows are of ones that I currently use a lot of anyway.  Wet n Wild has definitely stepped up their game in the last several years - compared to my tomboy days.  I'm always pretty happy with what they have to offer.   Oh - one last thing, all swatches taken were done dry, without a base or primer.  I used just a swipe of my finger to do the swatch - with exception to a few that I had to go over more than once.  


Disclaimer:  I was given these products as a gift from a friend.  My opinion and thoughts are 100% honest and my own.  I am not and have not been paid to provide my opinion.  

All images are property of Honeygirlsworld.com and are protected under the Copyright Infringement Law.
"While many think I'm vulnerable, easily taken advantage of and soft spoken... there is a whole lot of fire in me that is waiting for the right moment to light up! " ~Honey
Thanksgiving has come and gone, a lot faster than I anticipated or even expected.  I really wanted to grab hold of it and hold on as long as I could... but I digress.  Now - it's that time of the year where I transition to get ready for the new year.  I'm super duper excited and can't wait for 2013.  In the meantime, I'm getting ready for Christmas and the New Year celebrations.  

If you have known me a while - you know that Christmas is my most favorite time of year.  As a child, my parents made it super special for us kids, even if we didn't have much or little money.  I'm so happy that I was able to experience all of that... because it truly has made me a better and stronger person and I can teach my children that there is more than monetary value in things and in life.  Even if we can afford it - I still like to teach them that there is so much more.

Black Friday kept me busy - even if I didn't host any BF sales this year.  ICC is extremely busy and also going through some changes that will be launched in the next month - so I just didn't have time to devote to running a sale.  Also - with orders pouring in like crazy, I needed a break.  It was nice to just relax yesterday after I finished with work, and hang out with my kiddos and my hubby. 

On a different note - it's funny to see how many people mistake my sweetness for being "easy to take advantage of" or someone they can step all over.  If they only knew that I am truly not that type of person.  While sweet, nice and compassionate - I don't like to be taken advantage of or like to be thought of as someone whom you can treat like a door mat and walk all over.   I don't treat people like that and don't know how someone could be so mean.  It's really getting old.  

I have also been prepping and purging cosmetics.  When 2013 starts, there will be a hold on what cosmetics I buy.  It's not going to be an easy switch... but it's a lifestyle change.  I have been watching PinksoFoxy on YouTube and she did a Make Out 2013.  It started with Purging some of her cosmetics - which I have done.  I have gone through and donated or given away 1/2 of my makeup collection if not more.  Then I will limit what I buy in 2013 and that will help me make a complete lifestyle change. 

So - keep on the look out for all of those awesome changes to come.  I'm excited for them. 
I mention this in the video... but I absolutely love to pair Purple and Gold or Purple and Teal... and I figured why not combine all 3 colors together to create a look.  This simple to create look is a perfect Fall look and definitely a show stopper for Thanksgiving.  It's a little different than my burgundy and orange look that I would aim for this time of year but I absolutely adore how it came out and I'm happy I decided to try it.  Next goal will be to try Teal in my Crease, Gold on the lid and purple on the lower lash line... stay tuned for that tutorial soon ;)

This look also gave me the opportunity to use my Inglot and Lorac palettes.  I have been neglecting these lately and it was nice to pull them out and use them again.  I'm a huge fan of Inglot and love their shadows tremendously.  I work at I-Candy Couture shadows to get their shadows as high pigmented and blendable as Inglot so I always love pulling them out and playing with them... it gives me more inspiration and ideas.   I did do a tutorial (with voice over) which you will find in the embedded link below.  So go ahead and clicky on that linky or video to watch.  All products used are listed below along with the tutorial ;)  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~ Video Tutorial ~
Products used:

Eye Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Transition Eye Shadow Color(s): A Mix of Naked and Buck from the Urban Decay Naked Palette
Lid Eye Shadow Color:  Gold color from my Lorac Palette (no name)
Crease Color:  Matte Purple from Inglot Quad (MATTE 325)
Blending Color:  Shimmery Lavender from Inglot Quad (AMC Shine 14)
Outer V Color:  Burgundy color from my Lorac Palette (no name)
Highlight Color:  Neutral Shimmery toned color in Lorac Palette (no name)
Lower Lash Line pop of color:  Matte Teal from Inglot Quad (MATTE 338)
Eye liner:  ELF Liquid Eye Liner in Black
Waterline & Tightline Liner:  Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Perversion
Mascara:  Benefit's It's Real Mascara
Lipstick:  Wet n Wild's It's a Girl and Just Peachy lipsticks 
The Holiday Season and Gift Giving fall in the category of "Favorites" each year.  I have been raised by awesome parents that taught me that Christmas is not about Gift Giving but about the Thought and Love for those around you... and because of this, it has always been a special time for me.  I know what it is like not have much money during the Holiday Season when shopping for gifts and I'm lucky that I enjoy artsy and crafty things and can make special gifts for Family and Friends.  

Each year - I try to do something creative.  One of my favorite Gift Giving ideas are these cutesy button earrings.  Each year they can come in a variety of sizes and designs because button designs can change, ideas can pop into my head and sometimes I'll find a set of really cool Vintage buttons that will make any look Timeless and classy. 

This DIY is simple and easy and depending on where you find your supplies, you can make a number of gifts for several people and spend less than $15.00.  Try your local craft store or even large store like Target or Walmart for special deals on your glue and buttons too.  And, for my thrifting friends... don't forget about the Thrift Store or Good Will - you might find some awesome buttons that are Vintage and unique.  There are many ways to create these earrings and the options are endless.  This video tutorial (diy) is simple enough for anyone to recreate and I leave the ideas, creativity and imagination up to all of you.

Here are some of the supplies you may need - feel free to add in some extras if you like.

  • Buttons (all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs)  Try to get matching sets so you can make a pair or be funky and fresh and make two different designs for a pair.
  • Glue - I used E600 (which I prefer), you can use a Hot Glue Gun or even super glue or gorilla glue.  I find that the E600 and Hot Glue work best though.
  • Rhinestones or Swarovski Crystals.  Use these to embellish your creation.  I like to use Genuine Swarovski Crystals or Austrian Crystals because they tend to really catch the light and glimmer and shine when light reflects on them.  They also give your DIY earrings a special added touch and give it a little more of an expensive look.
  • Satin or Craft Ribbon.  This will be used to embellish your earring display holder.  You can decide to use something different in its place if you want.
  • Card stock - you choose the color.  The card stock will be used as your earring display holder.  By making your own it will really look creative and fun.  You can also opt to buy those cards from your local craft supply or jewelry supply store.

Those are the main supplies you will need.  As I show you in my video - there are some other options you can use.  I hope that I can film a few more options for earring DIY Gifts before the Holidays so you can plan for your gift giving.  But be creative and have some fun.  This project is not only fun and affordable but it is a gift from the heart and in my opinion - it's the most wonderful gift you could receive.

Click on the video below to see how to put it all together.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy DIY Crafting!  More gift ideas to come.
Are you super duper excited about Black Friday and all the awesome sales to come?  Do you have your "shop till you drop" footwear ready to go and your game face on?  I'm not a big Black Friday shopper... yes, I admit it. lol I just rather not be in the crowds, especially since I always have my kiddos with me.  It's bad enough that most people are not always in the "Holiday Spirit" when shopping on Black Friday, but my little ones may get trampled on while others are rushing to buy their favorite gift items at a discounted rate.  But - I have compiled a few discount codes or Store Sales for those of you that will be taking on the crowds on that busy day.  Enjoy and Have some safe but awesome fun! 
xo Honey

Get your Discount on:

I-Candy Couture is offering a FREE GIFT with Purchase of $40 or more from Black Friday Nov. 23rd 12am to 11:59pm HST November 26, 2012.  Also - each and every sale received between 11/23 - 11/26 will be entered into a Giveaway Drawing.  Two winners will receive a Full Sized Jar of Eye Shadow and a Full Sized Jar of Lipstick (your choice of colors) as well as a pair of stud back earrings.  No codes needed.

Too Faced is having a Black Friday Mini Vintage Sale.  It begins on Friday at midnight PST.  Get an additional 50% off on all vintage items with code BLACK2012.  This sale ends on 11/26 at 11:59pm PST

Toofaced.com is also having an awesome Cyber Monday Mystery Grab Bag for just $19 (a $97.50 value).  It's only available on the website and will launch 11/26 at 12am PST.

Sigma Beauty is offering FREE Worldwide First Class Shipping for their 48 hour annual event.  This deal is valid from 12am US CST Thursday Nov. 22nd - 11:59pm US CST Fri. Nov. 23rd.  Please be sure to read their restrictions on the website.  I believe they do have additional processing time for orders due to heavy volume during Black Friday sales.  And, don't forget - if you spend $30 or more - you'll get a complimentary gift.

Coastalscents.com is offering a 50% off sale from Thanksgiving to Monday.  This sale includes EVERYTHING per their email.  Shop early because Coastscents tends to run out of items quickly or sometimes their site can have issues.

Eyeslipsface.com - Free Shipping Plus BOGO, Buy one item get the 2nd 50% off.

Shoedazzle.com is offering a Thanksgiving Sale.  You can get up to 50% off on selected styles.  Hello sandals and boots... I'm definitely checking out this sale. ;)

My FAVORITE Body Butter store Thebodyshop.com is offering a total steal.  Shop online today and in store on Friday.  Get 3 items for $30 Site Wide.  Knowing that I am a huge Body Shop lover, I am definitely using this time to stock up on my more expensive items... and of course, my body butters. ;)

And... don't forget Sallybeautysupply.com - they have already started their Black Friday Specials on the site - so check them out for a wide range of products for all your Beauty needs.

Where did the year go? I can't help but stop and think about my year in wrap up and everything that happened the last 12 months.  It seems like there have been so many changes and thankfully - many or majority are positive ones.

Last year just about this time, I-Candy Couture launched our first cosmetics collection - The WinterWonderland Sweets collection.  This gorgeous collection was such a hit when it was rolled out - that sales were crazy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I'm still super thankful for all the support from our initial Cosmetic Launch.  

My twins are another year older... turning 3 in September and my eldest will be 9 in January.  It seems like all of this just flew by in a heartbeat... like the wind on a breezy day. Even my YouTube Channel and blog has really changed to encompass who I truly am as a person.  I'm not just a Beauty Blogger or vlogger - but I'm a Wife, a Mother and a Business Woman.  Making Partner on YouTube was certainly an awesome addition as well.  I'm overwhelmed with everything that has happened this year - but truly looking forward to all the wonderful things that 2013 has to offer.  The number 13 is our lucky number so I know this year will have great things.

I know it's a little early to reminisce - but for some reason, all of these thoughts flooded my mind like a crazy whirlwind that I just couldn't escape.  I figured that I might as well get it all out before it completely consumes my day.  Either way - I'll be back in a month with a recap of the year that includes photos. I just wanted to stop in and be personal for a sec. lol

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and a Fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday.  I'll be cooking most of the day for my family and then working on Friday... so thankfully on my pocket book and sanity - no shopping for me. lol 

Photo copyright: LeNi Naturals
I absolutely love the way my hair smells... and I love the way my hair feels as well.  Let me start off with how affordable her products are.  The Leave in conditioner (pictured above) is just $8.00 for an 8oz. bottle and it lasts a long time.  All of her products left my hair feeling soft, smooth, my curls enhanced and most importantly - my hair smelled wonderfully delicious.  

I loved that the packaging is waterproof and held together very well.  I keep my shampoo/conditioners in the shower (like most people do) and I didn't have any problems with the label coming off or the words/verbiage running or disappearing.  As stated on the site, the products are made with lots of love and care.  As a home business and small business owner, I can appreciate a great product made by a small business.  The products are made of natural ingredients and definitely quench the thirst of curly locks.  

The coconut Moisture conditioner locks in moisture and definitely left my hair soft and manageable. It is sulphate free, paraben free and mineral oil free.

The twist out butter is $7.00 for 4 oz. of product.  Includes natural ingredients like Argan Oil, coconut oil and shea butter amongst others and leaves my hair with that awesome scent as well.

Get your hands on these awesome products because I'm sure you will love them as much as I do.  I'm hosting a Giveaway for a Sample of the Coconut Moisture Leave-In Conditioner.   Check out what you have to do to enter at the end of this post.  

To learn more about the products that LeNi Naturals offers, visit the Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LeNiNaturals
FTC:  I was sent these products for review and consideration.  I was not paid or compensated in anyway to provide this review and my opinion is 100% honest and unbiased.
"Tilth Beauty is a line of safe, effective, preventative and anti-aging products with a blend of natural ingredients and state of the art technology." 

I was sent these awesome products by Tilth Beauty compliments of being a Beauty Stat Blogger... and like all skincare products, I certainly had my reserves at first.  I have been using these products for about a month and from day one - I had already noticed a difference in these skin care products than that of the normal skincare that I usually use.  But, let me start off with some information on the products itself so you have a little bit of the back story.

Tilth Beauty is gluten-free, animal-friendly and utilizes Green packaging which is a huge difference to many of the skincare lines on the market today.  It is made in America and does not contain any questionable ingredients.  This makes for a big deal in a market where everyone is trying to be "product conscious".  And, all of these things are very important when you are thinking about skincare products and what they have to offer. 

Here is some information provided to me by the company:  

The flawless serum is a blend of encapsulated Retinol, Myrtyle Leaf Extract and Adaptonyl which gives the skin a flawless complexion.  Adaptonyl lifts and restructures the appearance of cell barrier function, leaving your skin healthy and younger looking.  The Retinol (Encapsulated) is a stable retinol that helps to reduce the apearance of wrinkles and restores the look of UV damaged skin.  It also improves the appearance of skin elasticity by 20% and the appearance of wrinkles are diminished by up to 17% after 12 weeks.

The Anti-Aging Firming Moisture Cream will help to reduce the appearance of your unwanted facial folds and lines.  

Tilth Beauty products contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum based products, silicones, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, or GMOs in their products.

Now that you know a little about the product from the companies point of view... it's time for me to talk about what the product in my words.

Let's talk packaging... The Tilth Beauty packaging is super sleek, contemporary and definitely quality.  The boxes as they state feel like they are made of recycled materials.  The actual containers/jars holding the products themselves have a "green" simplicity to them, but still well made and heavy duty.  I absolutely love how sturdy the jar for the Moisturizer cream feels. I've dropped it so many times and it has definitely held up to my brutality. lol  The packaging for the Serum, while it is still sturdy and well made is made from what seems to be a different packaging... but still made equally well.

Now let's talk about the actual product itself... starting with the Serum.  The serum didn't really have any type of scent to it... a soft skincare product scent, but nothing over powering and it's almost scentless.  It has a thicker consistency than what I am used to - but it went on my skin and I blended it in as I would any other.  I loved how this product soaked into my skin almost immediately.  After the first day or so of using the product, I already noticed an increase of softness to my skin and my fine lines and wrinkles were already starting to soften and diminish. My skin looked brighter and it felt much more youthful.

The Moisture Cream... this thing is seriously a miracle in a jar.  Because I used to use Foundation a lot at one time (it being the "in" thing at one time), my skin took some damage and breakouts came often.  I have discontinued the use of foundation unless I really need it and my skin did not feel as smooth as it once was.  With use of this product, my skin felt smoother, my skin tone evened out much more and I'm certainly in love.

Watch my video review posted below because I truly explain some of the differences I have experienced over the last month.

Now let's talk about price.  The Anti-Aging Firming Moisture Cream is $55.00 and the Flawless Serum is $62.00.  You can find full product descriptions and additional information on the Tilth Beauty website: www.tilthbeauty.com While the price may seem pretty high - I am certainly happy with the results I have received thus far and will be a Tilth Beauty customer moving forward.  The product has yielded some awesome results and I love the way my skin feels when I use it.  And, it's always cool to use a product that was featured in a huge magazine like Cosmo ;)

FTC: I did receive these products compliments of Beautystat.com.  My review however, is ALWAYS 100% honest, unbiased and my own opinion. 

For more information on Tilth Beauty products visit: www.tilthbeauty.com
Visit Beauty Stat for information on awesome products and giveaways: www.beautystat.com
First thing is first... I get this question all the time, "What is Poke?"  First of all - it is not pronounced poh-kee (with a long "e") - it is pronounced poh-ke (the "e" sounds almost like you are saying "A".)  Poke is the hawaiian word for "section" or "to slice or cut" which is usually what consists of these concoctions...  different food ingredients cut or sliced up and mixed together. 

This particular Poke can be called by a couple of names - but most of them are similar... here are some of them:  Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke, Spicy Ahi Poke and Spicy Tuna Poke.  And, when in Hawaii or at a Sushi restaurant, the server or sushi bar attendant should know what you are referring to. 

In this tutorial I am going to teach you my version of the Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke.  I make mine a little different than what you find in the restaurants, but it certainly tastes the same - even better in my opinion.  I use Tobasco instead of Wasabi Oil - not only because it is much more affordable, it is also kid friendly and my children enjoy it.  The Wasabi Oil can be a bit spicy and hard for a young one to consume without burning their taste buds.  

Here are the ingredients needed:

  • 1-2 lbs Ahi Cubes (Yellowfin Tuna) You can either buy the cubes from your local fish market already cleaned and cubed or you can purchase the slabs or the whole fish.  Cleaning the fish can be done by your local fish market if they offer that.  If you get the slabs - just cut them in about 1/2 - 3/4 inch cubes. If fresh ahi slabs are available at my local grocer or fish market at a reasonable / affordable cost - I rather buy those and then cut them myself... but the frozen kind work just as well and they are already cut. 
  • 1 1/2 cups Mayonnaise - it depends on the amount of fish you have.  Follow my video to see the exact amount (which I always eyeball or do by feeling anyway. lol)
  • Sesame Seed Oil - you can find this in your asian / ethnic food section of your grocery market.
  • Hawaiian Rock Salt - I prefer Hawaiian Rock Salt, but if you don't have that available, any type of rock salt will do. Use this according to your taste - but you can use my video for a guide.
  • Misago or Tobiko (Small Orange Fish eggs) - while it may seem a little weird or unusual to you, this is what makes that pop in your mouth and adds to extra flavor.  If you can't find it at your fish market - try asking your local Sushi Restaurant or Bar if they know where you could find some.
  • Green Onion - I used 3 green onions sprigs.
  • Round sweet white onion - I did not use this in my tutorial because they were not available to me at a reasonable cost and my family doesn't mind I leave it out.  You can add it or omit it.  You can also add Onion powder if you want in place of it if you want that flavor.
  • Tobasco or Wasabi Oil - you will use this ingredient to taste.  I like Tobasco because my children like it and it is not as hot. Plus the smokey flavor of the tobasco give it an extra added flavor.  If you choose Wasabi oil - be sure to add a little at a time because this is so much hotter than regular Wasabi. Taste along the way to make sure you like the flavor.  Some people say that they use a Chili Sauce like Saracha Hot sauce to make their spicy sauce.  You can add that too if you want when you are making your sushi roll.
  • Nori or Seaweed Wrap - if you are planning to make this into a Sushi Roll like I did towards the end of the video, you will need these Seaweed Sheets. You can find this in the ethnic section of your grocery store or asian food store.
  • White Sticky Rice / or Brown Sticky Rice - again, if you are making a sushi roll, you will need sticky rice.  I used Jasmine rice... it must be sticky or it will not hold together.
  • Sushi No Tomo (Sushi Vinegar) - you don't need this, I use it for a little extra flavor.

Watch the video tutorial below for the step by step and a general idea of how much I use of each ingredient.  If you try it - let me know, I would love to know how you like it and how it came out.  Thanks so much for joining me on another cooking adventure.

I was super excited to see that I received a Target Beauty Bag this time around.  I signed up but when I did - Target had said that they were completely out of bags, so I didn't expect one at all. But - in the mail last week, I found my red and white box waiting for me. :) Yay!

This season - I was super stoked because I love leopard print and this season's bag was a gorgeous brown, black & beige leopard print makeup bag.  It's super cute, super durable and I like the fact that it's like a vinyl finish so I'm not worried about getting spills on it... it should repel off of it.  I also loved the actual contents of the bag because it included products I have never used before.  I received the following items:

Fekkai Glassing Shampoo & Conditioner Sample
Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer Sample
Loreal EverCreme Sulfate Free Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Nourishing Masque Sample
Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo & Condition Sample
Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer Sample
and... The Target Coupon Book

I'm super excited to try out the products.  I have tried a Clear Sample before and enjoyed the products and everyone knows I've been a huge supporter of loreal hair care products for years.  I am also excited to try the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer, because I have heard nothing but great things.  I don't have a Target here on my island... so I normally don't make use of the coupon books, I send it off to friends who have a Target near them so they can take advantage of the awesome deals in the book.  :)

Rumor has it that this may be the last Target Beauty Bag and I'm totally glad and happy I was able to get 3 different ones this past year.  Thank you Target for giving me the opportunity to try out these products that I would probably would not have picked up or tried otherwise.  I hope they continue this program - I certainly enjoyed it.  The fact that this bag was free was certainly an awesome addition and I'm glad that I had a chance to take part in it. :)


Last year I posted this video on a tip that I had learned a few years back.  I can't remember where the heck I learned it from... but I wanted to share it because I think it is not only a useful tip - it's an easy one to do on your own.

All you need is a Dryer Sheet... not a brand new one, but one that has been taken through the Dryer Cycle.  And... from my trial and error since I posted this video, I can tell you that it does not work on stains that have been washed - once washed, this method will not work.  Check out this short video and hopefully this will help you with your white deodorant stains... especially you beauties who are rocking that gorgeous Black Dress. ;) 


I promise I will pick up on my Simple Tips Saturdays again... I have been slacking on a lot of the videos that I used to do, but I'm slowly getting back into the groove and figuring out how to balance ICC work and my YouTube Channel and blog.  Thank you to all of you that have been requesting them and have been so patient.
If you know me... you know that Italian food or similar is my weakness.  One of my favorite dishes is my Shrimp Scampi with White Wine and butter sauce.  It is not only delicious, tastes naughty and is... did I say Delicious - it can be made in under 30 minutes which is perfect for a Mother who is trying to cook a hearty meal in a short amount of time.  I had all of the ingredients I needed either in my freezer, fridge or pantry.  Since I had to defrost the shrimp and lobster as well as clean each - it did take longer than 30 minutes for me.  But, if you go to your local grocery and get them all cleaned and fresh - you'll have a 30 minute meal on the table and ready to eat quickly.  My children love pasta - it's fun to eat and let me tell you, this particular one smells divine.  This is an all time fav in our house and while it may have some naughty ingredients, it is really not as bad as you think.  Ingredients & video tutorial below.

Using I-Candy Couture's Raider Nation Collection for Eye Shadows and black liner and mascara
If you wear eye glasses (prescription or other) like I do, wearing eye makeup can be a bit intimidating, because some people will say that it looks weird or sometimes just plain uncomfortable.  The thing is... you want to wear your makeup according to your frame's shape and style and even color.  

Do you ever have those days where you just have to have a salad... whether you are craving it or it's just something you have to have in order to satisfy your appetite for the day?  I have been having those kinds of thoughts for the last week.  While I do love and enjoy food, it seems like I always have a craving for a hearty salad.

Today - I went to the grocery market and I was on the search for veggies to add to my cobb salad.  Luckily my avocado tree has avocados... so I scored that one from my tree.  While I don't normally make my salads pretty - I was lucky enough to have my hubby home with me to make my salad look like a masterpiece.

What's included?
Romaine Lettuce (as the bed for the other goodies)
Hard boiled eggs (2)
Avocado (1/2 of a whole avocado)
Tomatoes (diced)
Chicken Breasts (roasted)

For dressing - I had a drizzle of papaya seed dressing, one of my favorites.

I get asked often... does it really taste that great?  And, here's my response to that...  Salads plain jane can definitely be a kill joy for those whom are transitioning and trying to eat healthier.  So spruce up your salad with a drizzle or two of your favorite dressing... if the low fat or no fat version of that dressing is to your liking - use some of that.  Cobb salads to me are best for those that are trying to "diet" because it includes so many different textures and flavors that you really don't feel like you are missing out on anything and you can easily get full because of all the different types of proteins and veggies.

Another tip - sometimes changing your mind set and how you naturally think really works.  They actually do taste great... repeat after me now, "They actually taste great".  lol  Another favorite thing to do is add strawberries or fruit to your salad, nuts are also a great healthy choice with great flavor and textures and of course, cheese is also a great additive.  Sometimes just choosing your favorite foods in Low Cal, Low Fat or No Fat will all the difference in the extra calories or fat intake and you don't have to sacrifice your favorite flavors.  Also - don't forget that adding your favorite foods to a salad in moderation (regardless of the fat content) can help ween you into eating healthy - if it's needed.

Enjoy your Salads... and eat healthier.  While I love to cook, I crave salads often and it just helps to rejuvenate my body and even my soul.

Any day in my house is usually pretty busy and heckteck.  If you didn't know already - I am a mommy of 3 boys, 2 of which are twin toddlers and one about to be 9 years old in January.  They all keep me pretty busy and add a home business, or two to the mix and you got your hands full.  

Wednesdays however are always pretty busy.  While my husband has the day off - my eldest finishes with school at 1:15pm so it's this very reason that things always seem to be so crazy since we are all rushing around and trying to accomplish our Wednesday Schedule goals.  But - as Wacky as my household can sometimes be... we all seem to accomplish it in the end.

I managed to film a tutorial for my Homemade Shrimp Scampi with Linguini and White Wine sauce... I added some lobster, sun dried tomatoes and capers in it as well to add a little color and some extra delish.  I hope to be working on that this week, once I finish working on all of ICC's sales - while that seems to be an endless task in it's own.  I love that I spent time with the hubs today - those days seem to be getting less and less... because our schedules keep us so busy.

I have been wanting to do this tag for some time now... but I just never got around to it.  It's interesting to see exactly what is most important to you when you have to choose between items that you don't ever think twice about normally. lol So - here it goes.

1) Blush or Bronzer? I'm going to say... Blush.  Wait, maybe Bronzer... hmmm... could I choose one of those blush bronzer duos, would that count as one? lol - Well, I will say Blush. :)
2) Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipstick.  I have always liked my lips... and lipstick usually brings out the pouty volumptious look to them... and most the time, it's not sticky. Don't like sticky lips, it's practically unkissable. lol
3) Chapstick or Lip Butter? Hmm... I think that EOS would be considered chapstick, so I guess I'll go with chaptstick.  But, I also love aquaphor, so what would that be?

It's 12:15am Monday morning... and while I should be making my way to bed... I'm sitting at my desk and planning out this upcoming week.  Since my brain is seriously focused on a ton of things and it's always difficult for me to wind down I find that blogging (even if something short and simple) is always relaxing and eases my mind.  Let's face it... we all need an outlet and sometimes I need an outlet from my mind that tends to think and never sleep. lol

If you have been following me on my YouTube channel for a little while now, you will know that I have been trying my best to make my YT channel a lot more like my blog... basically - turn it into more of a Lifestyle & Beauty channel instead of just a Beauty Channel.  I feel that it really is more "me" related and I really love that I have been incorporating all the things that I love on my channel - from my cooking and foodie videos to my life and vlogs.  With that in mind - I wanted to really focus more on the people I love so much...  my Family.  After contemplating over this the last couple of weeks, I figured I would start a series that would really encompass the things that keep me the most busy in my life - My Family and my work.

Now - those of you who don't already know... I am a Stay at Home / Work from Home Mommy.   While my family is my most important focus, I do manage several businesses from home.  Being a full time mother and working from home is definitely a challenge and I have been wanting to share some of the tips and tricks I have to keep myself sane. lol

So - I'm starting a new Series on my YouTube Channel / Blog called: "Work from Home Mommy, Survival Guide".  I will try to film tips once every 2 weeks and if I can't keep up with the videos (because I truly am busy) - I will blog about my tip here.  It will include everything from keeping my children busy to finding time to get work done and even making a home cooked meal that is healthy and quick.  I'll also vlog from time to time about progress and how some things may work while others may  not.  But most importantly - it is my way to help other mommies out there that have challenges.  Many people think that working from home or being a stay at home mom is easy work - but quite frankly, it truly is the opposite.  While most others get to clock out of their job and come home to relax with their family - a SAHM or WFHM (stay at home mom - work from home mom) really doesn't have a day off or vacation and sick days.  My hope is that this new series will help out the young mothers and mothers out there that feel like they may be alone in the game.  

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to email me at honeygirlsworld1@gmail.com and ask me any specific questions you like.  You can also leave a comment down below.  I will try to answer them in separate post Spotlights to help the best way I can.

I am super excited for this series and look forward to hearing all of your thoughts.
First things first... let me start off by saving this because I just finished typing out a very lengthy post to complete the November Task and it magically disappeared.  I hate when that happens, but it definitely does happen and you just gotta take it in stride. lol

So - now onto the actual post.  Have you ever heard of the Beauty Blogger Headquarters? It's this awesome Blog/Website where Beauty Bloggers can exchange tips and tricks and all kinds of awesome things we love to do and read about.  I heard about it on Facebook from one of my fellow Bloggers Beauty by Krystal.  It's a cool hang out and a great place to learn more about the bloggers we love so much.  I am super excited for it to evolve... because those that know me, know I love community based things and since this is not like YouTube, I think it will lack some of the drama that YouTube can produce.

I received these products in the latter part of August this year.  As with any hair care products, I like to try them all out separately and then use them in combination with my other or current use hair care products to see how they work altogether.  It was such an excitement for me that I was asked to review these because as most of you know, I'm a huge fan of the show Jerseylicious and watched all the episodes where they were working on this product line.  It was not only an awesome opportunity - but it allowed me to try out products I may have not normally been able to find here at my local stores.

The Packaging:  Let me start by saying the packaging on these is absolutely gorgeous.  It's girlie and sparkly.   The metallic finish on them really is eye appealing and it grabbed my attention almost instantly.  All of my hair care products are stored in my bathroom... where there is steam and heat and the label on the Shampoo/Conditioner really held up and didn't peel off or start to bubble off. I thought that was great because not only are they waterproof - they've really held up the last couple of months.

The Shampoo/Conditioner:  The Raise Volume Shampoo & Conditioner are pretty awesome.  I'm very particular with hair products because my scalp tends to dry out quickly.  While I did experience a little bit of dryness and some dandruff - I started using it at the end of summer, early Fall - so I expect that could have contributed to some of that.  Each product has a clean smell to them.  Initially I had thought that they smelled like Raspberries... but after a week, I didn't smell it - so I'm truly not sure.  I do have sensitivities to strong unbearable smells as does my husband, and he hasn't complained or said anything - so I think in the smell category, it's a OK.  The shampoo does clean thoroughly.  If you have been following me a while, you know that I kind of stopped using Shampoo for a while because it was drying out my hair, but this seemed to clean my hair without having the added dryness in my ends.  My hair did seem a lot fuller after it dried and I used both Shampoo/Conditioner products.  The consistency of each product was thin enough to coat my hair evenly - but thick enough to still give me that reassurance that it was conditioning my hair properly.

The Ultimate Lift Dry Shampoo Powder:  I really like this product.  I carry it in my purse if I know that I need to switch out my outfit or look quickly (which is why I didn't show it in my video).  But normally, it's in my bathroom.  I love that it is more of a tan color, so it blends into my hair effortlessly whereas the white dry shampoos can often still leave a funky residue and white hue in my hair.  It surely works and you need very little to get your hair to that "clean" feel that we all want when we are unable to wash our hair.

Against Gravity Hairspray and Over the Top Root Lift Spray:  I'm not a huge hairspray person - but I really like these.  The Root lift Spray dries quickly which I think is great because it allows me to use the product and finish my hairdo without having to wait for it to dry and risk my style falling completely from being so wet.  The Hairspray has great hold and didn't leave me with white flakes or snow if I touched or played with my hair.  Both products actually smelled pretty good and not nearly as strong as some of the Aerosols that are on the market.  I love the nozzle on these products, it's those sturdy types, not like the old school Rain hairspray nozzles.  It really allows you to control the product and where you would like them to go.

All and all - I would purchase these products on my own now that I know that they are a great product line.  While their cost can be a little higher than normal drug store - I think that it definitely does give you Salon Quality for a reasonable buy.  Considering I used Paul Mitchell and KMS for years and paid a lot more, I think it's reasonable.
Purchase your Gatsby Ooh La La Volume Product line here: http://www.gggatsby.com/shop/products.html

Raise Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - $14.99 each
Ultimate Lift Dry Shampoo Powder - $16.99
Against Gravity Hairspray - $17.99
Over the Top Root Lift Spray - $17.99

Also available at Drugstore.com, Folica.com, Target and Walmart.
FTC:  These products were sent to me for review and consideration.  I was not paid in anyway to provide this review and my review is 100% honest and unbiased.
These are awesome Bracelets with purpose. 

Give Jewelry is a sustainable movement to provide food for children in orphanages throughout Indonesia.  They have a very simple vision - every bracelet purchased directly from Give Jewelry benefits kids in need.  Their selection varies from simple charm bracelets to woven friendship bracelets, beaded and cuffed bracelets and so much more.  By purchasing from Give Jewelry - you are making a difference in a child's life. 

As a Mother of 3 boys, ensuring that my children are fed, clothed and educated are important.  But - there are so many children around the World who do not have that opportunity.  Give Jewelry's 1+1+1 Concept, while so simple - is really awesome and definitely one that will provide so many children with a future.

1 Bracelet -> 1 Child -> 1 Week of Food

While we are out supporting corporate businesses and buying designer brands, I think it would be just wonderful for all of us to at least purchase one item to feed a child for a week.  Like I mentioned previously - the designs are trendy, hip and all handmade.  They offer a wide range from simplistic to unique and fashion forward.  Depending on the style and material used, the bracelets can range from about $9 - $70, but don't forget... all proceeds from any item you purchase will go to benefit a child in Indonesia who lives in an orphanage.  
Please visit Give Jewelry's Website and take a look around.  I guarantee you will find something there that you will absolutely love.  The quality is awesome and the craftsmanship is superb.  If you are interested in getting a few Give Jewelry bracelets of your own - please check out the Giveaway I have posted below.  Thank you so much Give Jewelry for your generosity and thank you for taking a stand and making a difference.
The Giveaway Prizes will be:  The 3 bracelets in the photo on the Left hand side (The green beaded bracelet, the yellow beaded bracelet and the Sequence tie bracelet)
 MY Fitness Pal - so if you have an account - feel free to add me: honeygirlk

I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 251.5 lbs. Darn it - that means I gained about 2 lbs since yesterday.  The last week I weighed in at 249.3 lbs. And, the week before that I was at 248.2 lbs.  But honestly, I haven't been feeling myself lately and comfort food has been getting me through that funk.  I know it's not the best thing to do - turn to food when I'm not feeling myself... but sometimes it's the thing that helps.  I'm working on it so that I won't be consistently doing that.

I'm going to be working on my November dinner calendar.  It's something fun for myself and my sons to do and it also helps to save us some money since we are not impulse buying when we go to the store.  I'll post a photo of it when we are done.  Losing weight seems like such a challenge... and it's not the over eating that I have to deal with like most people may experience, it's my lack of food in my system that is my problem.  I truly need to start balancing my schedule to allow myself to eat properly and hopefully things will start to get on track again.

Thanks for stopping by.